Green Horn Kratom Strain Review

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We’ve been doing something a bit different on our blog of late; rather than just tell you about a kratom strain and its known effects, I’m giving you a detailed account of my own experience with the strain in question, in addition to insight from other kratom users.

In this way I hope to make our readers feel more confident about their purchase when ordering any given kratom variant. Today we’ll be talking about the elusive and illustrious Horned Kratom Leaf, more specifically the green vein kratom form.

As many of you already know, Horned Kratom Leaf is a highly sought after version of kratom which is known for its signature shape and manifold benefits. What you may not know is that there are a fair number of places offering it despite its rarity.

Let’s jump into it!


Horned kratom leaves are so named for the odd, spiked shape of their kratom leaves. Carefully cultivated in the remote jungles of Borneo, it has been used as a folk medicine in Southeast Asia by those suffering from joint pain and muscle weakness.

Its long duration and lack of kratom hangover make it a must-have strain among serious kratomites. Those who have brewed Green Horn have reported improved mood, cognitive enhancement and a general sense of well-being. Although kratom is not approved for medicinal use by the FDA, users have insisted that it is a valuable Ayurvedic herb that benefits them in a number of areas.

Green Horn ranks high on any list of the best green strains with users giving it four out of five stars. As a matter of fact, it has even scored a top spot on our list of the best kratom strains.

Green Horn Kratom’s alkaloid profile features high concentrations of indole compounds which are believed to possess restorative properties. Unlike White Vein Horned Kratom or Red Horned Kratom, Green Horn is renowned for its nootropic traits.

Although scientific data is inconclusive at this time, one thing is undeniable: users have fallen in love with this delicate, distinct strain.

Those who are searching for something to stack with herbal boosters such as Citicoline, Huperzine A or Bacopa Monnieri would do well to consider Green Horn as part of their regimen. Biochemical analysis of Mitragyna speciosa (read: kratom) has shown that certain alkaloids present in this strain, such as mitragynine, can alter  one’s cognition.

It is important to note that kratom is offered strictly for research purposes only. No claims can be made about its purported benefits.

That being said, innumerable kratom users have attested to kratom’s innate herbal value and Green Horn has been heralded as a particularly powerful strain.


Just because Horned Kratom Leaf is rare doesn’t mean that it isn’t readily available from some of the top kratom vendors online. Here is a short list of some trusted vendors who intermittently or regularly stock Green Horn kratom powder:


The aforementioned kratom vendors offer regular deals and discounts to their return customers, but you can also find additional deals online. A verified 20% off PurKratom coupon code good for kratom capusules at checkout is available by clicking here.


Users on Reddit have said that Green Horn is “smooth and energetic.”

“I love it,” one user wrote. “Provides a nice mood lift and is very calming but motivating. You will enjoy it!”

Another user echoed these sentiments, saying, “Good bit of energy and mood boost,” adding that they only need to take between 2 and 2.5 grams to feel these effects.


I’ve long been a fan of Horned Kratom Leaf because I see it as being stronger than Maeng Da, the strain that is notorious for being the strongest. When I burn 3-5 grams of Green Horn, I get all of the intense bodily sensations I normally get from Green Maeng Da without the crash a few hours later.

For the purposes of this review, I’ve selected a batch of Green Horn from PurKratom. I should start by saying that I was pleasantly surprised by how finely ground the powder was. Normally, I find Horned Kratom leaf to be a bit “hairier” than other strains. By that, I mean that it generally clumps a bit more than its counterparts. I’m happy to report that PurKratom’s Horned Leaf powder didn’t do this.

I start out by tossing and washing 2.5 grams per the amount alluded to by the Reddit user I mentioned before. Sure enough, he or she was absolutely right. It didn’t take much of this potent powder to induce a subtle sense of calm and some really nice analgesia.

As a longtime sufferer from Fibromyalgia, I’m used to feeling pain in my kneecaps and general malaise as the days goes on, but after just fifteen minutes, my joint inflammation seemed to have cleared up and I was feeling very positive.

As a career botanical blogger, I’m used to two inevitable things: stiffness in my fingers and that mid-afternoon slump where I start struggling to focus on my work. After burning less than 3 grams of Green Horn, my hands felt loose and unencumbered by pain. More importantly, I recognized a discernible difference in my ability to concentrate on work and process research information.

As a strain that is both stimulating and relaxing, I found it to be notably free of the lethargy typical of other strains. I never really got drowsy throughout the day and I didn’t feel the need to take a power nap as is the norm for someone with Fibromyalgia. I even made a nice meal for me and my partner.


Anyone who is in the market for clean energy, cognitive enhancement and reliable mood improvement should definitely check out this seldom-seen but ever-impressive kratom strain. Before burning Green Horn, remember that it’s stronger than most and does not require a high dosage. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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