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When consumers try to search for information about a prospective kratom vendor, they are invariably met by a barrage of testimonials and social media reviews by people claiming to be satisfied customers. In some cases this is legit, but in others the vendor in question has just paid someone to praise their company name.

Determining which ones are real and which ones aren’t is a Sisyphean task that no consumer should have to undertake. Which is why I’ve endeavored to thoroughly research and review each kratom vendor on our blog.

In this way, I can share valuable insight with our visitors about kratom vendors and kratom legality. Additionally, I can apprise you of the latest in kratom news, so that you’ll always know what’s up.

Today we’re gonna take a look at Get Kratom and their kratom powders. We’ll talk about the company, their product line, how they compare to other top kratom vendors and whether they’re worthy of your business.


Like countless competitors in the space, Get Kratom bill their site as the “best place to buy high quality affordable kratom.” The veracity of this statement is immediately called into question when they list their shipping price as $6.48 on orders under 16 ounces.

Many of the greatest kratom vendors in the marketplace offer free shipping on all orders. This tells the seasoned kratomite that they are dealing with a company that isn’t afraid to warp the truth to support their narrative.

WHO ARE THEY? claims to have been founded in 2007, but the company name does not appear to be registered anywhere online. They are not a BBB-accredited company nor is there any record of there being in operation for that long.

Their About Us page says that they were initially established in Pittsburgh before making the move to Berkeley, CA in 2011. Again, there is no evidence to support this as they lack the strong social media presence or transparent information that would corroborate their claims. A search on Woorank reveals that data for their URL is not publicly available

Whereas most legit online stores carry a copyright logo at the foot of their homepage which demonstrates when the company was established, lacks this. While they do have buttons urging visitors to follow them on social, their numbers are not terrific.

With less than 700 followers, they are far from a heavyweight on platforms like Twitter. Furthermore, their Twitter account has only been active since February of 2010.



Get Kratom’s website is an amateur affair that is bereft of the color and literature one expects from most high profile kratom vendors. There is little to no information about their company or its standards of quality. Customers will not find any info about whether or not they lab test their kratom powders.

If quality control doesn’t concern you then you’re likely to find what you’re looking for here as Get Kratom regularly stocks a wide variety of kratom strains and proprietary blends. There are 10 ground leaf kratom powders to choose from, including Green Indo and White Vein Kali.

This vendor also sells UEI, Gold Reserve Kratom Extract and ISOL-8 as well as “naturally enhanced” strains like White Sumatra. Other offerings include CBD, and a line of botanical herbs and oils.


I’m sure you can agree that price is one of the first considerations for many frugal kratom users. Times are tough and money’s tight, so the last thing any of us needs is some shady vendor who’s going to gouge us on the cost.

As luck would have it, Get Kratom is not one of these vendors; their prices are firmly middle of the road. With an ounce of kratom powder selling for $14 before shipping, you’ll be getting a fair amount of powder at a reasonable price point.

Although they are far from the cheapest option around, they are definitely not the most expensive either…unless you’re buying a lot. With a kilo selling for $450, it’s obvious that Get Kratom is not for folks who want to buy bulk kratom powder.

If it’s bulk you’re after, you’d do well to check out competitors like Yo Kratom who offer many of their kilos for under $150.


Discounts are not a problem with this vendor as vouchers are readily available, either directly from the company or via third party websites. A verified coupon code can usually be found at


One area in which this vendor excels is shipping—they provide customers the option of using USPS Priority Mail, Express Mail, FedEx Overnight, FedEx 2-Day or Fed Ex Express Saver. International shipping is also available in applicable countries.

Alas, the ease with which one can order from them is not matched by the kind of customer support most of us have come to expect from legit online vendors. There is no 24/7 Live Chat feature, no 1-800 number or contact form on their website.


As I mentioned earlier, lacks the firm online reputation that most long-time kratom vendors possess. There are few user reviews posted and even fewer mentions of them in online forums.

About the only reference to this vendor that I could find was an old Reddit post from 2014. In it a user asks, “Is a decent purchasing site?” Suffice it to say that response was more than a little negative.

One passionate individual responds, “F**k getkratom, right in their dumpers…” However, another user said, “I know there’s lots of drama about them but I personally LOVE their green indo. The only problem is they’re always out of it : (“

This is hardly a glowing endorsement, but it does point to Get Kratom being the kind of company that some users can get behind.


All things considered, Get Kratom appears to be a kratom vendor that sells passable kratom powders at a decent price point. For those who want to give them a go, you’ll have to take your chances. For those who value transparency, guarantees and long-established brand recognition, you should probably look elsewhere.

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