Where is the Best Place to Buy Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) Online?

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Ultra Enhanced Indo or UEI has become one of the most talked about kratom products on the market. In recent years, UEI has blown up on the smoke shop circuit due to the fact that is produces kratom’s notoriously stimulating effect at minimal doses.

Those in the kratom community have gone nuts for UEI because it’s the perfect kratom powder for those looking to make their dollar stretch. Unlike traditional kratom powders, Ultra Enhanced Indo can last you a long time because you don’t have to burn as much to achieve optimal stimulation.

That’s the good news. Now for the bad news: Not all UEI is the real deal. Some shady vendors sell powders that are labeled Ultra Enhaned Indo, but they’re just your standard brand kratom with UEI on the label.

Luckily, there is no shortage of reputable vendors offering Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) and today we’ll point our readers in the direction of the very best. But first, in the interest of research, let’s explore what UEI is and where it comes from.


This highly praised kratom powder comes from quality kratom leaves which are harvested in the thick of Indonesia’s forests where it is cared for by experienced farmers using a complex growing process. This process often involves grafting which produces higher concentrations of kratom’s key alkaloids (Mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, Ajmalicine, et al.).

These Indonesian kratom leaves are then micropowdered and enhanced (hence the name) with pure 70HM and Mitragynine alkaloids. This yields an extract that is powerfully aromatic and rich in kratom’s natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

At large doses, Ultra Enhanced Indo is known to elicit sedating effects which may also be accompanied by a sense of well-being and even euphoria. Some have called UEI the “nirvana strain” due to the Zen-like state of mind it may induce in those who burn it.

Indo strains have been used for centuries as a folk medicine by the natives of the region. They have taken Indo kratom to treat diarrhea, chronic pain and anxiety disorders. Here in the United States, kratom has not been approved for medicinal use by the FDA, but Westerners have also been burning kratom for quite some time and have attested to its potential in these areas and more.

In the case of UEI, users have reported a wide spectrum of uses for the powder with some saying that it provides a pleasant balance of clean energy and improved mood.

UEI is enhanced to contain exactly 250 mg of pure alkaloid per five grams of powder, making it one of the most potent kratom powders available anywhere in the world.


Now that we’ve talked a bit about what UEI is and what it’s all about, let’s delve into the best vendors for buying UEI on the Internet. For those who read our blog on the reg, I probably sound like a broken record by now, but I have to reiterate that you always want to look for a vendor who tells you where they get their product from.

If a vendor can’t be bothered to provide customers with the details of where they source their kratom powder from then they’re probably not a vendor that you should bother ordering from. The shoddiest vendors online omit important information and deliberately keep descriptions vague so that they don’t have to stand by their products when they fail to meet quality standards.

When purchasing Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom or, indeed, any kratom powder you’d do well to look for the T.A.G. (Transparency Affordability Guarantee) approach. If a company is transparent about their business practices, if their kratom powders are affordable and if they back up their claims with a satisfaction guarantee, then you know you’re in good hands.

Although some of the vendors on this list do not conform 100% to what I’ve just described (,e.g. not all of them offer a guarantee and some are more expensive than others), they all share one thing in common—their UEI powders come from premium Indonesian kratom leaf and powerful alkaloid extract.



This company checks all the boxes IMO as they not only source quality kratom powders and offer PA Botanicals coupon code but they also provide customers with dedicated customer support, an excellent rewards program and a military discount.

This Pennsylvania-based vendor uses a 3 step quality control process to ensure their products are up to snuff. They are also open to consumer feedback and invite customers to call or email with any concerns or suggestions. At this time, their Ultra Enhanced Indo sells for $54.99 for 50 grams of powder.


Kraken Kratom’s new and improved UEI is lab tested to identify heavy metals or contaminants. This vendor is GMP compliant and offers free 2-day shipping on orders over $199. If you’re looking to buy bulk kratom powder, this is the vendor for you.

Their UEI starts at $49.99 with bulk powder available at under $170. As with PA Botanicals, Kraken Kratom coupon codes are offered along with other rewards. This vendor also deals in wholesale for those in the industry.


This vendor’s ultra-pure UEI powder contains 1500 mg of 99% pure kratom alkaloids for every 28 grams. Prices start as low as $39.99 and USPS shipping is free on orders in excess of $100. With 24/7 customer service and a presence on social media, Sacred Kratom has risen to the top of the heap in the kratom space.


There are a lot of online vendors selling UEI at the moment, but the aforementioned companies are your best bet if you want quality and consistency at a fair price. Happy Kbombing, boys and girls!

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