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Calling oneself the master of something is a pretty bold statement. When Samuel L. Jackson proclaims himself the “foot fuckin’ master” in Pulp Fiction, one is inclined to take his word for it. After all, he’s got his technique down and everything. He don’t be ticklin’ them shits or nothin’.

But if you call yourselves the masters of kratom, you better be prepared to face the wrath of the very astute and very zealous kratom community. If not then you’re fittin’ to put your foot in your mouth, and not in some sensuous way. We all have Reddit accounts and we have no qualms about outing people as a bunch of bollocks.

Enter KratomMasters, a US-based vendor with a janky-looking site that makes some equally hinky claims about their product. So what are these dudes all about and can they be trusted?

Let’s explore just who they are and what they’ve been up to.


KratomMasters is a relatively new kratom vendor…presumably. I say that because it’s tough to nail down just when they arrived on the scene. Their homepage carries a copyright logo, but their copyright bears no year, which makes it hard to pin down when they were founded.

All outward signs point to their being established in 2018, making them the news kids on the block. And while it is always tempting to throw rocks at the new kid, we’d like to give them an opportunity to win us over.

With that in mind, we’ve carefully researched their website, their product line and their reputation in the space.

Unfortunately there is a relative scarcity of information available about this company. They are not registered with the Better Business Bureau, they lack a presence on social media and they do not disclose anything useful about their own operations.

The About Us portion of their site is a single paragraph about how they want to provide the best information on Kratom, but even this is vague AF. Where their own kratom products are concerned there is little to no useful info; they do not tell customers where they source their kratom powders from nor do they say whether their products have been lab-tested to ensure purity.

This isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world, but when you combine it with the health benefits they allege to be associated with their kratom powder, you get a sticky wicket indeed. For instance, under each of their kratom powders they include a list of effects, one of which is supposedly “anti-addicting.”

In this section of their product pages, they claim that kratom can be used as an “anti-addicting agent” to kick opium use and for “treating addicts.” This is something that raises a lot of red flags since the FDA has specifically not approved kratom for medicinal use and have warned the public against using kratom for these purposes.


Not a lot. KratomMasters sell three products—Bali kratom, Maeng Da kratom and Kratom capsules, respectively. This has gotta be the most diminutive product line I’ve ever come across and I’ve visited a lot of threadbare kratom stores in the last few years.

I’ve often poked fun at sites that are all about flashy designs and in-your-face graphics that obscure the more important things that a customer should be considering. But I’ve also offered an equal amount of scorn for sites that cannot be bothered to put in the work on an easily-navigated page.

Of all the minimalist online stores I’ve seen, KratomMasters’ has gotta be the one that stands out the most as woefully underdeveloped. There are no links to kratom guides, no links to kratom studies and absolutely nothing to recommend their brand.

This vendor’s lackluster product line doesn’t even carry a satisfaction guarantee or any details about the process by which it was cultivated.


This is where things get truly bizarre! When you visit one of their kratom products and you go to place an order, there is a button which reads Show Best Price. Instead of bringing you to a list of KratomMasters’ kratom powder sizes, it redirects you to Coastline Kratom, a reputable vendor which we’ve reviewed here.

What this tells me is that KratomMasters is clearly buying their product from Coastline Kratom and marketing it as their own. The only other explanation is that they are making their money as affiliates.

There is nothing wrong with this; anybody who works in the kratom industry will tell you that to survive you must forge bonds with others in the space, but to build an entire site solely for this purpose is more than a little strange.


Nobody’s saying Jack and for obvious reasons. It would appear that, for all intent and purposes, KratomMasters don’t exist. Not as a tangible kratom distributor anyway.


KratomMasters are not worthy of their moniker and customers would do well to stay away from them. If it’s quality kratom powder that you’re looking for, why not buy directly from Coastline Kratom? Not only will you get a wider variety of kratom powders, but you’ll cut out the middle man.

Check ’em out right here. Happy Kbombings, boys and girls! ; )

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