What is Ultra Enhanced Indo and How Does it Compare to Regular Kratom

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The highly praised Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) has become a bestseller among kratom users for its deeply stimulating and unusually diverse effects, but not everyone understands exactly what it is. It is often confused with other kratom extracts and kratom tinctures.

Those who are looking for a kratom shot are looking in the wrong place if they pick up UEI as it is actually a kratom powder, not a traditional kratom extract.

Today, we’ll talk about what UEI is, where it comes from and how it compares and contrasts with other the kratom strains we’re all used to.


UEI is made from pure kratom leaf from Indonesia which is subsequently micro-powdered and enhanced with ultra-pure alkaloids. These high levels of kratom’s key alkaloids produce a wealth of powerful effects, making it the most well-balanced kratom product in the current marketplace.

What makes UEI particularly impressive is how stimulating it is in small doses. Whereas most users have to burn in excess of 5 grams of traditional kratom powder to achieve substantial stimulation, users see results from UEI at just 2-3 grams.

This is one way that UEI saves kratom users money and enables them to easily stock up on kratom in the future. Also notable is the sedation that occurs at larger dosage levels. Those who burn 6-7 grams experience intense relaxation and even euphoria.

What we find when burning UEI is that it possesses all of the traits that make each kratom strain unique, thereby rising to the level of the one and only all-encompassing kratom powder. Indeed, the only true drawback to UEI is the fact that its individual effects occur at disparate dosages whereas traditional kratom powders tend to elicit effects at any dose albeit less powerfully at lower doses.

UEI is said to have a far stronger and more pleasant aroma than your average kratom powder. This is due in part to the presence of large volumes of each alkaloid, to say nothing of the soil in which the pure Indonesian kratom leaves are grown.

The ultra enhanced indo kratom experience is well-documented online where countless users have posted about their first time burning UEI or the best ways to use Ultra Enhanced Indo UEI Kratom. In one such post, a curious noob wrote, “I saw this Ultra Enhanced Indo or UEI recently and wondered how active it was at 1 gram, since it’s around xxx for that much.”

Responses to this post said that it was “very pleasant” and “unsurpassed” among other kratom products. Elsewhere, a user measured out .45 on a scale and burned it one hour after eating lunch. “The effects came on faster than I would have guessed (~15 minutes), peaked (~10) and then subsided over about 30 minutes.”

This experience is unsurprising for a couple of reasons, the first being the presence of food prior to the burning of UEI. Most seasoned kratomites are well-aware that one should burn kratom on an empty stomach for optimal effects. This goes for UEI as much as any other kratom product.

If we go on most accounts, UEI is exceptional in every way and burning it is a thoroughly satisfying experience.


Now that we’ve seen what UEI is capable of, let’s cover the obvious next step. You’ve gotta get your hands on some Ultra Enhanced Indo and you want the very best. Click here to read about the top vendors for UEI.

The following are the recommended ways to burn UEI kratom, each of which is an acceptable method. I think you’ll agree that some make more sense than others, but they’re all fairly practical.


If you wanna go old school, you can do like the natives do in Southeast Asia—just chew on kratom leaves. There’s only one problem with this method when it comes to UEI. Because it is so potent, direct usage is not a great idea. Chewing UEI can result in stomach cramp, nausea or even vomiting. Gnarly, to say the least.


Some online vendors offer UEI in capsule form along with their usual kratom strains. If you can’t find a vendor that offers readily prepared UEI kratom capsules, you may want to consider making your own by purchasing empty vegan-friendly capsules and filling them with UEI kratom powder.


Making yourself some kratom tea is one of the most enjoyable and soothing methods of kratom use. You can mix 1-5 grams of UEI powder with 2 cups of hot water to make yourself 2 cups of premium kratom tea.

Once your tea is brewed, let it reach room temperature before adding ice cubes and knocking it back. Kratom tea effects typically hit within 15-20 minutes, give or take.


UEI Kratom is a popular, knock-your-socks-off kratom product that tends to outshine all other kratom strains. If you’ve grown tired of the usual suspects, give this one a try to unlock all of kratom’s purported benefits. You’re unlikely to find a more aromatic botanical online. Happy Kbombing, kids!

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