Red Dragon Kratom Guide: The Pros and Cons of This Strain

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Red Dragon’s not just a movie about a demented mama’s boy with a harelip who makes Hannibal Lecter look like Mr. Rogers. It’s also a formidable kratom strain that has been compared to the great Red Thai kratom.

Unlike traditional Red Thai, however, Red Dragon Kratom possesses superior potential for sociability and rejuvenation. Red Thai is generally a mild strain while Red Dragon contains alkaloids that make it a dominant strain.

Today, we’ll delve deep into everything that makes this strain special as well as where it falls short of other kratom strains. As you’ll see, there are a number of purported benefits to Red Dragon, but there are also some areas in which it fails to measure up to other variations.

Here is everything you need to know about this exciting and serene kratom strain in a nutshell.


Where does Red Dragon Kratom come from? That’s where things get interesting; as previously mentioned, Red Dragon has been compared to Red Thai with some in the kratom community even claiming that their effects are identical.

While most seasoned users will agree that there are some significant differences between the two, one thing is unclear—whether Red Dragon is actually grown in Thailand. Some have speculated that the first Red Dragon plants were harvested in Thailand, but many farmers currently cultivate this particular strain in parts of Malaysia.

The climate and soil utilized in the growth process make for an exquisite array of potential effects. This is due to the high concentration of alkaloids which occur in mature Red Dragon leaves because of the fertile soil in which they are grown.


As I’ve said many times now, effects vary dramatically from person to person. There are many mitigating factors responsible for the effects one experiences with kratom. In addition to body type and psychological makeup, there is also the matter of whether or not one chews kratom leaf on an empty stomach.

Those who eat shortly before tossing and washing kratom often experience a milder aroma than those who fast prior to ingesting kratom powder.

That being said, Red Dragon is notorious for its powerful  effects. Those who have used Red Dragon speak of feeling replenished after chewing it and many users take Red Dragon to help manage their daily stressors.

Although Kratom is not approved for medicinal use in the United States, lots of individuals swear by it. This specific strain is said to be excellent for exercise, endurance and its calming fragrance.


As we’ve seen, Red Dragon is a form of kratom that is notable for its moderate qualities, but it’s also been known to yield real potency at higher doses. Many athletes, gurus and working professionals prefer Red Dragon over other vein colors.


Red Dragon is said to be inferior to other red vein kratom strains like Red Borneo or Red Bali in that it does not elicit the kind of coffee-like pick-me-up typical of those strains. If you are looking to kick your coffee habit and switch to an herb that doesn’t give you a case of the jitters, Red Dragon is not the strain for you.

Although Red Dragon is known for its potential to chill you out, it is not nearly as “sleepy” in nature as strains like Red Vein Kali or Red Vein Thai. Those who chew kratom to cope with night shift work may not find what they are looking for in Red Dragon.


Kratom Crazy does not make any claims about how to use kratom, nor do we offer any instructions for human or animal use. However, based on our research, it would seem that most experienced kratom users agree on proper dosages. Here is a short list of dosages and what one may expect from each.

2 grams—This is widely considered to be the appropriate dosage for those who are hoping to achieve enhanced concentration and physical stamina. Many kratom users chew 2 grams of Red Dragon before endurance sports or a visit to the gym.

4-5 grams—This is believed to be the sweet spot for those who are looking to unwind before bed.

6 grams—This is the extreme end of the spectrum. Anything more than this may lead to kratom overdose, the side effects of which may include nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.


Users on Reddit have said that Red Dragon is pretty strong with one person writing, “The thing I like most about it is it has a nice boost so it’s a great daytime or early evening strain. It’s not speedy like a green or white. Just a nice blend of upbeat mood and classic red strain relaxation.”

Another user said that Red Dragon hits much faster than Red Maeng Da which is really saying something when you think about the fact that Maeng Da is touted as the strongest kratom strain.

Elsewhere, a user posted about how Red Dragon reigns supreme among kratom strains, praising it for how powerful it is.


Whether you’re looking to chill out after a hard day at work or gear up for an intense workout regimen, Red Dragon might be a worthy addition to your repertoire. This strain is not the ideal kratom powder for those who want to get all cranked up, but it’s definitely a viable option if you’re looking for a solid energy boost or a quiet and serene evening.

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