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If there’s one thing that I’ve made no bones about it’s my deep loathing for any company that tries to act like they’re head and shoulders above the competition. It doesn’t come off as prestigious so much as pretentious and even desperate.

Such is the case with today’s subject—the so-called Kratom King. I get it, every vendor wants to stand out from the pack with a cool moniker and a sick logo that encourages a hip audience to embrace them for their effort. But the seasoned kratom user knows not to be taken in by fancy advertising or bold names.

So is the Kratom King really some royal brand of premium kratom powder? Or are they pretenders to the throne? Are they as legit as the name would suggest? Let’s talk about that.


Hailing from Reno, NV, The Kratom King has been around since 2005. These cats were selling kratom locally before most Westerners even knew what it was. In the last four plus years, they have made a name for themselves as Sin City’s premier online kratom vendor, evolving from a local dispensary into one of the biggest kratom stores on the Internet.

With a commitment to quality products and dedicated customer support, this vendor has proven themselves to be one of the top vendors in the current marketplace. By regularly apprising their clientele of shipping issues and deals, they have garnered a wide swath of return customers.

With an easy-to-navigate website and frequent updates, The Kratom King has made ordering kratom online a breeze. The best part is that they always let visitors know what’s changed and how they’ve tried to improve upon their web pages.


There is something for everyone here, from Green Elephant and Ultra Red Indo to Super Green Malay Crushed Leaf and White Vein Thai. Their ISOL-8 Kratom Extract has become a bestseller of late. They also offer CBD oil and kratom capsules.


This vendor has some of the greatest price one is likely to find online with ounces starting at just $6.50 and 4-ounce bundles selling for $25. Even their extracts are relatively affordable compared to their competitors in the space.

As their FAQ page clearly states, they are committed to keeping prices low and saving their loyal customer base as much money as possible.


Discounts are constantly available with The Kratom King; anyone who Likes their Facebook profile automatically receives a Kratom King coupon code. Additional https://www.couponchief.com/thekratomking are available at Coupon Chief.


This vendor ships via FedEx or USPS with a multitude of options available. COD shipments are also an option through FedEx, although future COD orders will not be allowed if a shipment goes unclaimed. Tracking numbers on your package are also provided after checkout.

The Kratom King makes it easy for customers to get in touch with them about questions or concerns they may have. You can contact them via email, snail mail, phone or in person at their Reno location. Queries are generally answered within one business day, but this vendor strongly urges users to give them a call if they think their email may have gone to SPAM.


User reviews have been rather mixed regarding this vendor with some complaining that their kratom powder isn’t properly grinded, but others have sung their praises. One enthusiastic customer posted about how they hooked him up with a bunch of free samples while another user said, “I thought their quality was good. I got nice effects from it.”

At least one user posted a mostly neutral remark, calling them “okay in a bind” while another user swears by them, saying that they’ve bought kratom from the King around 100 times.


For the purposes of this review, I placed an order with this vendor for their White Indo and Red Sumatra. I was pleasantly surprised by how potent the Red Sumatra was. As a frequent kratom user and a career blogger, I’ve sampled enough kratom brands to be fairly jaded about the experience.

Rarely do I anticipate the wow factor that most of us only get the first few times we try a new kratom strain. As fate would have it, this vendor’s Sumatra powder brought me back to that feeling. After burning 4.5 grams, I felt thoroughly energized and very talkative.

As a writer, I tend to exist in a bit of a bubble. To put it another way, the TV remote is my best friend. But after taking Red Sumatra, I had the uncanny urge to go out and mingle. I called up a buddy and we hit the bar for some proper socializing.

After four hours, I was still amped up and talkative. A warmth accompanied this clean energy which was a big bonus in this cold weather. Add to this the general sense of well-being that their Sumatra strain induced and I’d say this vendor’s kratom powder is well worth your while.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same of their White Indo which was poorly ground and very weak IMHO. I wouldn’t say it’s the worst Indo I’ve had, but it didn’t really leave much of an impression.


If you’re in the market for a vendor with a plethora of powders and capsules to choose from, The Kratom King is a definite contender. Their prices are good, their shipping is fast and their customer service is on part with the very crème of the crop.

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