Gold Bali vs Red Bali Strain Comparison

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In the age of Fake News and conspiracy theories, it can seem difficult to get the straight story on anything. This goes for kratom as much as anything else. If you visit sites like Reddit, you’ll come across countless posts where users question the veracity of kratom’s supposed effects.

You’ll also find people who claim that there is no real difference between one kratom strain and another. These jaded souls were no doubt sold bogus kratom samples or otherwise weak product.

To be sure, kratom strains share plenty of things in common with each other. But that DOES NOT mean that they are all the same.

As an example, let’s take Bali strains. Bali kratom strains are by far some of the bestselling kratom strains in the current marketplace. This is due to the signature growth process that distinguishes them from other forms of kratom.

For instance, Red Bali was the first kratom variant to be produced by cross-fertilization of two Mitragyna speciosa (read: kratom) plants. This grafting process yielded some of the most potent kratom leaves ever to be harvested in the greatest Indonesian territory.

If you’ve spent any semblance of time scouring the Internet for places to buy kratom online, you have probably heard about Gold Bali, a strain that is every bit as valuable as its name would suggest.

The skeptics would have you believe that Gold Bali is just Red Bali with a fancy name slapped on it, but that’s total bunk and we’re here to dispel those claims today. Let’s have a closer look at these two stupendous strains so that you’ll have a better idea of what they’re good for and what makes each of them special.


Red Bali is a unique mixture of Sumatra kratom and Borneo that encompasses the effects of both strains in one fine kratom powder. For those unfamiliar, Sumatra is renowned for its well-balanced alkaloid profile which elicits smiles in all who burn it.

Sumatra kratom has been used for stress relief, mood improvement and relaxation. It is also known to be a rather euphoric strain.

By the same token, Borneo is a relaxing and pleasurable strain with moderate soporific effects. It is often called a “slow” strain because of the way in which it slowly creeps up on you and helps to maintain calm and well-being over an extended period of time.

When combined, these two strains form Red Bali, a strain that is said to be an exemplary choice for individuals with social anxiety, sleep disorders or depression.


For a number of years, Gold Bali was only available in premium, meaning that greedy online vendors would price gouge due to the scarcity of the strain. But as time has gone on and trusted vendors have sourced Gold Bali in larger quantities, it has become possible to buy bulk kratom powder.

Now, to a point that was made earlier; again, a lot of people will tell you that Gold Bali is just another name for Red Bali. Technically, they would be right as Gold Bali does come from the red vein kratom. However, Gold Bali undergoes a lengthy drying phase which alters the makeup of the kratom leaves.

This drying process results in the leaves changing color from red to gold, hence the name. You might be thinking that the differences stop there, but this extended drying process not only alters the hue of the leaves but, also, the effects of its key alkaloids.

Unlike traditional Red Bali, the gold variant has been known to boost appetite, produce analgesia and relax muscles. In these ways, it varies substantively from red vein kratom.

Red Bali and Gold Bali share some effects in common, such as anxiety relief, improved mood, increased sociability and relaxation. But if Red Bali is a viable option for those suffering from insomnia, Gold Bali is a better choice if you’re looking to plow through work or hit the gym as it may provide a clean energy enhancement.


A lot has been written about the effects of Red Bali, much of it by users who have shared their experiences on social. One user who upped their dose of Red Bali for the first time after a few underwhelming occasions wrote, “I’m swimming in a sea of good feels at the present.”

Others agreed with them with one user calling a proper amount of Red Bali “very mellow” This same user said that its duration is a bit shorter than other strains, but was quick to add “completely and utterly worth every minute.”

Gold Bali has been called one of the best strains and is said to be far more euphoric than traditional Bali. In a post entitled Gold Bali vs Red Bali, one user said, “For me Gold Bali is less sedating but more euphoric and Red Bali is more sedating and less euphoric.”

Another poster said, “Gold Bali has a smidge more of energy compared to Bali, for me.”


There are plenty of places now offering Gold Bali; some of the top vendors for Gold Bali include Kats Botanicals, Gaia Ethnobotanical and Buy Kratom Bulk USA. The same goes for Red Bali which is so popular that online stores often run out of stock.

Some trusted vendors selling Red Bali at reasonable prices include Coastline Kratom, Phytoextractum and Kraken Kratom.

Be sure to shop around before purchasing an order of Bali kratom powder. It’s always a good idea to look for a vendor who provides customers with detailed information about where they source their kratom from and what kind of refund policy is in place if you are not satisfied with their product.


So there you have it! Gold Bali and Red Bali are similar in some ways, but each has a host of effects that may be right for you. Before ordering Bali kratom, do your homework and see what people have to say about these strains. Be safe, be smart and be well. Happy Kbombing, kids! ; )

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