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July 31, 2018 Articles, Kratom Reviews, Kratom Strains

They’ve been around for just three years, but their reputation precedes them. Coastline Kratom has cemented a position as one of the top kratom vendors in the current marketplace. But what do we really know about them and their products?

Today, we’ll take a close look at this vendor based on product line, price point, consumer experience and more.

We can all agree that the kratom space is kind of a clusterf*ck when it comes to online vendors. There are simply too many to count and it can be tough to find one that’s totally legit. So, where do Coastline Kratom stand in terms of trusted kratom sources? Let’s check them out!


Based out of Southport, North Carolina, Coastline Kratom was established in 2015 by Joshua Fulton, a family man who works with wife Katrina to deliver quality product right out of their home-based facility.

A leader in the kratom industry, they offer a wide variety of kratom products at an excellent price. They are also known for reliable customer support, providing consumers with a phone number where they can be reached at any time.


This is one area where they truly excel; the eclectic nature of their product line is notable. In addition to standard brand kratom strains, such as Bali, Borneo and Maeng Da, Coastline Kratom sells the much-coveted Horned Kratom.

Of particular interest to the kratom community is their Live Plants page where users can purchase their very own kratom plants which come with a pot, a humidity dome, fresh soil and detailed instructions on caring for each plant. This provides customers a renewable source of free kratom which, let’s face it, is a pretty damn good deal for a one-time payment.

In my experience, their best value is either a live kratom plant or a Beginner’s Pack which sells for just $49.99 and contains 75 grams of kratom. That’s 25 grams of each of the 3 kratom strains included in the package. Users get their chill AF Red Vein Maeng Da, their energy-enhancing Green Malay and their pain relieving White Bali.

It’s obvious that Coastline Kratom has something for everyone in the product department, but how are they at customer care?


Unlike other kratom companies that only give customers a narrow window of time in which to return an item, Coastline Kratom will issue a full refund to any customer who is dissatisfied with their purchase…at any time! That’s pretty bold and illustrates the confidence they have in their products.

They ship all of their packages via USPS First Class Mail with a one-day turnaround on all orders. Packages normally arrive within 3 business days, making the experience of ordering from them an expedited one.

The only criticism I can levy at Coastline Kratom is the lack of modern payment options. Many kratom sites are now accepting cryptocurrencies and wire transfers, but this vendor only accepts major credit cards. That being said, they accept ALL major credit cards, so that’s not half bad when compared to most of their competitors.


As I mentioned earlier, Coastline Kratom provide their customers with a phone number for all inquiries and their support staff are friendly and reliable. They are readily available to answer any questions you might have and to resolve grievances in a timely manner.


One user on Reddit spoke about how he was very satisfied with his Coastline experience, writing, “I got the white vein sample pack and was very happy with it. Quality stuff, package shipped almost instantaneously, and three very different strains with different but very beneficial aromas.”

Others have said that their product is of high quality and is well worth the price. Although they are far from the most affordable kratom vendor around, their commitment to variety and purity makes them a viable option among consumers.


Coastline Kratom is at the forefront of the online kratom industry. Although their prices aren’t the best, their product line is diverse and well worth any committed kratomite’s investment. These guys have earned their spot on anyone’s list of top kratom vendors in 2018.

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