MIT 45 vs OPMS Kratom Extract Comparison

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Earlier this month, we ripped the curtain back on MIT 45 so that y’all would have a comprehensive understanding of what it is and whether it’s worth your time. But lately there’s been much debate among the kratom community as to how MIT 45 differs from other kratom extracts and if it is, indeed, better than liquid kratom extract.

After polling my friends and co-workers and comparing them for myself, the results are in and I trust you’re gonna want to hear ’em. Let’s have a look!


Like we said in our post on the 20th of December, MIT 45 is a proprietary 50x kratom extract made from Maeng Da kratom powder. Most of you are probably well aware of Maeng Da’s status as “pimp kratom,” arguably the most powerful kratom strain on the market.

MIT 45 kicks that power up a notch with its full spectrum tincture that has earned the nickname “rocket fuel.” An unflavored ultra-potent extract, MIT 45 distinguishes itself from other wholesale kratom extracts in that each tincture carries detailed information on its label.

The name MIT 45 is derived from the fact that it contains an impressive 45% of mitragynine, the indole alkaloid believed to be responsible for kratom’s natural analgesia.


MIT 45 has only been on the market for less than a year and in that extremely short amount of time, it has garnered a ton of attention and praise, both from the public and professional kratom reviewers. The buzz on platforms such as Drugs Forum, Reddit and other social media sites is electric.

Much of this prevalence in popularity owes to MIT 45’s wide array of purported effects. These include euphoria, anxiety relief, energy enhancement, improved mood, increased lucidity, mild stimulation, substantial analgesia and an overall sense of well-being.


O.P.M.S. Gold has long been considered the leading brand of kratom extract capsules, but it has also caused quite a bit of consternation among seasoned kratom users who recognize its inherent flaws. Many have pointed to OPMS as being a “bunk product” that isn’t nearly as strong as it’s made out to be.

OPMS produces a liquid kratom extract of Maeng Da that is made widely available to smoke shops and head shops across the US and beyond. But ubiquity isn’t everything as most experiences kratomites will tell you, transparency is more important than convenience.

The problem with OPMS kratom extract is that the company behind it keeps their extraction process top secret, leaving the public to scratch their heads and wonder what exactly is in their extract and how it is prepared.

Because of this lack of transparency, consumers are unsure as to whether or not this kratom has been lab tested for purity. As such, there is the very real threat of taking an adulterated form of kratom powder.


For starters, there is a big difference in price here—OPMS is regularly sold for upwards of $20 per 8 ml bottle of liquid kratom. By contrast, Unique Novelty has a 15 ml tincture of MIT 45 for just $17. Those are two drastically different amounts for a similar price point.

So how does MIT 45 stack up against the more established OPMS brand?

The odds are definitely in its favor; the folks who have reviewed this one, either on blogs, kratom websites or YouTube channels have been all smiles as they share their experiences. This is hardly shocking given that MIT 45 is a 50x kratom extract whereas OPMS does not disclose the leaf to extraction ratio.

As we talked about in our kratom extract comparison, the 50x or 50:1 ratio the ‘X’ represents how many grams of kratom leaf were used to yield just one gram of kratom extract. This is the key to why MIT 45 is so strong as such voluminous extraction leads to massive concentrations of each kratom alkaloid (mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, corynoxine, paynanteidine, mitraphylline, et al.).


Over on Reddit, one person made the distinction between these two products quite clear. In response to a post soliciting advice on which kratom extract is the strongest, a user by the handle alastor_abaddon wrote, “I’ve been on OPMS liquid for a few months. One to four bottles a day. I just tried mit 45. I will never buy OPMS again. MIT 45 is the best I’ve had. It’s line my very first experience all over again. Can’t recommend it enough!”

In one YouTube review, the host of the channel turned to MIT 45 after tiring of his usual kratom toss n’ wash. Of the experience, he said that MIT 45 made him feel “really nice and much lighter than with kratom [powder].” He added that he felt amazing, really relaxed and really balanced.

“I don’t have a kratom buzz by any means, and I don’t have like a lot of energy…but I’m chill. I feel really laid back. I will definitely use this again. It’s pretty good, but it’s pretty small.”

He goes on to note the only possible drawback of MIT 45 which is its “horrible” taste.

“If you think kratom tastes bad, this is like kratom times 20…it feels like cough medicine going down, it burns your chest. It’s pretty gnarly. But for the way I felt, you should definitely try this.”


Regardless of the foul taste, everyone I know who’s tried it agrees with me that MIT 45 is far superior to OPMS in every way. If you’re on the fence, maybe consider picking up a bottle of each and giving ’em a go for yourself. Like we’ve said all too many times before, everyone is different and no two people will have the exact same experience on kratom products. But if you ask me, the good money’s on MIT 45 for sure. Happy Kbombing, boys and girls! ; )

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