The Best Places to Buy Kratom Locally in Denver

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Colorado has long been a progressive and forward-thinking place, and nowhere is this more true than in the city of Denver. The Mile High City has been named the number one best city to live in by none other than U.S. News & World Report.

It’s clear to see why; the denizens of Denver believe in old school libertarian autonomy. Its law-abiding citizens are afforded an unprecedented amount of privacy and respect by local authorities who understand Americans’ right to fundamental freedom.

Those who live on the outskirts of Convention City own parcels of private land on which they are free to do as they please within the bounds of the law and personal understanding. One should recall that Colorado was the first state to legalize marijuana and the same good-natured attitude also applies to the Mitragyna speciosa or kratom plant.

So where can you snag yourself some premo kratom powder in Denver?

Fear not, brother! There ain’t no shortage of hot spots here. In fact, there are more than 20 proprietors offering kratom products in the greater Denver area alone, to say nothing of the small towns that surround it.

Local shops are but one method by which to score quality kratom in Colorago. Let’s have a look at all of ’em, shall we?


Purchasing kratom is a breeze if you’re living in Mile High City. Don’t be surprised to find some tavern owners who stock it right there at the bar. As kratom has grown in popularity, the Western world has taken note and so, too, have the proprietors of local haunts.

There are other ways of getting your hands on kratom products as well, including Google Maps and Kratom Maps, two handy platforms on which you can seek out local kratom shops and set the parameters of your search.

If you own an iPhone, just bring up Google Maps and type in “kratom near me,” or visit Kratom Maps and select search parameters. On Kratom Maps, you can choose between places within a one mile radius or a 300 mile radius.

If you’re in a hurry and you can’t stand to wait, there are always smoke shops and head shops. Some of the best kratom shops in Denver include the following:

  • Kratom by Mile High Botanicals
  • Headed West
  • Heads of State
  • Kratom King Colorado
  • SMASH Glass AND Vapes, CBD KRATOM Hookah Store

Billed as a Chinese medicine store, Kratom by Mile High Botanicals has been called the best place to get the best quality kratom in the state. One user said that they drive 2.5 to 3 hours to frequent the store.

Additional reviews have called their product and services “top notch.” Their official website lists no less than 38 unique kratom strains with everything from Red Bentuangie and Elite Elephant to Green Hulu Kapuas and White Ketapang.

Located on S Colorado Blvd in the heart of Denver, Headed West is a fully-stocked tobacco and vaping shop with all the fixins! Featuring monthly sales and an outstanding product line, they have garnered a solid reputation among local shoppers. They’ve also got some sick ass apparel that will give kratomites the swag to go with their stimulation.

As the name would suggest, Heads of State is a head shop and a particularly colorful one at that. Founded in 1979, the shop features a trippy décor that compliments their heady line of hand-blown glass and other paraphernalia. They’ve got all your burning, vaping and dabbing essentials in addition to grinders, apparel and more.

Kratom King Colorado stands by its bold name by stocking a plethora of five-star kratom products. As one reviewer put it, they are “one of the best Places to get that clean Botanical Kratom. Cool workers too.”

SMASH Glass & Vapes is located approximately 8.5 miles away from the greater Denver area, but the hike just may be worth it. Not only do they have a vast array of products and a strong social media presence but SMASH is even offering awesome holiday bundles of multiple products.


I mentioned earlier that it isn’t completely out of the ordinary to find kratom at a local tavern. This is especially true of the city’s millennial-friendly kava bars. Hipster haunts like Mad Hatter’s Ethnobotanical Tea Bar almost always have kratom tea available in their hookah lounge.

Caveat emptor: Prices tend to be pretty steep for kratom products, but you get what you pay for, am I right? Other relevant examples include Kavasutra Kava Bar.


In November of 2017, Denver Environmental Health issued a human consumption ban on kratom following a public health advisory warning. For this reason, the sale or service of kratom for human consumption is currently verboten in the city.

However, it is legal to possess kratom in the state of Colorado and there are no laws restricting kratom as a form of aromatherapy. As in all other parts of the United States, kratom has not been approved for medicinal use.


I always recommend that people shy away from smoke shops and head shops when possible because you don’t always know what you are purchasing. Smoke shops are notorious for selling unmarked bags and bulk kratom powder without providing customers with details about where it was sourced from or how much kratom should be burned at a time.

If you can practice some patience, it is definitely a good idea to place an order with a trusted online kratom vendor. Expected same-day shipping is typically an option at checkout and the top vendors provide detailed information about their kratom products.

Here is a short list of the best kratom vendors online:

  • PurKratom
  • Kats Botanicals
  • Coastline Kratom
  • Kraken Kratom
  • Original Harvest Kratom

Each of these vendors has been thoroughly vetted and are widely considered reputable sources for quality kratom powder and kratom capsules. Most, if not all, offer money back guarantees or 30-day refunds. Search online for a kratom coupon code good for a discount at checkout.


If you’re a resident of Denver who wants to purchase premium kratom powder at a reasonable price, these are some of your very best options. Happy Kbombing, kids! ; )

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