Herbal RVA Review 2018: Is the Online Seller Legit?

August 16, 2018 Articles, Kratom Strains

Is this online seller legit?

Just because something seems legit doesn’t mean it is. With hundreds of kratom vendors operating in the US and beyond, there are bound to be some scammers out there peddling sub-par product. So, is Herbal RVA one of them?

Let’s find out! Today, we’ll do a deep dive on their website and online history to see who they are, what they’re all about and whether their botanicals are worthy of your time.


Many times on this blog we have talked about the need for transparency among vendors. We’ve also talked about how a slick web design doesn’t necessarily make for a great company. However, in the case of Herbal RVA, their site could certainly benefit from an upgrade.

The problem here is that their site does not feature the web pages typical of a legitimate kratom vendor. There is no About Us page, no helpful FAQ and no real information about where they get their kratom powders.

In fact, there are no kratom products listed on their product page which obviously means that potential customers must contact them in order to inquire about purchasing them. With such scarcity of details, one might think that this is some fly-by-night operation that is bound to fail, right?

Except nothing could be further from the truth; Herbal RVA have been around for some time and they’ve been consistently doing business with a number of customers, some satisfied and some not so much.

Having earned a 3 ½-star rating from We Kratom, Herbal RVA have connected with their audience on Reddit and established a reputation for selling quality kratom. People have touted them as an affordable source for premium kratom powder. Others have given them points for their fast shipping and good customer service.

We all roll our eyes when we hear the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” because we grew up on it. It’s like nails on a chalkboard at this point. But cliches are cliches for a reason and that phrase holds true when it comes to Herbal RVA.

Although their site is threadbare and there isn’t much up front to recommend them, it turns out that they are actually a reputable company with positive feedback from consumers and dedicated customer support. When we reached out via their phone number to find out about their products, the owner answered at once, offering prompt service and detailed information.

As he explained to me, users must utilize their search bar in order to search for the word “speciosa.” Once you’ve typed in the word and clicked search, you are taken to a page that offers a full line of speciosa powders.


Herbal RVA stocks no fewer than 22 unique kratom strains. These include the exotic Red Zarena and Green Zarena as well as Ketapang and Royal Bentuangie. Their White Bali is some of the purest and strongest Bali I’ve come across, delivering a smooth sense of sedation along with relaxing  qualities.

Royal Bentuangie is equally soothing, possessing a subtle ability to sharpen focus while calming one’s nerves. The third strain I sampled was their Green Vietnam, a strain that offers a clean energy boost and some powerful anti-inflammatory properties.


This vendor excels at providing discounted prices to all of their customers. Whether you are ordering a sampler like their four-way split or straight up going for a kilo of your favorite strain, Herbal RVA gives you quality kratom powder at a relatively unbeatable price point.

Prices start at only $9 for 100 grams (you read that right) and cap off at $63 for a kilo. This is virtually unheard of in the kratom space which is often cause for alarm. I’ve said it before that the cheaper kratom is, the less likely it is to be pure, but Herbal RVA’s powders are raw kratom powder with some substantial potency.


This vendor regularly runs discounts on their items, such as a 10% off deal with the coupon code REDDIT10.


Feedback has been mostly positive about this vendor with one reviewer writing, “Overall, I’m pretty impressed with Herbal-RVA, especially for the price. Also, shipping was reasonably fast…I’ll definitely be trying more of their strains in the future.”

Others have said that Herbal RVA is an awesome vendor, calling the owner a “good dude,” adding that they couldn’t have been happier with their order.

Elsewhere, users have called them the best option for the price and raved about their “amazing stuff.” Their Elephant strain has been called top notch by these same users.


This is where Herbal RVA really shines; their customer support staff are personable and knowledgeable. When I called their phone line, I felt like I was talking to my college roommate and I mean that in the best possible sense. One gets the sense that these are normal, everyday people who really want to help the kratom community.


While Herbal RVA loses points for their amateurish web design, they earn points for allowing their customers to order kratom securely and discreetly. All things considered, this vendor is a legit family-run operation that deserves a fair shake by the kratom community.

If you’re in the market for a cost-productive option with a versatile product line and a committed customer support team, these cats may be your best choice.

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