Types of White Vein Kratom & Their Dosages

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If you think for a second that all white vein kratom is the same, you don’t know your kratom.

Not only are they all different from one another in terms of potential effects, but each of them has a unique alkaloid profile. Today, we’ll talk about how they are similar, where they differ, what makes each of them special and where you can buy white vein kratom online.

White kratom strains are known for their energy-enhancing elements. More than red, green or yellow vein kratom, white vein kratom is stimulating and may improve one’s mood. These purported benefits may vary, depending upon the source of the strain and, certainly, vary substantially from strain to strain.

Let’s have a look at each individual white kratom strain to better understand their similarities and differences. I trust that you’ll see that every kratom strain is special and each of them is distinctive.


Easily the most sought-after white kratom strain, White Maeng Da is harvested in the West Kalimantan province of Indonesia. The traditional farming techniques of the region preserve the richness of the soil, making for mature, mineral-augmented kratom plants.

White Maeng Da Kratom powder is made from the robust white vein leaves of these plants, each of which is infused with high concentrations of kratom’s active alkaloids. White Maeng Da contains 13 alkaloids in total, including Isomitraphylline and Isomitrafoline which contribute to its immune system stimulation.

White Maeng Da generally takes between 15 and 20 minutes to kick in, and its effects may last for up to eight hours. The duration is largely dependent upon one’s sensitivity and other mitigating physiological factors.


Without measuring out a sufficient amount of White Maeng Da, users are unlikely to notice any real difference. This has resulted in public comments where users posted about being disappointed by how “weak” it supposedly is. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Maeng Da is notorious for being one of the strongest kratom strains if not the strongest.

Most kratom aficionados will tell noobs to limit their intake to no more than 2 grams with most suggesting that one should burn less than 2 grams their first time. This allows one to become acclimated to White Maeng Da.

More experienced kratomites can achieve a moderate dose at around 2-5 grams of powder. Those who are increasing their dosage should take proper precautions. Most seasoned kratom users advise one to gradually increase from 2 to 5 grams, the latter of which is considered a fairly high dose. Anyone in the kratom community will tell you NOT to take more than 10 grams.


Indo Super White, otherwise known as White Hippo, is a popular strain offered by Happy Hippo Herbals. A blend of White Vein Borneo and white horn leaf from JongKong and Banjarmasin, it is an enhanced form of kratom that many call “full spectrum” due to its wealth of purported effects and benefits.

Super White possesses natural analgesic, anxiolytic and mood-enhancing properties as well energy-boosting and stimulating qualities. Although it is more potent than many other strains, it is not necessarily the ideal choice for those who take their kratom mid-day or in the evening as it will likely keep one up at night.

Super White is really a solid choice for those who want to dose early in the morning, either before taking a jog, going to the gym or going off to work. This one may easily replace your morning coffee routine and do so without giving you a case of the jitters or the wobs.

It’s been called a productivity hack because it not only energizes a person but it also sharpens one’s focus and may instill deeper thought.


White vein kratom dosage varies from strain to strain, but most experienced users suggest 5 grams as the right dosage for Super White. With that being said, 3-4 grams is a good idea for beginners so that they can get adjusted to what this one has to offer.

Users may want to wait at least 30 minutes for this one to kick in before attempting an additional dose. There’s no reason to be hasty; remember, you wouldn’t take NyQuil and expect your cold to go away in seconds flat.


As the name would suggest, White Thai comes from Thailand where it is sourced from trusted farmers who harvest the plant along the riverbanks of the region. This one is more common than its counterparts and is readily available from many online kratom vendors.

Known for being one of the most powerful forms of white vein kratom, White Thai shares the energy-enhancing effects of the other strains on this list but excels especially at being sedating.

This may be jarring to those who are not used to it as White Vein Thai breaks from other white veins in this way. While there are still stimulating properties, the sedating properties can cancel that out at certain dosages.

Unlike other white vein kratom strains, this one is not very effective as a natural pain reliever, no doubt due to the low concentration of analgesic alkaloids.


1 to 3 grams should serve as a good starter for those who are new to White Thai. This is an appropriate threshold dose that may produce moderate effects. 3 to 5 grams is generally considered a normal dosage for this one. 7 to 10 grams is the absolute max that one should take and may induce extreme relaxation.


Horned kratom is called “the unpredictable one” and with good reason. White Horn Kratom powder comes from the “horned” leaves of these elusive kratom plants and can have some unexpected effects. Found in the forests of West Kalimantan, White Horn is well-regarded by those who have taken it to treat their mood disorders.

Although kratom is not approved for medicinal use by the FDA, countless Americans have used it as a botanical tonic for mood, depression, anxiety and more. This one has been shown to enhance mood and increase energy.


Anyone will tell you to begin with small dosages. That goes for any and all kratom strains, but it’s especially true with this one. 2-4 grams should do ya! It doesn’t take much to make a difference. Once acclimated, many users opt to up their dosage to 5-6 grams, capping out at a high dose of 4-8 grams.


The greatest analgesic of all white strains, White Vein Indo hails from the small island of Sumatra and is dried for awhile longer to achieve a slightly darker color than its counterparts. A favorite among the community, White Indo can be thought of as the Horny Goat Weed of kratom strains.

By that, I mean that it is the one white vein strain that has a reputation for increasing libido and sexual desire in addition to improving motivation and boosting energy levels. Like the other strains on this list, it may sharpen one’s focus, and make work a more enjoyable and productive experience.

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Everyone is different, so one should consider body weight, height, co-morbidity, sensitivity and other factors when working out a proper dose that will be desirable. Most people start with 3-5 grams before slowly graduating to 7-10 grams. Again, do NOT think about burning more than 10 grams as innumerable users have attested to the risks associated with kratom overdose.


There you have it! I think you’ll agree that, while all white vein kratom strains share some terrific properties, each has its own stamp to put on kratom as a whole. Enjoy at your own risk and always listen to the kratom community at large. Who better to tell you what’s what than the people who have been enjoying and advocating for kratom throughout the years.

Be safe, be smart and be well!

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