Kratom Constipation Problems 101: Natural Remedies & OTC Supplements

August 27, 2018 Articles, Kratom Research

Kratom has long been known to be a natural anti-diarrheal, which is great if you’ve got a persistent case of the Herschey squirts, but this also poses its own problem. All too many kratom users have found that long-term use can lead to constipation.

Studies have suggested that the effects of kratom leaf extract on the gastrointestinal tract may cause a dose-dependent protection against castor oil-induced diarrhea and that kratom is not antagonized by the average remedies for constipation.

I know I don’t have to tell you that not being able to take a dump can have you just as down in the dumps as a case of diarrhea. While kratom for diarrhea may be a boon for those with IBS and other gastrointestinal disorders, the average person doesn’t want to be all backed up on the reg.

So, what can you do to enjoy kratom’s purported benefits without being full of bricks? It’s actually pretty easy to avoid this. Before you run for the enema bag, let’s explore some of the natural tonics available on the market.

I think you’ll agree that, at the end of the day, there are some simple and affordable ways to prevent kratom constipation from occurring. At the very least, you’ll see that it’s a breeze to stop the block.


Yep, you read that right! Organic yogurt is said to be the very best remedy for kratom constipation. This is due to its probiotic content, live cultures that ease gastrointestinal issues and serve as stool softeners.

This beneficial bacteria is believed to be far more effective than OTC laxatives and stool softeners, according to a piece published by Yogurt has many health benefits because it is loaded with important nutrients that support bone health and may prevent conditions such as Osteoporosis.


Magnesium supplements, especially those containing magnesium oxide, can act as herbal laxatives. Because magnesium oxide is poorly absorbed, it often leads to diarrhea in those who take it. For that very reason, it may reverse the effects of kratom-related constipation.

According to the University of Kansas Medical Center, magnesium oxide as a laxative is dose dependent. The typical adult dose of magnesium oxide for constipation is 2-4 500 mg caplets.

3. G! G! G!

No, that’s not a failed attempt at saying “Giggity! Giggity! Giggty!” That’s the sound of chugging water, which is what all of you should be doing when burning kratom. As is normally the case with almost any herb or supplement, hydration is important here. But it’s especially true if you are dealing with constipation.

Drinking a gallon of water per day can prevent constipation from becoming a problem. Taken in conjunction with a multivitamin, water should ward off the dreaded plug up without the need for additional remedies.


Concentrace ® Trace Mineral Drops are filled with naturally-occurring ionic trace minerals with a wide spectrum of nutritional benefits. Concentrace water has 99% of sodium removed from it before it is bottled.

Basically, this is just a great addition to one’s daily intake and it contains the magnesium necessary to keep you regular.


Spirulina is a biomass of cynanobacteria that promotes healthy gut flora. Used as a dietary supplement, it can settle the stomach, relieve inflammation, combat free radicals and protect LDL cholesterol.

Spirulina powder is delicious when mixed with water and ice; it’s one of the easiest mixtures to get down and has a pleasant taste that’s somewhere between cinnamon and nutmeg in flavor. It is dense with antioxidants, protein, nutrients, iron and, yes…magnesium.


Perhaps this one seems like a no-brainer since all too many of us have to run to the bathroom after drinking a tall glass of OJ, but Vitamin C is an important daily supplement that can aid in the reversal of constipation.

Intake of 2,000 mgs of Vitamin C can have powerful laxative effects, but this one should be used with caution as it can lead to nausea, stomach cramps and diarrhea.


Some in the kratom community recommend drinking coffee when burning kratom since coffee is a stimulant that can trigger a bowel movement. However, it is imperative that users remember kratom’s origins.

The Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) plant comes from the coffee family of plants and is a stimulant in and of itself. The combination of these two compounds can cause jitters, sweats, increased heart rate, diarrhea and other irregularities.

That being said, a cup o’ joe in the morning may curb any incident of constipation from developing. Use in moderation for the best results.


Sure, you might feel like your grandpa when picking this one up from a local grocery store, but Metamucil fiber supplement solutions can substantially reduce the potential of constipation and seriously clean you out if you’re plugged up.

Fiber is important for those who are looking to burn fat, making it the perfect addition to your kratom exercise routine. Since many burn kratom for its supposed energy-enhancing effects, it only makes sense to incorporate a dose of Metamucil into your workout regimen so that you don’t get the hemis while pumping some iron.


This should go without saying, but if you have been burning kratom for awhile and are just beginning to experience constipation, the first thing you should do is lower your dose. Constipation is often caused by taking high dosages of kratom.

The easiest way to do this is to use high-quality kratom. The higher the quality, the more potency and, therefore, the less kratom you will need to avail yourself of its purported benefits. The fewer the grams, the less potential there is for rock hard stool.


We all know that we should be eating more heart-healthy foods, but getting plenty of leafy greens can make all the difference when it comes to constipation. Romaine lettuce, kale, broccoli, collared greens and scallions are just a few vegetables that can keep you regular while giving you the nutrition your body requires.

If you’re like so many from the kratom nation that can’t stand the word “kale,” much less the taste or texture, consider looking up some inventive recipes that utilize brussel sprouts and other greens in a creative and tasty mixture.


If you follow this guide and incorporate some of these natural remedies into your lifestyle, it’s unlikely that you’ll end up back on the bowl, wringing the toilet paper dispenser like a wash cloth and getting all red in the face.

Remember, before you push like you’re giving birth, pay more attention to your diet and intake. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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