Ultra Enhanced Indo vs Kratom Extract: What’s the Difference?

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We’ve been talking a lot lately about UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indo) Kratom, but one thing we may not have made clear is that UEI is not the same thing as kratom extract. The word extract is often associated with UEI because ultra-pure alkaloids are extracted from kratom leaves and used to enhance the powdered kratom that comprises UEI. This is significantly different from your average kratom extract.

To bring a little clarity to bear on the matter, we’ll break down the precise differences between UEI and kratom extracts in the following post. We’ll also compare the effects of each, so you’ll have a better idea of what exactly they have in store for you.


As we’ve previously mentioned in our comprehensive guide to Ultra Enhanced Indo, UEI comes from Indonesian kratom leaf which is then micro-powdered and enhanced with kratom’s key alkaloids to make a super-potent enhanced kratom powder.

UEI is stronger than all other kratom strains, including the ever-popular Maeng Da. Whereas most seasoned kratom users need to burn at least 4-5 grams of kratom to see noteworthy effects, those who use UEI can usually burn 2-3 grams to achieve remarkable levels of stimulation.

What’s more, UEI is believed to be the most versatile form of kratom on the market, possessing the full spectrum of effects from each and every individual kratom strain. The ultra-pure alkaloids used to enhance UEI are responsible for the diverse range of effects that it has to offer.


You’ve probably heard of kratom extract gold reserve or liquid kratom extract. These are common search terms among the kratom community. Like UEI, kratom extract is known for being far more potent than traditional kratom powder.

Kratom extracts are made up of water or alcohol-based solutions that contain a number of disparate alkaloids along with kratom plant matter. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what is in any given kratom extract because it depends upon the solution that is utilized to prepare the kratom tincture.

The contents of kratom extract are dependent upon what the water or alcohol were able to pull from the raw kratom leaf. There are three kinds of kratom extract available, namely 15X extract, 20X extract and 50X extract.

The X represents the grams of kratom leaf used to produce 1 gram of kratom extract. For instance, if a vendor advertises 50X extract, they are claiming to have used 50 grams of kratom leaf to yield 1 gram of extract.

Extracts like these are alleged to be anywhere from 3-10 times more potent per gram than the kratom leaf used to prepare them. There’s only one problem: There’s no real way for the average consumer to prove or disprove these claims.

The vast majority of trusted vendors do not offer kratom extracts because they have gotten a bed rep among kratom users and are thought to be a waste of money.

Of course, opinions vary on this topic and some have had more positive experiences with kratom extracts than others. For those who are considering a kratom extract purchase, there are some vendors who stand by their product.

One such vendor is Kats Botanicals, a company whose kratom products are lab-tested and guaranteed. They offer a 30-day refund policy on all orders and a free sample ounce to those who place an order of $100 or more. This is good for those who are planning to stock up on bulk kratom powder.


Now that we’ve broken down exactly what UEI and kratom extracts are, let’s get to the true grit of the matter. So, what’s the difference?

It’s simple. UEI is the real deal when it comes to power and diversity. Ultra Enhanced Indo is the strongest kratom powder you can get and it actually works.


On the other hand, kratom extracts are widely considered bogus by those familiar with their effects. In the past, users have suggested that kratom extracts have more potential for problems compared to plain kratom leaf.

Others have said that liquid kratom extracts taste terrible and are not worth the cost. Side effects of kratom extracts include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and headache.

Of course, all of these adverse effects can occur when burning any kind of kratom, but kratom extracts tend to potentiate these side effects more commonly than traditional kratom leaf.

UEI is far more popular and has a solid reputation as a kratom product that gets the job done. One user on Reddit wrote, “UEI is great if you can find a vendor who has the real stuff, not all UEI is good.” This brings us to the burning question (no pun intended): Where can I buy Ultra Enhanced Indo online?

There are various kratom vendors who provide their customers with products labeled UEI, but not all of them are legit. Unfortunately, it’s easy to fool the noobs who now flock to kratom websites. Here at Kratom Crazy, we’ve been fortunate enough to sample UEI kratom from a number of great sources.

Here is a short list of trustworthy vendors who sell top notch UEI kratom:

  • Kraken Kratom
  • PA Botanicals
  • Sacred Kratom
  • Phytoextractum

Each of these vendors are home to hella good kratom powder and have everything one could want out of a kratom company. We’re talkin’ dedicated customer support, fair pricing and fast shipping. And, most importantly, they sell quality UEI kratom.


Buying kratom extract is a gamble and most users would be better off splurging on some Ultra Enhanced Indo since you’ll invariably end up with a better product for around the same price. Happy hunting, kids!

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