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New kratom websites are popping up everyday which can make it tough to determine whether you’re dealing with experienced and competent professionals or fly-by-night kratom vendors. Earlier this year Left Coast Kratom was launched to little fanfare.

So what is Left Coast Kratom and are they a trusted kratom provider? In order to answer that, we’ve taken a close look at their website, their product line and their personal information in order to give you a better idea about ordering from them.


Left Coast Kratom is an Oregon-based kratom vendor whose online store was established in 2018. According to their Twitter account, they are based out of Portland, but when you Google “Left Coast Kratom is located in” the popular search engine brings up the name and address of Soul Speciosa, the famous Wilshire Blvd kratom company that has been a favorite in the kratom community for years.

This information appears to suggest an association between the two kratom vendors, pointing to the possibility of Left Coast Kratom serving as Soul Speciosa’s new online store or wholesaler.


This vendor has a wide range of products for kratom enthusiasts of all stripes. In addition to standard brand kratom strains like Maeng Da and Red Borneo, they offer exotic kratom powders such as White Sumatra and Red Kali.

There are 15 kratom powders to choose from and most of them come in capsule form as well. They also stock a variety of kratom extracts including UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indo), Gold Elephant, FST (Full Spectrum Kratom Extract), Left Coast Gold and Private Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract.

They also stock handy accessories, such as The Capsule Machine which enables users to make DIY kratom capsules at home.


Like Soul Speciosa before them, Left Coast Kratom gives their customers reasonable prices on virtually all of their kratom products. Their kratom powders sell for between $9.55 and $9.99 per 28 grams which is fairly low in terms of the industry standard but not so low as to arouse suspicion.

Their kratom extacts start at just $12.95 which is insanely low for extracts or kratom tinctures. I sampled their 50x kratom extract and couldn’t have been happier with it. For $29.99, I’d definitely say I got my money’s worth.


This is the only area which really gives me pause. Left Coast Kratom has yet to develop any sort of strong social media presence. They have not been reviewed on popular platforms like Reddit or I Love Kratom despite a push on Twitter where they recently announced 50% off December Deals and Loyalty Rewards.


A Left Coast Kratom coupon code is regularly posted to sites like KratomCoupons.com. This vendor also delivers deep discounts on many of their products.


This vendor offers excellent discounts and a money back guarantee, two things that all customers should expect out of a trusted kratom store. They also provide live customer support on their site which ensures that you will always get answers to your questions or concerns in a timely manner.

For those with online cachet, their affiliate program enables customers to earn commissions by referring people to their online store.

Their weekly newsletter keeps return customers informed about upcoming deals and product launches as well as info about kratom legislation and more.

On the downside, they haven’t been in the space long enough to be considered a time-tested entity, but if we go on the evidence of my first order I’d say their product is worth a purchase.


If you’re on the hunt for a new kratom vendor and you’re looking to try something different for a change, Left Coast Kratom is a viable option. But order with caution and always do your own independent research before patronizing an online kratom store. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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