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There are so many vendors to choose from and they weren’t all created equal. For instance, some offer 30-day money back guarantees while others pick and choose which customers are eligible for refunds. Some vendors offer free samplers so that customers can check out their kratom powders and decide whether they like a certain strain before purchasing.

Many shady fly-by-night kratom vendors slap up fancy designs on their websites to lure customers into buying bunk product while others only offer bulk kratom powder, preferring to reel in the big fish exclusively.

Because of the dichotomy and confusion that exists in the current kratom marketplace, we’ve made it our mission to suss out the bogus companies and hoist the great ones up. We hope that our kratom vendor reviews will help educate the public about the trustworthy ma and pa operations that deserve your business…we also hope to protect you from falling for scammers.

Today we’re reviewing Botanical Kratom, a company that has just begun to garner social media attention and make a name for themselves in the space. Through thorough research and personal sampling of their product line, we aim to give you a comprehensive overview of this vendor and their kratom.

Let’s roll!


Botanical Kratom is a Canadian kratom vendor that has built a solid reputation through dedicated customer service and a strong social media presence. With nearly 2,000 likes on Facebook alone, this relatively new company has established themselves as the number one source for kratom in the region.

O Canada! They’ve given us so much to be thankful for, whether it’s the surrealist anarcho-comedy of The Kids in the Hall or Dan Aykroyd’s webbed feet. Now we can add kratom to the long list of wondrous curios Canada has to offer. That’s right, you can have your Bryan Adams and burn some Bali too.


The better question is, “What don’t they have to offer?” I’m always amazed when I see a new vendor (Botanical Kratom was founded in 2016) that is able to stock a wide assortment of kratom strains. It seems like something that would be hard to do given the budget most start-ups have to work with.

This vendor has managed to do just that, stocking no less than 24 green vein kratom products, 11 white vein kratom strains and 14 purchasing options for their organic Maeng Da kratom.

Unfortunately this variety comes with a downside—Botanical Kratom is strictly for customers who want to buy in bulk. The smallest amount of kratom powder is 38 grams while the majority of their purchasing options start at 68 grams.

Most of their kratom powders are packaged at 178 grams, making them a viable option for the seasoned kratom user who wants to buy bulk kratom powder, but this is no place for the noob who’s just looking to sample some of their wares.


This vendor’s prices are a bit high but certainly not cost-prohibitive; if you’re ordering small, you can get 50 Maeng Da kratom capsules for $49.99 or 38 grams of kratom powder for $39.99. Larger parcels sell for between $49.99 and $129.99.

That being said, some of their very best kratom products are fairly affordable, even in bulk. Their exotic Horned Leaf Red Vein Powder is available for pre-order at $119.99 for an impressive 346 grams. That’s pretty damn good by industry standards, but no information is provided as to how long it will take for this product to become available.


Botanical Kratom has earned solid street rep thanks to their vast array of kratom strains and their competitive pricing on mass units. Several reviews on YouTube have praised their kratom powders.

Some users have pointed out that their packaging alone is worth the price of admission. Many customers have received their kratom powder in small, air-tight tins wrapped in tiny cardboard boxes for added security and discretion.

In a Reddit post concerning the high price of this vendor’s products, one user jumped in to explain why they are more expensive, writing, “So I’m a bit late to the party here but the reason you a bit more from them is because of the quality control. They have facilities that are lab quality pretty much. Not to mention their product is so consistent.

“When they get a batch they test it for alkaloid content and if it doesn’t meet their standards then they don’t sell that Kratom. They also always get the freshest Kratom because they buy in large quantities.”

Another user was quick to add, “I have been a Kratom user for many many years and have tried so many different vendors before I found Botanical Kratom about 6 months ago. The prices are not bad at all once you change from Cad to USA for us. I would be happy to pay more as every time I have bought the Kratom has been amazing never a bad batch ever!!!”


Daily discounts and other savings isn’t really this vendor’s bag, but savvy consumers can search online to find a Botanical Kratom Coupon Code good for at least 10% off.


This is an area that troubles me as I’ve spent years ordering from innumerable kratom vendors, virtually all of whom were transparent about their shipping methods and payment options. Alas, Botanical Kratom is not one of them.

Normally, you would find labels at the foot of a vendor’s homepage advertising their use of FedEx or USPS, but perhaps because they are an International business, Botanical Kratom does not disclose this information up front.

One must wait until Checkout to evaluate shipping options and take stock of the relative scarcity of payment methods. Unlike other sites that accept e-checks or cryptocurrencies, Botanical Kratom only accepts Visa or MasterCard.

While this certainly isn’t a deal breaker for a lot of us, it will present an inconvenience to some, particularly those of us who are hesitant about sharing our banking or credit card information online.

Whereas many sites feature 24/7 live chat, this vendor only offers a 1-800 number for contacting customer support.


I had no real problems ordering from this vendor; their checkout process is easy to navigate and my package arrived promptly. The kratom powder (I ordered some of their Super White) was mild but not ineffective.

Although my experience was positive if a little overwhelming, I would definitely try some of their other strains before writing them off as bunk.


Just because Botanical Kratom operates out of Canada, don’t get it twisted—they DO NOT ship to Canada. If you reside in the Great White North and you’re thinking of buying from this vendor, I’m sorry to tell you that you won’t be trading in your maple leaf for kratom leaf any time soon.


All things considered, Botanical Kratom is a legit vendor that I’d consider for bulk kratom purchases. If you’re in the market for smaller orders, stay away from this one. Otherwise give ’em a go and see what you think. Happy Kbombing, boys and girls! ; )

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