A Review of Kratom Country: Should You Buy From Them

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With new kratom websites popping up on the daily, it’s hard to keep track of who’s who and what’s what. Luckily for you, there are idiots like me who are willing to put anything in their body if the price is right. ; )

Today we’ll be reviewing Kratom Country, a vendor that’s been around longer than you might think. Whether you’ve ever heard of them probably depends on the forums and sub-reddits you visit.

The number one question we try to answer on this blog is a simple and straightforward one—is this vendor legit?

After researching the origins of this company, their product line and policies, we are confident we have the answer. And I think you’ll agree that this is one kratom vendor who knows what’s up. Let’s jump into it!


Established in 2014, Kratom Country is a US-based kratom company with a firm footing in the current marketplace. Unlike many of their competitors, Kratom Country is interested in distributing one product and one product only—quality mitragyna speciosa (kratom) powder.

The first think I look for when vetting a kratom vendor is any potential red flags. With Kratom Country, the only red flag I found on their site was the lack of information about their location. On their About Us page, they cheekily state that they are located in “K Country.”

This may seem cute, but the seasoned kratom user values transparency above all else. You want to know who you’re dealing with and where their shipments are coming from. Fortunately, this lack of disclosure does not extend to information about their product.

Kratom Country sources their kratom powder from Papua New Guinea, India and Indonesia.


As I mentioned above, Kratom Country stocks one thing and one thing only—kratom. Their product line includes a wide range of kratom strains from mainstays like Premium Bali and Maeng Da to Kali, Vietnam, Green Malay and Indo.

This includes Vietnam Kratom Capsules, Ultra Blend Bali Kratom Capsules, Thai Crushed Leaf and Kali Maeng Da Kratom Capsules.


As we talked about in yesterday’s post, crushed leaf kratom is typically stronger than traditional kratom powder and Kratom Country’s crushed leaf is no exception. Their Thai Crushed Leaf is a real whopper and at just $11.97 for 28 grams, it’s more affordable than your standard brand kratom powder.

In fact, all of Kratom Country’s price points are fairly reasonable…as long as you’re not trying to buy bulk kratom powder. Their kilos are ridiculously expensive compared to their competitors, but ounces are affordable and effective.

Their kratom powders start at $13.97 and cap off at $20.97 for their Premium Vietnam. Their sample packs are equally cheap with three ounces selling for $49.97.


This vendor regularly offers in-house discounts, such as 10% savings on sample packs, free shipping and a Kratom Country coupon code good for an additional 10% off your total purchase. A holiday coupon code is currently available on their homepage.


Like the top kratom vendors in the current marketplace, Kratom Country offers free USPS shipping as well as FedEx shipping options. Alas, free shipping will take 4-6 business days, so if you’re looking to get your order expedited it’s gonna cost ya.

On the plus side, this vendor make it easy and convenient to get in touch with them about your order. They provide an email address, a 1-800 number, an on-site contact form and updated tracking info. Their customer service staff are prompt and polite, happily answering any questions or concerns you may have.

In my personal experience, I was shocked by how fast I received my purchases. After placing an order on a Tuesday and selecting FedEx Ground, I got my package on Thursday of the same week. Their packaging was secure and discreet.


Payment methods are becoming a big issue for many in the kratom community. Since a lot of sites no longer accept major credit cards, it becomes necessary to find vendors who will accept alternate means of remuneration, such as e-checks or privacy coins.

Kratom Country gladly accepts e-checks, money orders or cashier’s checks. Unfortunately, they do not accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Monero, Venmo or ZCash. With any luck, this will change in the near future, but I urge you to inquire about alt-coins when contacting them.


Opinions about this vendor have varied among consumers; one member on Reddit lamented the fact that they only supply in small amounts. They write, “The maximum being 8 oz at roughly 70 dollars. If you do the math on that its about 240 dollars for a kilo which is outrageous. I would suggest shopping around more.”

However, another user argued, “That’s less than 10 dollars for an oz, which is very cheap compared to other vendors.”

In a post concerning Mmm Speciosa and Kratom Country, another user said, “I dunno if anybody here has used Kratom Country, but their prices are little higher~but free shipping! I recently bought their Bali Crushed leaf and I’ve found the quality is equal if not better than MS.”

Another user agreed, saying “I haven’t used any Kratom in months, but before I stopped, I had an order from Kratom Country (Bali) and found it to be on par or better than any other place I’ve ever ordered from.”


As I mentioned earlier, I got my package quickly and discreetly, and I had an overall positive experience with this vendor. Their packaging was secure, their powder was finely ground and as aromatic as I would have expected.

The color of their Kali Maeng Da kratom powder was a bit paler than I’m used to, but the effects were as pronounced as I could have anticipated. This horned kratom leaf powder offered mild stimulation and hours of clean energy.

For those of us who have grown a tad immune to the powerful effects of MD strains, this one sinks in and endures. After four plus hours, I still felt more alert and attentive than I had in days.


For the casual user who is looking to purchase meager amounts of kratom powder or crushed leaf, this vendor is as good a source as any. If it’s kilos you’re after, you may want to look for wholesale vendor who sells in bulk. All things considered, this vendor is worth checking out.

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