Red Borneo vs Red Horn Kratom Comparison

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Red Horn or Red Horned Kratom is a kratom strain that has attracted a lot of bogus theories and assumptions among those in the kratom community. It is often confused with Maeng Da, although it’s actually much more like the traditional Borneo strain.

Much has been written about Red Borneo, but not nearly as much has been written about Red Horn Kratom.



It’s simple, Red Horn is far more elusive than other kratom strains. Unlike its Red Borneo counterpart, it is not readily available. This keeps it in constant demand among those who like to buy kratom online.

Nicknamed the “unpredictable one,” Red Horn has some unforeseeable effects. Its range of purported benefits fluctuate wildly depending upon dosage. Unlike the Maeng Da Kratom it is often mistaken for, Red Horn is a very euphoric strain.

So, how does this one stack up to the more accessible Red Borneo? Let’s have a look!


Hailing from the riverbanks of Southeast Asia’s Malay Archipelago, Red Borneo is the most sedating and calming of all Borneo strains. The vast majority of Red Borneo Kratom plants are harvested in Indonesia where it is grown by eco-conscious farmers in mineral-rich soil.

Red Borneo is an aromatic kratom strain with a scent similar to that of freshly cut grass. If you’re already a fan of this strain and you’re chilling out after burning some, here’s a thought that’ll blow your buzz: Grass screams when it’s cut.

That’s right, that familiar smell of freshly cut grass? That’s actually a plant’s distress signal. So, the smell of cut grass is actually the pungent scent of plant anguish.

All joking aside, Red Borneo is a powerful kratom strain that’s considered by many to be a perfect natural pain reliever. A lot of its popularity can be attributed to its red vein color. Red vein kratom strains are well-known for their analgesia and sedation.


People have used Red Borneo Kratom for a variety of reasons, not least of which are chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia and anxiety.

Its various effects may include any or all of the following:

  • Pain relief
  • Sedation
  • Anxiety relief
  • Mood enhancement
  • Stress relief
  • Restful sleep


Users have said that it is one of their favorite kratom strains with one user writing, “Finally broke out the new stuff and had just 1g of Red Borneo I finally understand all the love I see for it on this sub. I’m pain free, feeling relaxed, and perfectly fine just sitting and browsing the web.”

Another user called it “awesome,” saying, “Took just 1/2 tsp on empty stomach and felt a steady calm take over in about 30 minutes. Just did the toss wash method and followed up with another 1/2 tsp an hour later. Made for a wonderfully relaxing night and can’t wait to order more.”

This sentiment was echoed by yet another user on Reddit who wrote, “I always take red Borneo. It’s been the best for pain for me. Also wakes me up and gives me energy. If I need help sleeping it also helps with that.”


One thing is undeniable—Red Horn is extremely similar to Red Borneo. They share many of the same effects and even come from the same island. But Horned Kratom is unique in that its leaves are shaped differently than those of any other kratom strain.

Grown deep within the Kalimantan jungles, Horned Kratom is believed to be the result of a grafting process which combines a Maeng Da plant with red vein kratoms. Many users say that Red Horn’s relaxing, sedating effects hit them much harder than with other kratom strains.

It has been embraced by those with sleep disorders for its ability to induce a deep and restful sleep with some users reporting lucid dreams and a sense of powerful euphoria.

Whereas many kratom strains require burning upwards of 4 grams to produce substantive effects, most people claim that only 1 gram of powdered Red Horn is enough to elicit significant benefits. It’s a strain that leaves most users feeling replenished and positive.

Red Horn contains high concentrations of the active alkaloid 7-Hydroxymitragynine, the indole opioid-agonist that is largely responsible for its analgesic and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects.

So, why is it so hard to get your hands on premium Red Horn Kratom? This comes down to scarcity more than anything else. Red Horn Kratom is simply so difficult to cultivate that it is rarely grown.


Like Red Borneo, Red Horn Kratom is renowned for the relaxation it produces. Other purported benefits may include any or all of the following:

  • Pain relief
  • Improved mood
  • Substantial anxiety relief
  • Restful sleep
  • Euphoria
  • Long-lasting effects


Although Red Horn is more rare than other kratom strains, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on some. Authentic Kratom offers one ounce of Red Horn Kratom for $10.49 here. They also offer Red Horn bulk kratom powder for $104.93.


Users on Reddit have been vocal about their love of Red Horn Kratom with one user writing, “I’ve tried quite a few different strains but Red Horn is my go to. It is calming, lightly energizing and leaves me feeling ‘clean’ and offers wonderful long lasting pain relief.

“In the AM, I still have lingering relief. I can dose higher amounts with minimal nausea. Quite honestly, it is like a miracle for me!”

Elsewhere, a user talked about their experience ordering from Gaia Ethnobotanicals, saying, “Gaia Red Horn is my favorite sleepy-time kratom.”

Yet another user described it as “mellow and relaxing like a red but not TOO sedating. It’s one of the few strains I can use on its own without mixing anything else in.”


Red Borneo and Red Horn are virtually identical, but Red Horn beats the rest every time when it comes to long-lasting effects and potency.

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