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The last few years have seen a surge in online kratom vendors. Much like the booming business being done by ma and pa gun shops in the wake of recent efforts to pass gun reform laws, kratom vendors are cropping up all over the place to profit from the panic induced in petrified kratomites who are fearful of an impending kratom ban.

Some of us have been around far longer than the Food & Drug Administration’s anti-kratom agenda, but many are materializing now to exploit the high demand for bulk kratom powder. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to carefully vet each of these popular kratom vendors so that our readers will be able to tell the difference between who’s legit and who’s just full of shit.

As you probably already know, there have been reports of people buying kratom products from head shops and being hospitalized. This has been the case for two very distinct reasons. 1) Recently, it was discovered that a number of kratom vendors were selling kratom that was tainted with salmonella, and 2) Some shady kratom vendors cut their so-called “kratom” with synthetic chemicals which can make a kratom user deathly ill.

All of this is a big part of why the FDA and the DEA are hell-bent on outlawing kratom, and it really grinds our gears when we hear about this because these shoddy rip-off artists give the rest of us in the kratom community a bad name.

Fortunately, some simple research can separate the bad actors from the real deal. And so, without further ado, I present you with our thorough assessment of Kratom Mystic, a fairly new company in the M. speciosa space.


Kratom Mystic is a small kratom store located in the heart of Anaheim Hills, California. Nestled among the consumer heavyweights at Crossroads Shopping Center and Imperial Shopping Center, they occupy a tiny kratom pocket in an area otherwise dry region.

Their About Us page makes the usual claims typical of a kratom upstart. Their products are the best, their kratom has passed “top-notch quality assurance tests” and their clients always get “superior quality botanicals.”


I know what you’re thinking. So what? Show me something I ain’t seen before. At least that’s how I feel when I read a kratom vendor’s glowing review of themselves. I want to know that they’re gonna offer me something new. Maybe a tastier kratom powder, maybe a stronger kratom powder, maybe even a kratom extract that will blow me away.

Kratom Mystic doesn’t exactly deliver in the department of diversity, at least not by my standards. Yes, there are the usual suspects like Bali, Red Maeng da, Green Malay and the like, but noticeably absent are the strains that really grab one’s attention like Elephant or Horned Leaf. Shit, there’s not even any White Indo.

The only one that really caught my eye was their Yellow Maeng da which isn’t a kratom strain you see on all that many kratom websites. This gold powder is super refined and contains a large amount of the mitragynine alkaloid which is known for its euphoric, stimulating and energizing effects. In high doses, mitragynine can induce sedating effects as well. also offers kratom capsules, enhanced powders, kratom extracts and starter packs for those who want to experiment with different strains.


Most of Kratom Mystic’s kratom powders are reasonably priced at around $14.99 to $16.99 for 28 grams. As a supplier of premium kratom, I can tell you that these prices are more than fair when one considers the in-house cost of sourcing quality kratom from farms in Southeast Asia, to say nothing of what us kratom vendors spend on third-party lab testing.

SHIPPING provides same day shipping on orders that are placed prior to 2 pm between Monday and Friday. Unfortunately, if you live in Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin,

San Diego or Sarasota County, Kratom Mystic cannot ship to your area due to legal restrictions.

If you order more than $100 worth of kratom products from, you’ll get free shipping. This is a bit excessive considering that many other kratom vendors offer free shipping on orders of $40 or more.

Tracking information for your shipment is available within 24 hours of you placing your order which will come in handy if your package is not delivered in a timely fashion.


Customers can pay with most major credit cards, but don’t expect the multitude of options typical of many top notch kratom companies. If you’re looking to pay via cryptocurrencies, you’re going to be disappointed. does not appear to accept Bitcoin or Ether.


Kratom Mystic offers regular discounts on their kratom products. A 30% off coupon code is available on Coupon Sock.

WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING? has garnered positive feedback from users on Reddit. At least one self-proclaimed kratom connoisseur has vouched for as a verified krartom vendor and newcomers have talked about buying from for the first time and wishing they had discovered it sooner.


Evidence suggests that is a viable option for the legions of kratom enthusiasts who are on the lookout for an affordable kratom vendor with quality product.

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