Top Places for Free Kratom Samples in 2018

August 05, 2018 Articles, Kratom Reviews

They say you can’t get something for nothing. Well, obviously they don’t know where to look. If you’re anything like me, you probably know how to bargain hunt. It’s easy enough to locate giveaways and the like online.

Maybe your friends joke that you’re a coupon clipper. Let them laugh all they want because we’re the ones who get that proverbial something for nothing while the rest of humanity gets price gouged on inferior products.

Those of us who bother to do some digging can unearth a wealth of free stuff. That includes free kratom samples in 2018.

Here is a comprehensive list of the best free kratom samples available on the Internet. These samples will introduce you to a world of wonderful vendors with a variety of premium kratom powders.



A top purveyor of high-quality kratom products, Legit Kratom, aka True Source Naturals, LLC, are a popular site with a 30-day money back guarantee and a commitment to quality control. They regularly test their kratom for biological contaminants and heavy metals.

They offer a 20 gram kratom sample absolutely free; their most common free sample is Green Maeng Da. In the past, they have also run some sick deals, such as a Legit Kratom coupon code where you can get 250 grams of kratom powder for just $25.


Kratom Exchange effectively incentivizes new business by offering new customers a free sample pack consisting of 10 grams of 3 separate kratom strains. Like Legit Kratom, they provide their customers with a Kratom Exchange coupon code good for 15-20% off their first order.

Users will dig the Kratom Exchange experience because their free samples are diverse and shipping is expedient. As with Legit Kratom, they maintain a money back guarantee.


Gaia Ethnobotanical made our list of the top kratom vendors earlier this year for their exceptional product line and impressively low prices. Their unique payment options (Bitcoin or E-check) make them a solid choice for the discerning consumer who values discretion and security.

Although they do not offer a straight up free sample, they do invite new customers to try their 5-strain sampler at a reduced price. This discount package includes Bali Gold, Elephant, Gold Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da and Green Kapuas. For just $25, you can’t beat it!


White Rabbit Herbals get their name from the legendary Janis Joplin song whose lyrics are emblematic of the experience kratomites can have shopping at their online store. “Feed your head!” White Rabbit Herbals’ organic powders and capsules are some of the best on the market and their sample packs are well-regarded among the community.

They can no longer take payments at this time, so they are doing the right thing by giving Kratom away for free based on upvotes. Their official kratom giveaway kicked off on June 13th.


They don’t have the name recognition of your GAIA Ethnobotanical or Kraken Kratom, but Apex Kratom has earned their spot on this list for their free shipping, quality kratom powders and a cost-effective sampler (just $2.99 for 10 grams). Completely free kratom samples are rare in 2018, but as Apex makes clear, the $2.99 they charge for a sampler is used to pay for shipping and handling, so it’s still technically FREE Kratom.

Occasionally, Apex Kratom offers free samples and they maintain a 10% off discount for all customers who fill out a short form to receive a coupon code.

At the moment, they are offering a free kratom capsules sample. Users can choose between Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, White Maenga Da, Green Borneo, Red Borneo or Green Malay.


Like Apex Kratom, this vendor gives first-time customers a free sample and only ask that said customers cover the shipping cost. They have cemented their reputation in the kratom industry by virtue of their dedication to avoiding any synthetic additives or mixing.

Their kratom powders are 100% organic and is sourced from trusted farmers in Southeast Asia. Their store is a streamlined one, offering three straightforward strains that are both potent and pure.


Even though this vendor does not advertise free samples on their site, it is a standard practice by the proprietor to throw in free samples with purchases. So, for instance, if you’re new to the site and you place an order for 28 grams of their Bali OG, don’t be surprised if you find a little pouch of Maeng Da Thai in your package.

Kraken Kratom offers free shipping on all orders and accepts Bitcoin for payment.


One of the most famous names in the kratom space, Laughing Lion Herbs has made a name for themselves in a very short amount of time. It’s no surprise when one considers their vast array of products, discounts and other incentives. In addition to selling kratom and other botanicals, Laughing Lion offers gift cards, a referral program, an app for your phone and a 24/7 vending machine location for customers in the Colorado area.

New customers can try any kratom strain for free save for their Infinity Blend. Samples are available in 6 or 10 grams and users can try up to 5 samples annually.


Whether you’re looking for completely free kratom samples, $1 kratom samples or a dependable vendor with a good track record and free shipping, there are plenty of options at your disposal. Happy Kbombing, boys and girls!

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