Blissful Remedies Review: Is Their Kratom Safe?

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In the immediate aftermath of the Salmonella outbreak earlier this year, the FDA requested that kratom vendors recall products suspected of contamination. Most companies agreed to this voluntary recall without hesitation, but at least one known entity—the Las Vegas-based Triangle Pharmaceuticals—refused repeated requests which led to an unprecedented mandatory recall.

This kratom vendor’s willful insolence in the face of a national health risk left a bad taste in many people’s mouths and the vibrations of that tension can still be felt today. It has been roughly eight months since the incident, but kratom enthusiasts are still way about who they should feel comfortable purchasing from.

One vendor that gives some users pause is Blissful Remedies, a company whose kratom powder was subject to the initial voluntary recall. This vendor voluntarily submitted their kratom products for examination and they tested positive for Salmonella.

According to a company announcement, World Organix, LLC issued a voluntary recall on Blissful Remedies’ Red Maeng Da 100% Mitragyna Speciosa, Red Maeng Da Liquid Kratom and their 4-hour Chill Slow Motion Blend due to high microbial loads.

Now, almost a year later, people want to know if Blissful Remedies is legit, and whether or not their products are secure and unadulterated. We have your answers right here…


Blissful Remedies is owned by parent company World Organix, LLC, a Nevada-based enterpise specializing in natural supplements and botanicals. As a premium wholesaler, they specialize in 100% organic products including kratom powder, liquid kratom extract and CBD oil.

This vendor was established way back in 2010 before most trusted vendors even got their start and, as their About Us page makes clear, they have learned much along the way. As a wholesaler they do not sell to the general public, rather they supply a number of US-based kratom vendors with bulk kratom powder and extracts.

If, after reading this, you decide to try Blissful Remedies’ products, be sure to ask your go-to online vendor or local kratom smoke shop about ordering some of their items. Or you can visit their Find A Store page which boasts an impressive number of locations.


This is where things get interesting, especially if you are a smoke shop or head shop that is eager to expand your inventory. Blissful Remedies’ online store is immense! We’re talkin’ no fewer than 90 “feel good, be happy” products including Akuamma capsules, Liquid Blue Lotus, Hemp CBD Gumdrops, Kratom + CBD powder, Organic Bali Kratom capsules, Full Spectrum Kratom powder and Enhanced Bali Kratom Hybrid.


As with most wholesalers, prices are not disclosed publicly so as to avoid upset if customers see what any given vendor charges consumers. One can expect to pay less for bulk kratom orders which should leave wiggle room for fair mark-up.


Shipping prices are negotiated between wholesaler and vendor upon vendor registration. To inquire about prices and shipping methods, vendors can contact Blissful Remedies at 1-800-435-8533.


No kratom coupon code is available as this is a private wholesaler, but deals can be negotiated between wholesaler and retailer. Many smoke shops offer discounts on Blissful Remedies products.


And now for the big reveal! Is this vendor safe?


A third-party lab testing process is employed to ensure that their kratom powders and kratom extracts are free of heavy metals and other contaminants.


Although they are not open to the general public, Blissful Remedies is most certainly on the up and up. Their powders have been lab-tested and their vast array of kratom capsules and kratom extracts are wildly popular all across America.

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