The Top Places to Buy Kratom Locally in Chicago

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If you’re a resident of the Windy City, there’s no time like the present to get your hands on some primo kratom powder. In October of last year, Illinois Rep. Katie Stuart (D-Edwardsville) filed House Bill 4106 which seeks to amend the state’s Kratom Control Act.

If Rep. Stuart gets her way, kratom will soon be illegal in the state of Illinois. Those who enjoy their fundamental freedoms are stocking up in case the kratom ban becomes a reality. Many in the kratom community feel like they should get it while the gettin’s good.

But where can you buy kratom locally in Chicago? Well, as it happens, there are numerous sources for the stuff and today we’ll take a look at the very best and worst options you have available to you.

Let’s hit it!


There are lots of smoke shops selling kratom in the great state of Illinois, but there are only a handful of good ones in Chicago. The top two tobacco shops for Mitragyna speciosa (read: kratom) products are CBD Kratom and Secrets Smoke Shop, both of which carry four-star ratings.

The not-so-subtly named CBD Kratom doesn’t bill itself as a smoke shop, rather it is referred to as a vitamin and supplements store. While the FDA has not approved kratom for medicinal use and does not consider it to be a vitamin, many still treat it as such, and that includes the proprietors of CBD Kratom.

They have a wide selection of kratom powders and kratom capsules as well as extracts, CBD oil, grinders and more. Locals love this place because they find it to be more classy than your average degenerate head shop.

Secrets Smoke Shop is the runner-up because Chicagoans have called them the most affordable shop around. One reviewer said that they have the best prices on Lucky Kratom in the city. With a strong social media presence and a decent amount of followers, they’ve cemented their reputation and impressed customers with variety and fair pricing. Plus, we can’t resist their robot glass.


Other smoke shops carrying kratom powder include Diffused Galleria, Pipes & Stuff, Chicago Vapor Zone, Chicago House of Smokes, Lucky Smoke Shop, Smoke Shop and South Side.

Should you buy kratom locally for a smoke shop?

Not necessarily. We tend to shy away from smoke shops and the like because you never really know what you’re gonna get. The essential problem with smoke shops and headshops is that a lot of them sell bogus kratom products that bear no vital information.

For instance, I once called a smoke shop in Portland to inquire about buying a kilo of kratom. The person who answered the phone told me that I could purchase bulk kratom powder at their location. When I asked him where they sourced the kratom from (,i.e.: in what region was the kratom grown?) he told me that he didn’t know.

I asked him what strain of kratom would I be buying. He told me he didn’t have an answer to that question, all he knew was that it came in a sealed plastic bag. This is cumbersome for a multitude of reasons, not least of which is the fact that plain, unlabeled packages of kratom powder do not guarantee purity, lack of adulteration or recommended dosage, three things every kratom consumer should know before buying something.

There is also the issue of synthetic additives and the health risk they pose. In the past, companies like Krypton Kratom have shipped tainted product to smoke shops, product that contained the dangerous prescription drug O-desmethyltramadol. Ingesting kratom in concert with these kinds of synthetic drugs can lead to severe side effects or even death.

Before thinking about buying locally from a head shop, users should first weigh all other options.


Okay, so this is every bit as shady, if not more so, than purchasing from a smoke shop, but if you’re really hard up there’s always the option of posting to Craigslist and seeing if someone with their own kratom stash will sell some of their powder to you at a slight markup.

Of course, the issue here is mostly the same as the smoke shop dilemma; an anonymous individual could sell you kratom powder with anything in it and you’d have no real way of knowing. Additionally, they can feel free to price gouge since you aren’t going through normal, on-the-level channels to obtain it.


The answer is right in the palm of your hands, as it were. It really is as simple as whipping out your iPhone and punching “kratom near me” into Google Maps. Depending on where you live, you should get a number of results for places offering kratom capsules and/or powder.

If this doesn’t work, there’s always the recent innovation of Kratom Maps which enables you to find kratom carriers by punching in your ZIP code. The greatest thing about this one is that you can set the parameters for your search, so you can decide whether you want to search within a 1 mile radius or a 300 mile radius or anything in between.


This is always your best bet as it’s the easiest way to vet your vendor to make sure they’re legit. There are hundreds of kratom vendors operating online stores, some of whom even sell live kratom plants. To find a trusted kratom vendor, we recommend visiting sites like I Love Kratom and Reddit where users post about their experiences with kratom suppliers.

In our experience, the following vendors are all rock solid choices for quality kratom products at an affordable price:

  • Gaia Ethnobotanical
  • Kraken Kratom
  • PurKratom
  • Kratom Spot
  • Coastline Kratom

As you’ll see when you visit their home pages, some of the best kratom vendors offer money back guarantees, lab results confirming their kratom’s purity and a regular kratom coupon code.


If you live in Chicago and you want to burn some kratom, you may not want to be bothered with waiting for it to be shipped to you by mail, but delivery is a better choice than buying overpriced garbage at a hole-in-the-wall head shop.

Remember, good things come to those who wait. Be safe, be smart and be well. Happy Kbombing, kids!

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