Green Dragon Kratom Review

November 27, 2018 Articles, Kratom Alkaloids, Kratom Research, Kratom Strains

Today we’re taking a look at a kratom strain that we’ve never really explored on here before. For whatever reason, Dragon kratom has long eluded us. With so many new kratom products being brought to market every day, some of the very best (and worst) kratom powders tend to get lost in the shuffle.

The Dragon family of kratom plants is one that deserves some attention and we’re happy to finally give it some. In the following review, we’ll talk all about Green Dragon’s purported benefits, where you can score top shelf Dragon powder and what the kratom community are saying about this signature strain.

Let’s jump into it!


Green Dragon Kratom describes any of three kratom vein colors that are known for the voluminous concentrations of mitraphylline and mitragynine in their raw kratom leaf. Mitraphylline is an oxindole derivative that is a major pentacyclic oxindolic alkaloid.

Mitraphylline has been used to treat arthritis, heart disease, cancer and other inflammatory conditions. Together with mitragynine, it serves as a powerful all-natural analgesic and is said to possess antiproliferative and cytotoxic effects.


Green Dragon Kratom has enjoyed a storied past in its native Southeast Asia; many have used it as a folk medicine in the region. Despite the FDA’s refusal to approve kratom for medicinal use, it has been implemented in medicinal treatments all across the globe.

Green Dragon Kratom gets its name from the mighty dragon, an Asian icon that is symbolic of spring and the renewal of the same. Harvested from mature plants in the Malaysian highlands, Green Dragon is rich in color and dense in minerals and antioxidants.

First grown by the hermetic farmers of the Danum Valley, Green Dragon has since been cultivated by a vast network of experienced peladang (the Malay word for ranchers) on coastal plantations.


The functions of Green Dragon are something to marvel at as it is a versatile strain that has been used to manage a range of ailments. As an anxiolytic agent, it is renowned for its strong anti-anxiety effects which many have said benefited them when they were having panic attacks or dealing with depression.

Additionally, Green Dragon is burned by those who are looking for a clean energy boost prior to a workout. The stimulating and nootropic qualities of Green Dragon make it a must-have strain among athletes and working professionals who need that extra focus and endurance.

Those with sleep disorders, such as insomnia or sleep paralysis have found that Green Dragon is especially effective at improving their sleep, helping them to relax and calming their nerves. Its potent blend of alkaloids includes many muscle-relaxing indole alkaloids that assist in this area.

Of the three Dragon kratom strains—Green, Red and White, respectively—Green Dragon is believed to be the very best as it possesses all of the traits of its sister strains without potentiating a case of the wobbles or jitters. Users have reported few incidents of nausea or other adverse effects when compared to Red Dragon.


I’ve gotta admit to being a tad biased here because I’ve always loved green vein kratom strains more than others. I find them to be longer lasting and more pronounced in the nootropic department. I frequently burn 4-6 grams of a green strain when I know my workload is gonna be heavy.

That being said, I went into my experience with Green Dragon like any old noob, not really knowing much in advance. I burned 5 grams on a empty stomach and saw pronounced effects within less than fifteen minutes. No joke!

The first thing I noticed was feeling light on my feet which is saying something when you consider that I’m 5’11 and 230 lbs. My knee pain which I’ve been living with for years cleared up straight away and I felt like someone had taken all my random, scattered thoughts and neatly organized them in a filing cabinet.

Within a half hour, I’d gotten more work done than I had in weeks and I felt extremely positive. I’m a natural worry wart who already dreads the start of a work day because I think I’m gonna screw something up without realizing it. On Green Dragon, I felt confident and capable of multitasking with ease.


The word of mouth has been significant for this strain with many members of the kratom community espousing it for its multi-faceted nature and optimal level of efficacy. This is particularly true of Gaia Ethnobotanical’s Green Dragon kratom powder.

One user published a post on Reddit in which he called it “the most energetic strain I’ve ever tried.” A number of users agreed with this person with one person writing, “I had 6gs of Green Dragon in the morning, gave me a good amount of energy alongside a great mood enhancing, and euphoric burn, had pretty long legs to me as well, with a smooth relaxing ending.”


This user gave Green Dragon’s level of euphoria an eight out of 10. This makes sense as many have discussed how much more euphoric it is than the white vein kratom strain.


Green Dragon is available in kratom powder and kratom capsule form. Select vendors offer it in kratom capsules, so if that’s what you want be sure to shop around. There a several online vendors selling Green Dragon, but for the sake of variety, here is a short list of the top vendors for Green Dragon Kratom.

  • Gaia Ethnobotanical
  • Kratomind
  • Valkyrie Botanicals

Each of these kratom vendors has been thoroughly vetted and have a reputation for honesty and transparency. Their prices are fair and their shipping methods are fast and discreet.


If it’s a productive and stress-free day that you’re after, Green Dragon may be the strain you’re looking for. Just be sure to burn responsibly as this one packs a wallop. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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