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Here at Kratom Crazy, we’ve touched on the subtle differences between various kratom strains in our strain comparison posts. We’ve also discussed individual strains and what they’re well-known for. But today I thought we’d talk about a very specific strain that isn’t talked about nearly as much as its brothers and sisters.

You hear a whole lot about Green Malaysian Kratom or Super Green Malay as the case may be, but you rarely hear reviewers talking about Red Malaysian Kratom.

Is that because Red Malay is somehow inferior to other kratom strains? Hell no! Quite the contrary. What makes Red Malay and, indeed, all Malaysian kratom strains unique is the climate in which it is grown. The coastal alluvial soil in parts of Malaysia make for near-perfection where kratom’s alkaloids and nutrients are concerned.

Indeed, much of Red Malay’s effects owe to the mineral-rich soil in which the live kratom plants mature. There are approximately 500 different soil variants in Malaysia and each of them carries with it a host of botanical benefits.

To better understand Red Malay, we’ll talk about its origins, its purported effects and what the kratom community has said about it behind closed doors. I’ll also share with you my own experience with Red Malay. Without further ado, here is our exploded view of this interesting red vein kratom strain.


Red Malaysian Kratom is a strain renowned for its long-lasting sedating and analgesic effects. It has been used by the natives of Malaysia for hundreds of years as a local folk medicine. Although kratom in general is not approved by the FDA for medicinal use, it is legal in many US countries. Those who have burned Red Malay swear by its long duration and efficacy as a sleep aid.

Red Malay is mostly grown in the lowland dipterocarp rainforests, such as those of Borneo, where it forms a green expanse that’s highlighted by the rich red hue of the plants’ red veins. The tropical climate influences the way in which the soil nurtures the live kratom plant.

Today, it has taken the Western world by storm, rising to the top of the heap in terms of red vein strains. As a four-star cultivar it secured itself the #2 spot on our list of the best kratom strains.


Like most kratom strains, Red Malay has a number of purported benefits including the following:

  • Rejuvenation
  • Relief
  • Restful sleep
  • Heightened awareness
  • Moderate exhilaration


Kratom Crazy does not make any claims or suppositions about kratom usage. As stated above, kratom is not approved for human or animal consumption in the United States. With that being said, the kratom community has been rather vocal about how to burn kratom.

The seasoned kratom user will tell you that the recommended dosages are as follows:

4-8 grams for management of depression or stress, relief from anxiety or to ward off insomnia before bed. 8-9 grams is generally considered a high dose which is known to induce substantive analgesia.


After tossing and washing 6 grams of Red Malay kratom powder, I felt the effects hit me within 15 minutes. A notable sense of calm washed over me as I went about my daily work routine. Words seemed to come more easily to me, which is saying something when you think about the brain fog that attends most writers’ mid-afternoon work day.

My mental sluggishness lifted and I was able to concentrate on my research and language more fluidly and more effortlessly. This suggests to me that Red Malay may be a good nootropic strain for those who are looking for enhanced focus in addition to relaxation.

In the late afternoon, I burned another 4 grams and began to feel a little drowsy. No lethargy was involved so much as a slight heaviness to my eyelids. I drank plenty of water to ensure dilution and wrapped up my last writing project before rising from my desk.

Some in the kratom community have referenced the dreaded “wobz” or wobbles when talking about certain strains of kratom. I’m happy to report that, despite the mild drowsiness that I experienced, no dizziness or wobbles occurred when I stood up.

I was able to walk perfectly fine, splash some cold water on my face and resume my daily wrap-up. Thirty minutes after my second dosage, I was able to operate a motor vehicle without any hindrance to my faculties and even prepared a nice meal before settling down for the night.

When I decided to go to bed, I thought about burning another 4 grams as many have pointed to Red Malay as a strong sleep aid, but instead I just laid down and found myself drifting off peacefully with no problem. I slept soundly and had awesome dreams before waking up feeling replenished.


This is another question I get asked a lot, not just about Red Malay but in general. Since Red Malay is in high demand, it is often difficult for top notch vendors to source it from Southeast Asia. Fortunately, a few have the right connections and are able to stock it on the reg.

The following is a short list of trusted kratom vendors with Red Malaysian Kratom available at their online stores:

For the sake of this review, I sampled Laughing Lion Herbs’ organic premium Red Malay powder, but all of these vendors are reputable operations with quality product.


One enthusiastic Reddit user called Red Malay the best strain they’d tried in months, writing, “It definitely burns like a red, having a lot of body to it as well as relaxation (like sedation without the actual tiredness), but it’s onset leading up to the peak feels like a moderate green or a heavy white.

“Lots of pep and mood lift without being edgy or stimulating in the typical sense. It does have some energy but I wouldn’t call it a coffee replacement.”

Elsewhere, a user said, “I’ve tried Red Malay and found it to be nothing like Green Malay. It was much more sedating and Bali-like. It was good quality and fairly potent…”

This same user said that it was too expensive in their opinion, but it’s important to keep in mind that prices vary from vendor to vendor. One should always look for discounts and kratom coupon code before going to checkout. Risk-free money back guarantees are always the way to go as well.


Those who want increased concentration during the day and restful sleep at night would do well to pick up some Red Malaysian Kratom as it’s definitely one of the most well-balanced strains for both stimulation and relaxation. Happy Kbombing, kids!

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