Types of Yellow Kratom Strains and Their Effects

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When it comes to yellow vein kratom, there are so many strains out there. You’ve got your Yellow Submarine, your Mellow Yellow, your Bodack Yellow, your Bojack Horseman.

I joke! I joke! I kid! I kid!

But seriously, there are several different Yellow Kratom strains in the current marketplace and, as you may have guessed it, they are all unique in their own special ways. Let’s take a closer look at each of these different kratom strains and how their effects compare and contrast from one another.


Yellow Bali kratom powders are made using a disparate curing process that unlike the process used for other kratom strains. It is a mild coffee-like form of kratom which is renowned for its alleged utility in the areas of endurance and motivation.

A more tranquil strain than others on this list, Yellow Bali is grown in Borneo and is widely believed to be the most potent of all Bali strains (yes, even the ever-popular Red Bali).

Its purported effects may include any of the following:

  • Coffee-style pick-me-up
  • Endurance
  • Improved mood
  • Restful sleep
  • Mild relief


The name Elephant Kratom is fitting for this yellow strain because you won’t forget it once you’ve purchased it. A fairly new strain to the kratom space, Yellow Elephant is closely related to Maeng Da in that it is strong stuff that packs a real wallop.

As such, it’s been high in demand among online vendors and is literally flying off the shelves in head shops and smoke shops across the U.S. Yellow Elephant earns its name because its leaves are as massive as an elephant’s ears. Its effects have also been said to be enormously effective.

Purported benefits of Yellow Elephant dosage include:

  • Vitality
  • Restfulness
  • Increased concentration
  • Meditative state of mind

Folks have bought Yellow Elephant and said that it makes them more introspective and more productive while also touting it as a nighttime strain that can provide a restful night’s sleep even for those afflicted with insomnia or night shift work disorder.


Hulu Kapuas Yellow Kratom powder is a bestseller online for no other reason than it’s excellent as a full-body strain, whether you’re dealing with spasms or basic day-to-day aches. Many in the kratom community swear by this one because of its consistent balance.

Like Yellow Elephant, Hulu Kapuas can give you that boost you need in the morning while also chilling you out when it’s time for a nap or to get a good rest before work. Harvested from the shores of the Kapuas River in Malaysia, Hulu Kapuas Yellow Kratom powder is the Buddha of yellow strains.


As the name would suggest, Yellow Indo comes from Indonesia where it is grown by farmers who understand the importance of harvesting the most mature of leaves and utilizing a distinct drying process.

This drying process locks in Yellow Indo’s unique aroma, and ensures your Yellow Indo kratom powder will be potent and pure.

Users have said that Yellow Indo instills an ability to feel enhanced empathy and compassion, making it a very Zen kratom strain with possible euphoric qualities. Its manifold effects include relaxation, pick-me-up and general sense of well-being.

Yellow Indo’s other effects may include:


  • Warmth
  • Calm
  • Anxiety relief
  • Mild stimulation

All of this is largely dependent upon dosage with the ideal dosage being somewhere in the area of 6-8 grams. While this is rather high for beginners, it is a sweet spot for the more seasoned kratomite. Of particular interest is the supposed lack of side effects at higher ranges. Some users have taken 12+ grams and found side effects to be mild at worse and non-existent at best.


A product of natural Sumatra Kratom leaves, Yellow Sumatra different from other Yellow strains in that the leaves chosen for the grafting process are young leaves whereas most top shelf kratom comes from very mature kratom leaves.

These younger leaves are vital to the manufacturing process with photo-oxidation implemented to give them their bright yellow coloring. This is a painstaking process that takes anywhere from 15 to 20 days for full oxidization to occur.

It’s worth the wait, my friends! Yellow Sumatra is some of the best Yellow Kratom around, eliciting positive vibes and an aroma that you won’t soon forget. Think freshly cut grass meets lavendar and you’re on your way.

Purported benefits of Yellow Sumatra include moderate rejuvenation and a sense of calm. Other potential effects of Yellow Sumatra include:

  • Clean boost
  • Sociability
  • Sense of well-being


Coming at you straight outta Thailand, Yellow Thai is known for its exhilarating qualities and its moderate coffee-like effects. Users have also noticed that it can cause a noticeable increase in focus, making it similar to Sumatra in that sense.

However, Yellow Thai differs from the others on this list in that its efficacy as a botanical has been praised by users far and wide. It has been used for hundreds of years by the natives of Thailand for this very purpose.


Here’s where things get a bit tricky and even deceptive. Yellow Vietnam is one of the most popular kratom strains online, but the name is more than a little misleading.

You see, Yellow Vietnam is actually a white or green-veined strain that is harvested in the dense forest alongside the Mekong River in Southeast Asia. It contains a higher concentration of alkaloids than most yellow-vein strains. In fact, it’s 25 percent higher.

It is this higher concentration that lends to its popularity among kratom enthusiasts and its status as a bestseller among online kratom vendors. It is a full-bodied strain that boasts a strong smell and even stronger purported effects.

These effects may include any or all of the following:

  • Increased concentration
  • Sharpness
  • Rejuvenation
  • Well-being

According to those familiar with Yellow Vietnam, its effects may vary depending upon dosage. Many users report that it can soothe their stomach, enhance their mood and perception, and induce a sense of calm and well-being at levels of just 2 to 3 grams.


While all yellow kratom strains have their differences, you can clearly see that they share a lot of things in common.  I don’t know about you, but I feel good knowing that they’re all out there and that I can have my pick of the litter.

If you’re still undecided about which strain to order, consider hunting down a sampler pack. Happy Kbombing, boys and girls!

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