Green, White and Red Sumatra Comparison

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Sumatra Kratom has been the subject of scholarly studies exploring its antioxidative properties, to say nothing of its purported effects in the areas of stress, anxiety and depression. And while Kratom has not been approved for medicinal use here in the United States, it has attracted a number of proponents who believe that it has inherent value.

In the case of Sumatra Kratom, many have burned it for its rich aroma and calming quality. Unlike other popular strains like Maeng Da, Sumatra is less stimulating and more mood enhancing. At certain doses, users have claimed that it can offer both improved mood and clean energy.

Of particular interest to some is the fact that Sumatra comes in three unique vein colors. There are green, white and red Sumatra variants, each of which has its own alkaloid profile and potential benefits.

If you’re a person who has spent any amount of time in the kratom community, you already know that all kratom strains share a few things in common. For instance, they all contain the key alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. But it’s important to note that these indole alkaloids occur in different concentrations from plant to plant.

Today we’ll take a virtual tour of the three different Sumatra veins and look at how they stack up to one another. I trust you’ll find that they all bear certain similarities and that each has its own rewards, so to speak.

Before we get into it, here’s a quick overview of Sumatra Kratom’s origins.


Originating from the lush island of Sumatra in the heart of Indonesia, Sumatra Kratom leaves are harvested from fully mature kratom plants in the dense forest of the region. The mineral-rich soil contributes to the wealth of alkaloids innate in each live kratom plant.

The local community has been implementing Sumatra Kratom for centuries as a folk medicine and all-purpose tonic. Laborers burn Sumatra Kratom before a hard day of work and often brew kratom tea to unwind at night. It is said to calm the nerves and induce a restful night’s sleep.

This is particularly true of Red Sumatra as its relaxing effects are accompanied by slight drowsiness and overall sedation. The natives of Indonesia prefer Green Sumatra for daytime activities as it is known to make one more active and alert.

All three Sumatra veins are grown on the same island and are cared for by skilled farmers who have been working the forest for years. For many of the locals, kratom farming is a time-honored tradition that has been ingrained in them since young adulthood.


Green Sumatra Kratom is a subtle strain that comes on fast, delivering moderate effects that make it a viable choice for newcomers to the kratom family. The balanced nature of this strain has helped it to find favor among those who crave a combination of stimulation and relaxation.

This one is ideal for those who haven’t yet acclimated to Sumatra’s effects since it is far less extreme than red or white vein. Its duration is long lasting and very few users have reported kratom hangover. Unlike other strains, there are no headaches associated with this strain nor are there any well-documented adverse effects when burning responsibly.

However, side effects may include any or all of the following:

  • Nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Runny nose
  • Skin irritation
  • Respiratory issues

The psychoactive properties of Green Sumatra are allegedly capable of making the user more sociable and less inhibited. Those who have tried it say that it makes them feel more confident and more energetic.


Like Green Sumatra, White Sumatra Kratom is renowned for its energy-boosting effects. The difference is, White Sumatra is far more stimulating. Those who burn White Sumatra find that it may vanquish sluggishness and fight fatigue.

Additionally, White Sumatra is believed to be useful for those battling anxiety and irritability, although this has not been medically proven. In recent years, Westerners have started burning this strain for its supposed analgesic potential. Users afflicted with back pain, depression, anxiety disorders and insomnia have utilized White Sumatra to assuage their symptoms.


You probably remember me saying that all Sumatra strains share certain things in common. Well, Red Sumatra is a notable example because it is recommended by some as an optimal treatment for insomnia. Many users turn from White Sumatra to Red Sumatra for this purpose because it is more potent in this area.

Due to its high alkaloid levels, it is a complex and powerful kratom strain. The Red Sumatra Kratom leaves contain 1.3% of Mitragynine as well as voluminous amounts of the cerebrocirculant Raubasine that aids in the circulation of blood to the brain. Raubasine is a bit of a nootropic which gives Red Sumatra its cognitive enhancing quality.

Users have burned Red Sumatra to sharpen their focus and concentrate on important tasks. It has also been used to lower blood pressure and optimize tactile pleasure. For this reason, some think of Red Sumatra as a bit of an aphrodisiac.


Since Kratom is not an approved drug in the US, there are no guidelines for burning kratom powder. As such, we make no claims about how to use it or whether to use it. Research supports the notion that most kratom users consider 1-2 grams to be an acceptable dosage for first-timers.

Those who are used to Sumatra Kratom generally burn 2-3 grams for moderate effects while long-time users opt for 3-4 grams. The latter is typical of those who have developed a tolerance to Sumatra. A strong dose is anything in excess of 4 grams and most users agree that one should not take more than 6 grams at a time as anything more can potentiate adverse effects.


If you’re new to the kratom community, Sumatra may be just what you’re looking for. With its well-balanced profile and wealth of potential effects, you are more than likely to appreciate this aromatic botanical. Burn with caution and be ready for well-being. Happy Kbombing, boys and girls! ; )

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