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Horned kratom leaf is rare and unique, which is why it has garnered a reputation in recent years as a must-have kratom powder. But Kratom Horn isn’t as elusive as you might think. Nowadays, there are several trusted vendors offering Horned leaf to their customers.

Of course, the obvious difference between Horned leaf and other forms of kratom is the shape of the kratom leaves. Horned Kratom gets its name from the horn-shaped edges of the large kratom leaves that grow from the live kratom plants.

As you probably expected, there are some distinct differences between the different variations of Horned leaf. As with other kratom strains, the effects of Horned Kratom depend upon the vein color of the leaves.

For instance, White Horn has become popular because of its energy-enhancing qualities whereas Red Horn is popular as a multi-purpose variant with a host of potential therapeutic effects. Its ruby red color differentiates it from other red vein kratom strains and indicates that its alkaloid profile is signature to the Horned Kratom family.

So, how do these different Horned leaf variants stack up against one another? Let’s take a closer look.


Compared to other kratom strains, White Horn is the most powerful in terms of energy enhancement. So effective is it in this area that users have reported all-day endurance with extended duration of these effects.

White Horn is said to vanquish lethargy and muscle fatigue while providing the user with hours of natural stimulation and increased concentration. Much of this owes to White Horn’s alkaloid content which includes large concentrations of Mitragynine, an indole alkaloid that may increase libido, enhance energy and induce mild euphoria.


Unlike White Horn, Red Horn Kratom is widely considered to be more of a relaxing strain that’s often used by those with chronic back pain, nervous disorders or insomnia. Burning Red Horn may help to settle nerves and reduce inflammation.

Kratom contains alkaloids that are both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in nature, and Red Horn contains higher volumes of these components than its sister strains.

With Red Horn, users often experience a more intense sense of euphoria than with White Horn and without overstimulation. Red Horn and White Horn share one important effect in common—both may elicit improved mood and a general sense of well-being.

Otherwise known as “tri-horned” or “spiked leaf,” Red Horn is the go-to strain for those seeking herbal analgesia and a notable feeling of calm at bedtime.


Like Red Horn, Green Horn Kratom is utilized by many for joint and muscle pain relief, but it’s also a more nootropic strain that may deliver substantial cognitive enhancement. For this reason, it is popular among those suffering from depression or mood disorders.

In its native Indonesia, Green Horn Kratom became famous for its potential healing properties, particularly in the area of the immune system. Like its sister plant, White Horn, Green Horn Kratom offers hours of clean energy without the dreaded kratom hangover.


No two user experiences will be exactly the same with any strain, but the general consensus online supports the purported effects mentioned above.

One user on Reddit wrote, “Green feels like the energetic threshold dose with its euphoria and good humor. Red feels like a higher dose, with sedating properties and less euphoria, just pure relaxation…White is great to start the day without cravings, and feeling vigilant in spite of not drinking coffee, but it does not feel euphoric at all. I did notice it does melt social anxiety a bit.”


One user raved about Green Horn, writing, “I love it! It’s so smooth but energetic. Provides a nice mood lift and is very calming but motivating. You will enjoy it!”


There is a multitude of places where one can buy kratom online, but Horned Kratom is seldom found in as many places as other strains. For those seeking premium quality Horned leaf powder, it is a good idea to shop around and get a feel for vendors’ reputation among consumers.

Based on our extensive research, the following are a few trustworthy sources for Horned Kratom powder:

  • Kat’s Botanicals
  • Authentic Kratom
  • Buy Kratom Bulk USA
  • Coastline Kratom

Kratom coupon codes can be found here and here. The aforementioned vendors also offer regular deals and discounts to first-time customers and return customers alike.


Selecting the correct dosage is imperative when burning Horned leaf as the effects one may experience are dependent upon crossing the threshold. Although kratom is not approved for human consumption by the FDA, many in the kratom community have suggested proper dosage for burning this aromatic botanical.

The recommended dosage tends to be between 1 and 3 grams with 5 grams considered a large dose. The vast majority of kratom experts admonish against burning kratom in excess of 8-10 grams. Kratom Crazy makes no claims about kratom’s efficacy as a medicinal herb nor do we imply that consumption is safe or advisable.


Like I said earlier, not all kratom strains are created equal. Each of these strains varies in their purported benefits and degrees of potency. Consider sampling each of these botanicals if you have a chance. There’s no better way to figure out which one’s right for you. Happy Kbombing, boys and girls!

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