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August 30, 2018 Articles, Kratom Reviews, Kratom Strains

This vendor calls itself America’s #1 source for Kratom which is a bold claim considering that there are literally hundreds of vendors offering quality kratom in the U.S., to say nothing of those based out of Canada and elsewhere.

Instead of playing games and pretending to get to the bottom of this—really, there is no way to confirm or deny their number one spot since such a ranking would be purely subjective on the part of the consumer—let’s explore this company and its products to get a better idea about whether they’re legit or whether they’re full of sh*t.



We’ve made plenty of jokes on this blog about sites that look like they were slapped together in a half hour by some half-bright AV nerd in his first semester of college, but we’ve also acknowledged that looks can be deceiving.

In the past, I have pointed out that minimalism doesn’t always equate to amateurishness. In other words, just because you don’t have some fancy site with an in-your-face logo doesn’t mean you’re not a reputable vendor.

However, legit vendors know when to skimp and when to splurge. In the case of Kratom One, they appear to be clueless in this department. Not only are their web pages thoroughly threadbare, but they don’t offer an ounce of the transparency one comes to expect of a trusted kratom seller.

Normally, you’ll see information displayed at the bottom of page which points to when the company was established or when it renewed its copyright. There’s none of this with Kratom One. A legit vendor will usually create an About Us page that sheds some light on how they source their kratom, why they’re committed to providing kratom to the masses or something equally illuminating.

By comparison, Kratom One’s About page is a single paragraph about how these Santa Barbara, California natives are dedicated to bringing you an “unparalleled Kratom experience.” That’s all well and good, but the number one way to convince the seasoned kratom user that they’re going to have a positive experience is to disclose info about where your kratom comes from.

Well, you won’t find any of that information here, nor will you find much of anything else. There’s no blog, no guide, no educational literature or origin story about the Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) plant. All you get is a product page and a forum with only 42 posts from 4-5 months ago. And a lot of these posts are glowing testimonials which could have been written by robots.


All that leaves is the product line which, of course, is of paramount importance. We’re happy to report that this is the only area where Kratom One truly shines, at least insofar as uniqueness. Kratom One offers the much-coveted Red Horn Kratom along with the aromatic White Fire, Super Green Malaysian and Bali Kratom.

But it’s their Tri-Force Kratom that gets a visitor’s attention straight away. A blend of red, white and green vein kratom strains that is advertised as a staff favorite. Personally, I’m not a fan of mixing veins in this way, but to each his own.


This is where things get a bit ridiculous—Kratom One’s lowest price is $25 for a starter pouch and their highest for the same is $29…but what are you getting for that money? It’s hard to say.

The average kratom vendor sells 28 grams of kratom for between $10 and $20, but if we go on the evidence of their Choose An Option dropdown menu, you can get 100 grams for just $5+ more. That’s insanely low and suspicious, to say the least.

As we’ve talked about before, there is a lot that goes into sourcing quality kratom from Southeast Asia. You have to deal with harvesting costs, importation, kratom leaf processing, lab testing for quality assurance, etc. There’s also the cost of safe and secure storage. It is not a cheap business to be in, so when you see a price that’s too good to be true, it probably is.

There are exceptions to this, of course, but they are few and far between. For this reason alone, Kratom One rubs me the wrong way.


As with almost all kratom vendors, Kratom One coupon codes are readily available online, either directly from the company itself or through sites like Coupon Follow. They range from 10-20% off your order.

Nothing too special, but we’ll take it, amirite? : )

About the only thing that’s really reasonable about Kratom One is its kratom sampler packs which sell for $7.00. This is the product I would recommend to curious kratom seekers as it affords you the chance to see if they’re worthy of your business without breaking the bank.


This is another area in which Kratom One rises to the occasion. Their Priority shipping typically arrives within 2 business days and folks have talked about the prompt responses received from customer support.


Reviews have been mixed when it comes to this vendor and not all of it is bad. One user who wrote about ordering “bunk kratom” from a company that made him way of dealing with kratom vendors wrote, “…thanks KratomOne for restoring my trust with kratom vendors. I will definitely be a repeat customer.”

On the KratomKorner /r/reddit, users have said that they are the only brand they stock in their shops and one user even added, “Very stand up guys, really good product.”

Not everyone was as positive in their assessment as these users. Members on one page talked about how overpriced they actually are and how ineffective their product was. One user wrote, “I wanted to like It but it sucks.”


In summation, I am not wildly impressed by this vendor in any way and would approach them with caution. While there seems to be reason to believe that they may be a decent vendor, they will have to do more to impress the seasoned kratomite.

It’s clear that Kratom One has a long way to go if they are going to build brand loyalty and create buzz in the kratom community. For now, most noobs should stick to their sampler pack to see what they’re all about.

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