Crushed Leaf Kratom: What is It?

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For the discerning M speciosa enthusiast, crushed leaf kratom represents the perfect form of kratom for social circles. If you’re having your mates round for an afternoon of cricket and amber nectar, crushed leaf is a brilliant night cap.

This Indonesian treat is an ace digestif that doubles as a lovely weekend brew for a leisurely morning. But how does it compare to the traditional kratom powder? There are some recognizable differences that will hit you at once.

Here’s everything you need to know about crushed leaf kratom and its finely ground counterpart.


When the leaves of a mature kratom plant are ground into powder, disparate elements of the plant are broken down into the mix. Crushed leaf differs from traditional kratom powder in that the crushing, rather than the grinding, results in a divergent alkaloid profile.

In this way, crushed leaf possesses properties that are absent or, in the very least, muted in most kratom powders. Select studies have pointed to crushed leaf being more robust than kratom powder.

This strapping potion makes for the ideal kratom tea which is enjoyed by thousands of kratom drinkers the world over. For those who relish in the rich history of kratom as an Ayurvedic herb, brewing kratom tea is considered an ancient rite.

The natives of Southeast Asia have been crushing and brewing kratom tea for centuries, using it as a natural tonic to relieve any number of ailments and disorders. Although the FDA has not approved kratom for medicinal use here in the US, it remains legal in many states and users attest to its efficacy in a multitude of areas.


Crushed leaf is widely considered to be the most stimulating of all forms of kratom, making for the perfect morning pick-me-up (minus the jitters commonly associated with coffee and energy drinks). Paradoxically, it is also able to deliver significant sedation when burned at certain levels.

As a full spectrum kratom variant, crushed leaf offers a soothing pick up and a clean come down. What’s more, kratom in tea form virtually eliminates the potential of nausea, producing a more rapid euphoric effect.

Because the crushed leaf has time to break down in hot water, kratom tea gives the user a pleasant and aromatic drinking experience that is opposed to the oft-times sickening experience of taking spoonfuls of powder on one’s tongue. It goes down easier and stays down without any vomiting or indigestion.


Although some in the kratom community have claimed that micronized kratom (read: kratom powder) possesses more surface area and, therefore, more of a good feeling, those who have tried crushed leaf can confirm its superior potency and enjoyable mouth feel. Throughout the ages, kratom tea has been a mainstay in countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

In more recent years, kratom powder has become popular in the Western world, but there is no denying that crushed leaf is the optimal choice when making a kratom drink.

Its effects come on faster and laster longer than the average kratom powder. Since crushed leaf can be prepared from any kratom strain of your choosing, you will likely get all of the purported benefits of that kratom strain without the negative drawbacks associated with kratom powder.

Since many in the kratom community mix a spoonful of vinegar in with crushed leaf while steeping their tea, kratom’s alkaloids are more easily absorbed. Consequently, crushed leaf kratom tea contains higher concentrations of these chemical constituents.

Not only is crushed leaf usually more powerful than kratom powder, it is also more affordable. For example, Kats Botanicals sells an incredible 125 grams for just $15.49. Compare that to the average $20-25 for 28 grams of kratom powder and it becomes apparent that crushed leaf is the frugal kratomite’s dream come true.


In an enthusiastic Reddit post entitled “In Support of Crushed Leaf,” u/JainKratom writes, “Daily kratom user, coming up on two years using for anxiety reduction, ADHD alleviation and enjoyment enhancing.

“I just recently made the jump from kratom powder, usually in juice, to crushed leaf. Part of this was the realization that I would actually save money by not spending it on juice as a mixer even though I have to use twice the amount of kratom. Using twice the crushed leaf to powder might not be the same for everyone, but that’s how it works for me.

“After two years of use, I developed a sensory aversion to kratom powder, it’s smell made me sick to my stomach and the taste started to make me gag. With tea, I actually enjoy the taste. I boil my crushed leaf for 15 minutes with some added lime juice, tastes great and it’s cheap.”

u/JainKratom ends their post by encouraging all users to give tea a try as a “much more distinguished and noble way of consuming kratom.”

And they’re not the only one; elsewhere people have talked about a variety of relaxing crushed leaf strains. A number of vendors have been discussed, such as Canopy and PA Botanicals.


Experts in the space have suggested that is appropriate to take about 50 grams of crushed leaf and place them in a pan. Once they’re in the pan, you add one liter of water and place it on the stove. Bring the mix to a boil for 15 to 20 minutes and then use a ladle to transfer the mixture to a tea cup or coffee mug.

This concoction depends largely on one’s tolerance—noobs can make a mild tea by using 10 grams of crushed leaf while most will want to use a minimum of 20-25 grams for moderate effects. It is imperative that you allow time for the extraction of kratom’s indole alkaloids.

Add a teaspoon of vinegar for the best results. Add a touch of lemon juice or a teaspoon of honey to taste.


There are innumerable sources for crushed leaf, but the following represent the very cream of the kratom marketplace.

  • Kats Botanicals
  • Authentic Kratom
  • Kraken Kratom
  • PA Botanicals

The above examples represent the top kratom vendors for crushed leaf online. Each has been thoroughly vetted and found to be trustworthy sources for quality kratom products.


By following this guide to crushed leaf, you should be able to experience a stimulating, euphoric experience that cannot be bested by any other botanical. Be sure to conduct your own independent research before ordering from an online vendor. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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