Kwik Kratom Review 2018: Should You Buy from This Vendor?

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Kwik Kratom has been around for a number of years and have become a favorite vendor among many users, but not that much information is available about them on forums and the like. Since relaunching as Kwik Botanicals in 2016 in the wake of the kratom DEA scare, this vendor has drastically changed its website and product pages.

As consumers, it is often tough to figure out whether or not a vendor is on the level. There are a ton of shady kratom wholesalers in the United States and beyond. Some companies seem legit at first glance, but are found to be disreputable upon closer inspection.

Just look at Krypton Kratom, the brand that made waves in the community after it was discovered that their kratom product was cut with the dangerous prescription painkiller tramadol.

It’s not uncommon for shady vendors to set up dummy accounts on Reddit and try to post fake testimonials about how great their “quality kratom” is. But those of us who do our due diligence can usually suss them out and expose them for the bogus entities that they are.

Today, we’ll do a deep dive on Kwik Kratom so that you’ll know whether they are legit and if you should (or shouldn’t) purchase kratom powder from their site.

Let’s jump into it!


Founded in 2014, Kwik Kratom was around for just under two years when they changed their name to Kwik Botanicals and built a new website. This new site does not function like their old one.

One of the first things a kratom user looks for in a trusted kratom vendor is transparency. We want their mission statement, we want to know a bit about their personal story or company—how they got started, what made them want to go into the kratom business, where they’re located, etc.—and we want to know where they’re getting their kratom from.

Kwik Botanicals offers none of this information on their website, at least not to the general public. One does not see any pictures or descriptions of their kratom products when visiting their product page; the pages are quite literally blank save for their Matcha leaves and Yerba Mate.

Instead, curious parties must sign up for an account in order to view their “Mitra” powders. While it is somewhat understandable for a vendor to do this in an age where kratom is under such intense scrutiny, it also suggests possible foul play.


Kwik Botanicals has not excelled at offering any mind-blowing variety of kratom products. Most of what you’ll find is just standard brand stuff like Green Malay and Maeng Da (Green, Red and White, respectively).

While their Green Malay is fairly potent, delivering a one-two punch of euphoria and anxiety relief, some of their other strains are far weaker. White Maeng Da is pretty underwhelming as Maeng Da strains go.

Their Indo Sumatra “Tea” doesn’t even look like kratom leaf, rather it looks more like the fake weed that used to be advertised in the back of High Times Magazine, the stuff that came all dried out and free of any THC content.

Far and away, their worst product IMO appears to be their Green Maeng Da whose effects seem to be non-existent. Those who are used to the stunning and profound effects of Green MD will be more than a little disappointed by this one.

Not surprisingly, it is a bestseller because of its reputation among kratom enthusiasts. Surprisingly, this so-called quality strain is anything but.


Their teas start at $7.99 for 4 ounces which is suspiciously cheap for kratom leaf. This raises yet another red flag and points to their product as being low in quality. Again, they do not let the general public know where they source their kratom from which is a big no-no if you’re looking to inspire customer confidence.


Over on I Love Kratom, a junior boarder posted about most of the issues we’ve covered here, writing, “[The kratom product menu] only becomes visible on menus once you create an account, and log in. It cannot be searched either. I don’t believe the pages are directly addressable via links either. Until logged, the pages will appear empty.”

This same user detailed the horrendous customer service experience they had with Kwik Kratom, saying, “I recently ordered a kilo of one product and received something else instead (labeled properly though). Emails were answered in a quick, and dismissing fashion. I was stuck with it, but offered 4oz. free with my next purchase; a token. They messed this up as well, giving me a 4 oz. product which I indicated in the original email that I did not want.

“Subsequent emails were read, and little care in the reply. But there is someone at Kwik (Jeremy) who is on top of complaints and issues. They just don’t do very much about it. Even to long term customers. Don’t expect much here.”

One Reddit user complained about their shipping, writing, “’Kwik’ kratom? What are your experiences with this vendor? So far my experience has not been ‘kwik.’ Unless 11 days and no kratom is ‘kwik.’”

Others have echoed the sentiments of the junior boarder on I Love Kratom’s forum, saying, “I’ve gotten several bad batches lately. It’s at the point of 50/50 bad now. I’ve tried everything to make sure it wasn’t just me.”

Of course, for every naysayer there are a fair number of proponents. Some satisfied customers have contradicted the experiences of those mentioned above, noting their “fast shipping” and great customer service.

An extensive review on Reddit talked about their excellent prices and customer support. Another Redditor said that they’d been ordering from Kwik Kratom for a year and found their Red Malay to be “consistently outstanding.”

This last poster claimed to suffer from severe chronic pain and muscle ache from Psoriatic Arthritis and fatigue. In their post, they say that Red Malay from Kwik Kratom has made it possible for them to spend 12 hours on their feet with no problems.


Kwik Kratom, aka Kwik Botanicals is a questionable vendor with a history of mislabeling products, failing to meet customer expectations and concealing their product information from the general public. For these reasons, and many others, readers are advised to avoid ordering from this vendor. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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