Lucky 8 Kratom Strain Review

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Recently, we’ve covered news of  legislation that could pass which would regulate or outright ban kratom use in the United States. Needless to say, such posts can get pretty heavy. So today we thought we’d take things in a more positive direction with a review of an exciting strain that has been getting a lot of word of mouth.

As most any kratom enthusiast knows, a kratom strain’s alkaloid profile is what makes it effective in specific areas. That is because each of kratom’s indole alkaloids possess different chemical properties. For instance, Ajmalicine is a muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant while Epicatechin is an antiviral anti-inflammatory.

Concentration percentages vary from strain to strain which is why someone might purchase a strain to relieve insomnia, only to be disappointed when the strain is more on the stimulating side.

In an effort to solve the problem of low concentrations, vendors have begun to employ methods by which they can ensure desirable alkaloid levels. This is why we’ve seen kratom extract surge in popularity due to its extreme volumes of these alkaloids. It’s also why many kratom companies are now offering proprietary blends.

USA Botanical’s Lucky 8 Blend is one such product, a carefully prepared and finely ground kratom powder with a medium brownish-green color, and a pleasant aroma and mouth feel.


Lucky 8 is a blend of no less than 8 unique strains, including green vein, red vein and white vein kratom. Each batch is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 1.6% Mitragynine, the analgesic alkaloid that is said to assist users in managing chronic pain and joint inflammation.

Mitragynine is also responsible for kratom’s antidiarrheal and antitussive effects, making it a quick and easy tonic for those with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or the common cough and cold.

Because of USA Botanical’s careful blend of all eight strains, one gets the best of all worlds, so to speak. Its well-balanced profile provides clean energy and enhanced concentration as well as relaxation and mild stimulation.


Lucky 8 Kratom is fairly cheap considering the industry standard on propriety blends. At $19.99, you’re getting 100 grams for what other vendors charge for 28-30 grams. Customers can also buy bulk kratom powder at an equally affordable price point.

A kilogram of Lucky 8 is just $89.99 and comes with a no-gimmick refund guarantee.


I’ve often said that there is nothing more important to look for in a kratom vendor than transparency. You want to know that you are dealing with someone who cares about their customers as well as the quality of their products. You also want to know that they’re not stiffing you on some second-rate kratom powder.

USA Botanical sources all of their kratom from Indonesia and lab test each batch here in the United States. Furthermore, they reject any product that tests below 1.7% alkaloid content.


USA Botanical provides a first-time customer discount code that’s good for 5% off your initial order, but they also offer other incentives to their regular customers. Those who add Lucky 8 to their cart automatically earn 900 points that are redeemable upon their next order.


Because Lucky 8 contains various kratom strains, there are significant concentrations of all alkaloids within it. These include the immunostimulants Isomitraphylline, Isopteropodine and Isorhynchophylline, the psychoactive analgesic 7-hydroxymitragynine, the dopamine-mediating Corynoxine, and the smooth muscle relaxers Paynantheine and Speciogynine.

With these alkaloids working in tandem with one another, likely effects may include mild stimulation, improved mood, sharpened focus, clean energy boost, moderate relaxation and euphoria.


I’ve been a fan of USA Botanical for awhile, having fallen in love with their Red Vein Elephant powder. They sell some of the softest, lightest powder I’ve ever come across and each batch has a welcome aroma and easy-to-stomach taste.

A lot of lesser vendors sell wholesale kratom that’s bitter and clumpy, but USA Botanical obviously take exception to that and do something about it. I recently ordered their Lucky 8 blend without even planning to review it. It was less a work project and more just plain old curiosity.

Lo and behold, I was thrilled by the long-lasting effects that I experienced and knew that I needed to share it with y’all. After burning 3.5 grams, I was almost immediately struck by a feeling of pep akin to pounding two energy drinks. Unlike energy drinks, however, this newfound zeal and energy boost was not accompanied by heart palpitations or jitters.

Within 20 minutes, this clean energy enhancement began to share the stage with what a little guy I like to call Mr. Imagination. My thoughts became clearer, metaphorical lightbulbs went off and I began picking up long-abandoned projects and completing them with a new sense of excitement and purpose.

After about an hour, I noticed that despite my fingers flying across the keyboard of my laptop, my shoulder muscles were actually really slack and the knee pain that has dogged me for most of my life had vanished.

These effects lasted for more than five hours before slowly subsiding, at which point I burned an additional 2 grams and began to feel a strong state of euphoria develop. Nothing too intense, just a sort of Zen quality to everything. Cares melted away and were replaced by positive thoughts of all the things that make me happiest.


While I wouldn’t recommend the Lucky 8 Kratom blend to a noob who isn’t accustomed to proper dosage and cycling, I would totally make this one a regular staff pick for serious kratomites. It’s reasonably priced and induces everything one could anticipate out a multi-faceted strain.

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