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July 18, 2018 Articles, Kratom Strains

One of the biggest names in the kratom game, Kraken Kratom has blown up over the past few years, but opinions about their products and service have been fairly divisive among the online community. In the interest of determining just where they stand in the current marketplace, we’ve taken a good, long look at their company.

In the following review, we’ll break down everything you need to know about this vendor before you decide whether you want to release the Kraken.


Kraken Kratom is a Better Business Bureau-rated kratom vendor. Located in the heart of Portland, OR, they have risen to the top in a short amount of time due to the quality of their product and courteous nature of their customer service staff.

As a relatively new kratom vendor, Kraken Kratom has had to do their part to gain the trust of the kratom community at large. Most serious kratomites aren’t easily taken in by flash and pomp, so Kraken Kratom may have a cool logo and a slick web design, but that’s not enough to cut the mustard with kratom warriors accustomed to quality kratom powder and affordable pricing.


This should be every kratom customer’s number one concern. Fortunately, most of Kraken Kratom’s premium kratom powders are extremely good. Their kratom powder is ground into a fine powder that doesn’t tend to clump.

Each of their kratom strains are aromatic and barely bitter, making for a pleasant burning experience. You won’t have any chunks of kratom powder sticking to the roof of your mouth when you toss and wash.


The better question is, what don’t they have to offer? Many reputable kratom vendors prefer to keep things simple, selling only kratom capsules or bulk kratom powder. Kraken Kratom won’t have none of that!

This is the full monty right here, whether you’re on the hunt for kratom extracts or or enhanced kratom tea, Kraken Kratom has got you covered. They offer 16 varieties of kratom powder from Red and White Sumatra and Super Indo Kratom to Super Green Malay, Red Dragon Kratom and White Maeng Da.

Kraken Kratom’s kratom capsules include the ever-popular Bali and White Vein Borneo. Their ultra-enhanced Indo Kratom powder is a fan favorite that supposedly packs quite the punch. Personally, I really dig their Enhanced Bali Kratom Powder as it makes me feel very chill when I’m crushing for a deadline.


Kraken Kratom’s kratom powders vary in price point from $8.45 to $21.99 per 28 grams. Some have complained that this is steep, but when compared to the prices of similar sites such as Kratora, this is more than reasonable for a starter pack.

Their kratom tea extracts are a bit more expensive at around $35-50.00, but their Full Spectrum Extract is only $12.95 for an 11.5 gram tincture. That’s not bad for a premo Bali extract that’s guaranteed to be potent AF.

Their kratom campsules sell for $15.45 for 28 grams which isn’t the greatest deal around, but it comes with free same-day shipping which ain’t half bad.


Kraken Kratom are renowned for their wonderful customer service team. As with most of the top kratom vendors online, Kraken Kratom offers Live Chat and email contact for customers who need to inquire about a package, a product or a grievance of any kind.

They are very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. Most importantly, they are friendly and courteous. You get a response right away and your issue is typically resolved then and there.

One of the most attractive things about Kraken Kratom is their free same-day shipping on all orders. That’s much better than most kratom vendors who only offer free shipping on bulk orders.


A 20% off coupon code for Kraken Kratom can be found here. This vendor also offers a unique package of Customer Rewards to those who participate actively in improving their site. For instance, customers earn 10 reward points when they rate products and 50 points for subscribing to the Kraken Kratom newsletter.

Points may also be redeemed when you throw a Like their way on Facebook or Tweet @ them on Twitter. 100 points equates to $1, so the more you share, the more you earn.


This is an area that is becoming increasingly important as bureaucrats attempt to regulate or deny consumer access to kratom. We require discretion when ordering kratom and Kraken Kratom clearly understands this as they accept Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Those ordering in excess of $50 can pay via COD (Cash on Delivery). Unlike other kratom vendors, there is no 100% money back guarantee listed on their site, but they do accept returns on unopened items for a period of 30 days.


Kraken Kratom is serious about maintaining GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and are actively working to achieve GMP certification. As such, all of their kratom products are lab-tested to ensure that their kratom powder is unadulterated.

After voluntarily recalling their kratom products on March 9th and halting all sales due to the salmonella outbreak, they have been working with regulatory authorities and experts in the field to make sure that their sterilization and testing is up to snuff.

All of their products are tested for heavy metals and microbial safety, so you know you’re in good hands. Shady kratom vendors slap their name on a bag and mail out kratom powder without regard for what it might do to the people that keep their pockets full, but Kraken Kratom obviously cares about what you’re getting and how it will affect you.


Although user experiences have been mixed, the majority of consumers who have purchased from Kraken Kratom swear by them. One user said, “I have to say though the product I received and tried has been great so far. i’m not exactly a ‘veteran’ user per say. I have been using kratom for about 6 months now…One other thing I would say of them I was happy to see they didn’t jack up their prices like a few other vendors I saw, if that’s worth anything to anybody. It is to me. I would rate them overall 7/10.”


Kraken Kratom is a reputable vendor with a solid product line and a dedicated staff who work round-the-clock to deliver the goods to all of their customers. They are definitely a viable option for those new to the kratom community who are looking for potent, aromatic kratom at a fair price for the quality.

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