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Okay, real talk? Picking a kratom vendor in 2018 is like selecting a coffee at Starbuck’s. There are simply too many options to choose from. Here at Kratom Crazy, we try to take the headache out of that process by fully evaluating each kratom vendor online.

We look at product variety, price point, payment methods, consumer reaction and more to determine the vendor’s place in the current marketplace.

For today’s review, we’ve picked a vendor that we’re very excited about. Why? Because the buzz around this one is something to behold.

Fasten your seat belts because this one’s gonna be short and fast!


All Natural Artisan is a US-based proprietor offering an array of natural herbs. As their About Us page says, “All Natural Artisan is dedicated to bringing you premium, and often difficult to source products; whether that be herbs, teas, soaps, DIY materials, or our most sought after Kava varieties.”

Their goal is simple. To “curate some of the highest quality goods in existence with the aim of improving your comfort and quality of life.”

With a full line of botanical extracts and kratom strains, ANA fulfills that mission and then some.


Let’s start with the k and go from there. ANA’s kratom powders look like miniature mountains. By that, I mean that the kratom they mill is so finely ground that you’ll think you’ve scooped up something from the Sahara.

The look, smell and taste of their wholesale kratom powder is superior to most of their competitors in the space. Their Artisan Amber Maeng da is smooth and energizing, providing notable stimulation and focus.

They offer a full line of kratom powders and kratom capsules from Premium Super Green Malay and Red Bali to the exotic White Horn Kali and Black Crystal Kratom Extract.

Other products include Moringa powder and authentic Japanese Matcha tea. Their merch page features an I Love Kratom T-shirt and filtration bags.

Those looking for bulk kratom powder will be happy to find that kilos are available from this vendor.


This is one area in which All Natural Artisan really excel. Their prices are outrageously low, but not suspiciously so. Their 25-gram packages of kratom powder start at just six dollars! Kilos sell for under a hundred bucks which is a fair price given that some vendors charge upwards of $250.


Most customers receive same-day shipping; in some cases, such as an order placed late at night, said order ships the next morning. By all accounts, they are fast and reliable.


This is another area in which All Natural Artisan really shine. They accept bitcoin and can be contacted about other alternative payment methods. Visa and Mastercard are also accepted through their merchant account.

They typically reply to emails in under an hour and maintain their own subreddit with useful information and updates about their latest kratom strains and other company news.


Unfortunately, no All Natural Artisan coupon code is currently available online. However, this vendor regularly offers deals on their site and have provided some pretty decent giveaways. In the past, they have given a free I Love Kratom tee away with any AKA donation receipt for $20 or more.

10-15% off discounts are occasionally available for return customers and deals are also offered on their already low price extracts.


As mentioned before, All Natural Artisan has earned themselves some solid praise from the online kratom community. Customers have called the owner a “standup guy” and attested to the quality of their kratom being “great.”

Another person on Reddit said that the site is “very professional and easy to use,” writing, “I communicated with who I assume is the owner for a bit and they were very professional, helpful and polite. Not to mention they were very fast to reply, I placed my order late in the night and they were still replying to my emails within minutes most of the time.”

This same customer appreciated how discreet their packaging was and what a nice surprise it was to receive a kratom sample with their order, one that was tailored to their particular preference in terms of strain.

One thing that is particularly interesting about this vendor is the utter lack of negative feedback. It’s kind of a given with almost any kind of business that there are going to be some haters. Even the best restaurants in the world have felt the wrath of a less-than-satisfied customer on Yelp!

But All Natural Artisan seems to be the exception to the rule. Look anywhere online and you won’t find anyone writing an unkind word about them or their kratom products. On the contrary, the only person that seems critical of them even in the slightest is their founder and owner who apologized on Reddit for mixing two strains together when they were running low on supply.


All Natural Artisan is the real deal when it comes to quality kratom at an affordable price. They’re definitely a company that we can recommend for fair prices and fair treatment of those who do business with them. Give their Kali strain a try for something different and let us know what you think. Happy kbombing, boys and girls.

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