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Some kratom vendors are here today and gone tomorrow; they materialize and then vanish in the blink of an eye. A lot of this owes to poor business management on the part of the vendors, but the majority of such cases are the consequence of poor customer service and a bad reputation on social media.

One company that has been around for awhile now is Kratom Eye, a kratom vendor that has landed on many top kratom vendor lists. Having cemented a reputation in and around 2014, this vendor has been praised for many aspects of their operation.

Today we’ll take a gander at just what makes Kratom Eye special and where they may be lacking. As I’ve been doing in most of our current reviews, I will personally sample their kratom powder so as to give a well-rounded and honest account of what they have to offer.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of Kratom Eye and its products.


This Florida-based vendor operates out of Fort Lauderdale where they have have earned a reputation as the city’s premier aromatherapy service. Since 2015 they have been steadily racking up likes and followers on their social accounts and receiving positive feedback from satisfied return customers.

Their business model is simple: Deliver quality wild-harvested, lab-tested kratom powder to the public with same-day shipping for expediency. Implementing a thorough vetting process by which they safeguard orders against potential fraud, Kratom Eye promises that their customers will receive their products safely and securely.


This is just one area in which Kratom Eye excels; they provide customers with a full product line that’s bursting with interesting homemade items like kratom soap and kratom alternatives. Their kratom powder lineup include deep reds, greens and yellows, white vein kratom and hybrids.

Kratom Eye also offers in-house exclusives, such as Green Pangaea, Red Maeng Da, Great White and Red Sumatra. Their Hocus Focus Super White Vein Blend is one of the most affordable options on the menu and one that is more nootropic than just about any other kratom strain I’ve burned.

For noobs this vendor is ideal as they offer a range of sample packs to give you an idea of what they have in store for you.


Many in the kratom community have balked at their prices, calling them quite steep, but IMO this is a mid-level vendor in terms of cost. They are certainly not the cheapest vendor around, but they are far from the most expensive.

Unless you are buying bulk kratom powders in kilos, a 28 gram package of kratom powder is only $6.25 which is below the standard rate of $20 per 28 grams.


This vendor’s shipping methods and customer support are among the best in the business. They offer free same-day Priority shipping on all orders over $49 and their customer service staff are available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Customers can email them at or fill out a short form on their site if they have any questions or grievances. This vendor typically responds within the hour.


Their online store features regular deep discounts on a multitude of kratom products as well as daily promotions such as 10% off and a free sample on qualifying orders. It is also easy to find a kratom eye coupon code online.

You can find verified coupon codes for up to 15% off here.


Users have had lots of good things to say about this vendor with one user calling their shipping time above average and their quality superior. This same user said, “I have ordered from fresh-kratom, HS, Coastal and Mmm and I think that Kratom Eye is the best quality I have tried so far.”

Another person posted to Reddit saying “I actually order all the time from them. Their customer service has always been great. I’ve tried alot of Kratom from alot of various vendors, and I always find myself coming back to their Euphoric Meang Da.”


For the purposes of this review, I purchased their 30-gram sample pack. I found immense satisfaction with their house blends and would definitely say that their deep red kratom is next level. Their Big Red is a real treat that exhibits all of the qualities one would expect from a red vein kratom strain (impressive alkaloid profile, explosive taste, pleasant amount of stimulation) with an incredible degree of euphoria.

I wasn’t thrilled with their white vein kratom powder, but I’ve never been beholden to whites anyway. All in all, I’d say that my experience was almost entirely positive. I couldn’t be happier with how fast I received my shipment, how discreet the packaging was and how secure the kratom powder was.

It’s always a good idea to test a vendor’s customer service, so I made it a point to reach out to them about my package before it arrived. They answered my inquiry within minutes in a gracious manner, providing me with up-to-date tracking information and knowledgeable information about the strains included in my sample.


This vendor has a strong reputation and even stronger kratom strains. Their proprietary blends are well worth checking out and their dedicated team are a delight to deal with. Kratom Eye is definitely one online kratom store worthy of your business.

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