A Review of Wicked Kratom: Is This Vendor Legit?

August 04, 2018 Articles, Kratom Reviews, Kratom Strains

You’ve likely heard about their products or read users’ wicked kratom reviews. Boasting an array of products with eye-catching packages and colorful names like “Confetti,” the Wicked Tea Company has been blowing up in the kratom space recently.

But are they any good? Are their kratom products really that wicked?

We’ve thoroughly vetted this vendor and have sampled their wares so that we can deliver you the goods on just where they’re at in the current marketplace. We’ve based our assessment on product diversity, price point, customer service experience and consumer reputation to give you a detailed overview of this vendor and their products.


Wicked Tea Company, formerly Wicked Kratom, is a long-established kratom company with some notable offerings. In addition to a full line of kratom teas, their online store houses a host of botanicals, tinctures and more.

In the past, they have shown their commitment to quality by alerting customers to the fact that steel fragments were found in some of their kratom blends. This notification was transparent about the fact that large pieces of a stainless steel grinder from Indonesia had been discovered in their Confetti and Green Thai strains.

They urged their customers to send them a picture of any pieces that might be in their kratom product and assured them that they would resolve the issue. This shows the company’s dedication to quality control.

One thing that makes them quite unique is their level of security. Wicked Tea Company values their customers’ privacy. In the interest of discretion, a password is required in order to access their product pages.


I always advise our readers to start off with a sample pack. It’s a smart, frugal way to get to know a company’s product without blowing a lot of money. Typically, vendors offer a sample pack of three different kratom strains.

In this way, you can feel confident that you are going to get premium kratom from the vendor in question. With Wicked Tea Company, you might want to build a sample pack that suits your needs.

There are a variety of samplers to choose from, including their rather inexpensive Wicked 3 oz tea sampler which puts the power of choice in the customer’s hands (you get to select each of the three from a list of no fewer than 37 blends.


In the immortal words of True Romance‘s Drexl Spivey, this vendor’s got everything from a diddle-eyed Joe to a damned if I know. Frankly, a lot of this is stuff I haven’t even heard of before and I’ve been in the kratom game for a minute!

You’ve got the delectable-sounding Chocolate Sunset, the fairly self-explanatory Red Relax, the Oz-centric Emerald City and the pimpinest of them all—Fly Monkey. Other kratom teas include Red Buddha, Green Elephant and the equally Oz-obsessed Glinda’s Kiss.

There’s no place like home, am I right?

User favorites include Wicked Kratom Bali Blast and Wicked Kratom Red Horn. These options are often selected by those who want to feel energized and stimulated when burning kratom. Wicked Tea Company Kratom is also known for its fragrant aroma and fine packaging.

And there are plenty of other products on display in their online store, such as their liquid vapor drops, their Blueberry Cheesecake tincture and their flavored Melatonin gummies. This has got to be the most eclectic vendor I’ve come across in quite some time and they’re sparing no expense to impress.

Whether you’re on the lookout for bath bomb, joint balm, fresh herbs or enhanced kratom, Wicked Tea Company’s got something for you. I was particularly taken with their Enhanced Coffee. The roast was smooth and rich.


Coupon codes are one of the first things I look for in a vendor. All or, at least, most of the legit kratom vendors offer their customers and prospective customers regular deals or incentives. A Wicked Kratom discount code is something one would think is a must-have.

Not so.

With Wicked Tea Company, visitors get sale prices on just about everything. Products that are normally ten bucks an ounce go on sale for $8 per ounce, such as their Enhanced Coffee.


When I first peeped their prices, I thought they were price gouging. That was before I realized that they do not specialize in selling individual kratom powders, rather they exclusively offer samplers. With a 3-strain sampler going for $24.99, that means you are getting more than 85 grams of kratom at only $8.33 per 28.35 gram powder. Not too shabby!

Other deals include a 6-oz 6 flavor sampler for only $44.99 and a 30 ml 200mg Orange Blossom tincture for $23.99.


As someone who didn’t encounter any problems, I had no need to contact Wicked Tea Co.’s customer care associates, but their website gives customers two means by which to contact them—a phone number and an email address, meaning that you can choose how to get in touch if you have any issues.

Their shipping was fast with my package arriving within 2 business days. The packaging was discreet and well-sealed. Everything was intact, and just as fresh and aromatic as I would have wanted.


User experiences have been almost uniformly positive with one user saying, “I’ve been using wicked tea company for years, they are vetted and have excellent quality product and customer service. I would never order anywhere else!”

Another customer said that the woman who owns Wicked Kratom has good mixes. Others have pointed out that Wicked was compliant with the FDA during the salmonella outbreak earlier this year.


All evidence points to Wicked Tea Co. being a reputable and reliable source for quality kratom products. Their compliance, transparency, diversity and pricing make them a worthy option among the 200+ vendors operating in the United States today.

So, put your ruby slippers on, click your heels together and take a leap on the Wicked Kratom Yellow Brick Broad.

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