Where to Buy Kratom Capsules Locally in 2018

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The notion of buying kratom locally can be a daunting one. As most kratom enthusiasts already know, kratom is not grown in the United States. At least not by professionals; although live kratom plants are available online, the average user wouldn’t have the faintest idea of how to properly care for one.

The process of growing and harvesting kratom takes fastidiousness and experience. The best kratom plants are sourced from Southeast Asia where trusted, knowledgeable farmers use painstaking methods like grafting to yield potent kratom leaves.

Without the mineral-rich soil of the region and the right tools to get the job done, you’re not going to get your hands on premium kratom products. But this doesn’t mean that kratom can’t be purchased locally.

On the contrary, there are loads of reputable sources for kratom all across the US and Canada. These are just some of the places where you can find pure kratom powder locally.


These places are wildly popular among kratom users because of the convenience associated with them. The idea of finding a smoke shop that stocks kratom within a mile radius of one’s home is an attractive one because nobody wants to waste tons of gas and time tracking kratom down.

Does that mean that it’s recommended?

Absolutely not.

The problem with smoke shops and head shops is that they don’t always source their kratom from legit vendors. All too often, you’ll come across kratom capsules in some fancy little wrapper, most of them carrying some equally eye-grabbing name. Unfortunately, these kinds of brands are typically bunk.

If they aren’t bogus herbal powder posing as kratom or a weak batch of kratom powder then they’re actually a dangerous combination of kratom powder and synthetic compounds. Many of us were turned off of smoke shops and head shops after news broke about kratom deaths associated with Krypton Kratom, a potentially lethal mixture of kratom powder and the powerful prescription pain drug Tramadol.

While some smoke shops may be more discerning than others, it’s really a roll of the dice. For instance, kratom users in Seattle have found fishy-sounding products like Opium S and Krave Kratom at Holy Smoke in this Washington-based shop and when I personally made an inquiry about their bulk kratom powder, the person who I spoke to told me that their bulk kratom powder does not have a brand name.

In the very least, users should be wary of unrecognizable names or places that do not label their products appropriately.


Let’s be real, there’s very little that our phones can’t do at this point. Think about it: your phone is your camera, your messenger and your Rolodex (For those of you who don’t know what a Rolodex is, enjoy your youth…it won’t last forever). It’s your road map, your matchmaker, your flashlight and, for many of us, your personal video arcade. But it’s also your one-stop spot for finding kratom (or anything else, for that matter) locally.

By using Google Maps on your phone and punching in kratom near me, you’ll be able to track down the placest in your area that stock kratom powder and kratom capsules. Depending on where you live, you should be able to find at least one source if not several.

If Google Maps doesn’t yield anything, there’s also a handy site called Kratom Maps which locates kratom carriers in your area once you type in your ZIP code. The best part is, you can set the parameters for how wide of a search it is. Users can look for kratom within 1 mile to 300 miles of their location.


This is really the least advisable option for finding kratom, but if you’re really hard up and you can’t find any proprietors who stock the good stuff, you can always look for someone on Craigslist who is willing to sell you some of their own kratom powder.

Since this is the least legit method for finding or buying kratom, one should approach sellers with a degree of hesitation. Make sure to ask them everything you need to know and try to get information up front.


We’ve been asked about this before by people eager to pick some up from a local GNC or retail outlet and we’ve told them that it is not gonna happen. Despite the fact that kratom has not yet been scheduled as a controlled substance in the United States, it carries with it a stigma that turns some people off, particularly the CEOs of big box stores and the like.

You will not find kratom for sale at CVS or any other chain drugstore. But you may want to meet that Craigslist source in a CVS parking lot. It’s as good a meet-up spot as any other.


As I said before, you can find kratom all across the U.S. Here is a short list of some notable places across the country that stock kratom products.

  • PLANET X VAPORE & SMOKE—ALASKA (This Anchorage-based shop is a fine source of kratom powders and kratom extracts)
  • EAST COAST SUPER SUBS—ARIZONA (This Tucson-based eatery is the first shop in America with a kratom vending machine which dispenses packets of kratom powder)
  • CALI BOTANICALS—CALIFORNIA (If you live on the West coast you have undoubtedly heard of this excellent vendor. Based out of Rancho Cordova, they stock a full line of quality kratom strains, including their signature Maeng Da Private Reserve)
  • HEADED WEST—COLORADO (This Denver-based operation is home to awesome apparel, CBD oil and more!)
  • OLD GLORY—CONNECTICUT (Based out of North Haven, this tobacco shop doubles as gift shop for music lovers and a source for trusted kratom brands)
  • FROLIC ON MAIN STREET—DELAWARE (Another apparel shop with a twist, this hipster delight stocks kratom, vape pens and more)
  • ALPHA SMOKE—GEORGIA (This four-star smoke shop has everything from kratom and dagga to kanna and blue lotus)
  • KRATOM VAPOUR CBD SHOP—MARYLAND (People from Baltimore are loud, proud and straight-forward, just like the name of this five-star tobacco shop)
  • EAST VILLAGE SMOKE SHOP—NEW YORK (Customers have raved about this one, calling their service outstanding and their staff both friendly and knowledgeable)
  • RASTA SMOKE SHOP—NEW JERSEY (This Toms River-based tobacco shop is true to its name, stocking all of the glass, oils and incenses that one has come to expect from a four-star proprietor)


As I said before, this was just a short list of the many places where one can purchase kratom locally, but for those who want bulk kratom powder at reasonable prices, you can’t go wrong ordering from an online vendor.

These trusted kratom companies have enjoyed years of success thanks to their quality products, fair pricing, dedicated customer service and fast shipping:



There is no shortage of ways to buy kratom locally and with the above suggestions, you should be able to procure kratom powder or kratom capsules in no time. Happy Kboming, boys and girls! And happy hunting.

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