Urgent News for Arizona Kratom Users

October 17, 2018 Articles, Kratom Alkaloids, Kratom Research, News

Attention all kratom warriors! This week is an important week for all kratom users, particularly those residing in the Grand Canyon State. The Arizona Board of Pharmacy has officially voted yes to ban kratom in the state and have urged local legislators to schedule kratom accordingly.

The decision behind the ban was no doubt influenced, at least in part, by the recent popularity of kratom vending machines in the state and the salmonella outbreak that transpired earlier this year. In the aftermath of this outbreak, the FDA ruled that kratom was a prospective health risk and issued a public warning.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the powers that be have come for kratom. You’ll remember that the DEA was considering a ban back in 2016, but public comment forced them to reconsider given the outpouring of support for the Mitragyna speciosa (read: kratom) plant.

At the time, a petition attracted more than 130,000 signatures from kratom proponents, and members of Congress criticized the DEA’s efforts as “hasty.” This was enough to postpone any attempts at scheduling kratom. What this teaches us is that our voices matter and we need to use them.

Kratom advocates are asking all kratom users or kratom supporters to work with the American Kratom Association and its affiliates to prevent this kratom ban from getting passed. It doesn’t matter where you live or what state you are from; everyone should make their feelings known.

As such, the AKA requests that you visit the offices of your local Congressmen or Congresswomen, and deliver an information packet about kratom and the science behind it. The AKA will arm every supporter with said information packet so that you can place it in the hands of the people that need to read it the most.

As regular readers of the blog, we know that you are all well-aware of how valuable and important kratom is, but the bureaucrats of this great country do not. That is why it is imperative that we educate them about the viability of kratom.

The AKA is already taking measures to occlude this potential ban, but bolstered with help from the citizens of the United States, the odds of them beating a kratom ban rise exponentially.

The kratom community has seen substantive scientific evidence of kratom’s potential benefits, evidence that flies in the face of the systemic judgment of Big Pharma and the FDA. The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health have documented kratom’s analgesic effects while the Journal of American Osteopathic Association have taken notice of the pharmacology of kratom, publishing research concerning its stimulant properties.

The kratom plant’s leaves have been found to contain antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant and anxiolytic indole alkaloids. Its effects on mental health have been covered by ScienceDirect who have noted findings that point to kratom’s potential as a harm reduction tool.

All of this information and much more is readily available and needs to be shared with those who control the future of kratom legality. It’s high time we remind the government that botanicals should not be lumped in with synthetic drugs or demonized by the establishment.

For the moment, it is legal to buy kratom in Arizona and there are no shortage of places where one can find kratom in Phoenix and beyond. Let’s keep it that way by handing out information packets and giving Congress a piece of our minds.

To register to #SaveKratomLegislativeDay and email your local representative(s), click here.

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