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These guys have been around for awhile, but for whatever reason I didn’t get around to checking them out until this past month. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: There are so many kratom vendors emerging every day that it’s damn near impossible to keep up.

Part of the reason why we started this blog was to keep you educated about the latest updates in the kratom marketplace, and this extends to the vendors themselves. Even though Green Leaf Kratom has been around for years at this point, not everyone knows about them. I endeavor to change that today with this detailed review of their company and products.

We’ll start in the only place that makes sense—the beginning.


This vendor first hit the scene back in 2015, but their parent company has been around for some time. Nine2Five LLC was founded in 2012 by Sebastian Guthery, a business leader and health/wellness advocate who owns Kratom-K, the number one importer of kratom in the United States.

Nine2Five has several branches across the US, including bases in Kansas and Nevada. Green Leaf Kratom operates under these auspices with operations in California and New Jersey. As such, they serve both the east and west coast.


This vendor regularly stocks a plethora of exotic kratom strains from White Sumatra and Bentuangie to their Private Forest Special Reserve Red Maeng Da. Their site boasts a full line of proprietary blends including Espresso Bali and the not-so-subtle “Total Chaos.”

If you’re looking for premo crushed leaf kratom, Green Leaf Kratom has got you. Their Bali Crushed Leaf Blend is bonkers and it’s always in steady supply. In this user’s experience, I have to say that their Green Vein Riau should be a real award-winner.

With four pages of kratom powders and three pages of kratom capsules, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for no matter what it is.


Green Leaf Kratom is an industry leader for a reason, because their quality is surpassed only by their prices. As a purveyor of bulk kratom powder, Green Leaf Kratom offers kilos for up to $400. Their 25 gram pouches start at an affordable $9.99 with prices capping off at $125.99 for 300 grams.

What’s more, all customers can save 25% off their total when ordering with cryptocurrencies. This is good news for the discerning consumer who values their right to privacy.


All orders are shipped via USPS First Class mail between Monday and Friday. Unfortunately, this vendor does not work on weekends or holidays and they do not hold themselves responsible for delays.


In addition to regular deals and surprise blowouts, a Green Leaf Kratom coupon code is readily available online. A 20% off discount can be applied up to midnight today; new coupon codes will likely be verified and released in the new year.


Public outpouring has been voluminous for this vendor and their products. One enthusiastic user wrote, “If you haven’t tried this company yet, I cannot rave about it enough. I had tried MANY different companies (and by many I mean 20-30 different companies). This company’s quality is far better than all the others AND they have great prices. They even offers specials and discounts. I have personally used them for YEARS now. Drop “utchic99-reddit” in the notes about how you heard about them and they’ll hook you up with a great sample of another strain on your first order.”

Elsewhere users have talked of how reliable this vendor is and how pure their kratom powder is. Another user wrote, “They are the only vendor I have used in the past 3 months. Their prices are better than most, and (standard) shipping is free.”


I have to admit to being more than a little jaded when it comes to trying vendors for the first time. Part of it owes to my own hubris (“How can their product possibly beat Kratom Crazy’s?”), but another part of it owes to my experiences exploring wholesale kratom brands.

Over the years, I’ve seen shady companies come and go, and nine times out of ten it’s because their kratom powder couldn’t measure up to the hype.

I’m happy to report that Green Leaf Kratom is an exception to that rule. Of the four kratom strains I sampled, all were potent and tested pure for contaminants and heavy metals. I’m particularly fond of their Hulu Kapuas which hit me in under 15 minutes and had an impressive duration.

As someone with a tolerance, I always look for strains with pronounced effects and Green Leaf Kratom’s products definitely filled that void. The next time I’m in the market for Kapuas kratom, I would definitely order from them again.


This vendor is a viable mid-range option for all kratomites who want cool products at reasonable prices. Check them out today to cash in on that coupon code. Happy Kbombing, boys and girls! ; )

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