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After the FDA linked 44 deaths to adulterated kratom products earlier this year, panic began to spread among active kratom users. Friends and acquaintances have often come to me in the wakes of the Salmonella outbreak to ask me which vendors they can count on for pure, uncontaminated kratom powder.

If you type “moon kratom” into any search engine, you’re likely to come across “moon kratom salmonella” as one of the top search terms. People want to know if this vendor is legit or if their kratom products are contaminated.

In today’s review, we’ll evaluate Moon Kratom’s standing within the kratom community, the quality of their products, their value as a mass market kratom provider and their reputation among consumers.


This Austin-based Texas kratom vendor has been around since 2015. In that time, they have become one of the most divisive kratom stores in the marketplace. Some users have insisted that their kratom strains were ineffective and overpriced while others have talked about the incredible efficacy of their Maeng Da kratom powder.

Their products are carefully lab-tested prior to distribution, thus ensuring that consumers will not receive tainted kratom powder. Third party lab testing assesses whether or not any heavy metals or contaminants are present within the ground kratom leaves.

As kratom websites go, Moon Kratom is pretty low rent; their homepage looks like it was slapped together by a high school AV nerd with a yen for death metal. But like the old expression goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. is a fully-stocked online store replete with kratom powders, kratom capsules, kratom extract and kratom merch.


This vendor stocks a number of exotic kratom strains from Yellow Indo and White Borneo. Their Kratom Liquid Extract is forged from premium Maeng Da kratom, making for some of the most potent extract available.

Many of Moon Kratom’s kratom powders are micro-powdered, meaning that the powder is micronized to produce a finer grain akin to flour. This is the kind of kratom powder most toss n’ washers prefer over crushed leaf or course ground kratom powder.


Moon Kratom’s products are conspicuously low with 100 grams selling for a mere $25-29.00. This is virtually unheard of among most trusted online vendors. And with kratom extracts priced at $5 for a 7 ml vial, you have to wonder just how quality their products really are.

If you think about it, the prices seem to vindicate select users’ claims that their kratom doesn’t work. It’s hard to believe that quality kratom can be made available for such a low price point.


A Moon Kratom Discount Code can be found on Moon Kratom’s Facebook profile. At the moment, customers can use the code “lowest” to get 10% off their order. Other deals are offered sporadically, so users should keep an eye on their product pages.


One local user posted to Reddit about their positive experience with this vendor, saying, “I’m able to pick up their Kratom locally. Their Maeng Da is good, does the job quite well.”

Others were quick to chime in with one user saying, “I’ve bought from moon many times and find their quality to be anywhere from good to really excellent. Their prices are about middle of the road. Never had a problem.”

Of course not everyone agrees and there are plenty of people who have said that they were burned by this vendor. Some individuals have called their product weak and have complained about shipping issues.

Elsewhere a user reported having a terrible reaction to Moon Kratom’s powder, writing, “I got just 100 grams from Moon Kratom. It took a week and a day to arrive (they were behind on orders from the 30th, not sure if they still are). Then when I finally got it, I tried some and it made me feel weird as shit.

“Gave it a second try in the morning just to make sure, and same thing. I was all spaced-out, bad anxiety, almost sick. I read reviews from others before buying that had a good experience. I will say, I did not. I am not even keeping it.”

This is emblematic of the kratom community at large; no two people will ever have the exact same experience burning a kratom strain.


After researching this vendor it was with much trepidation that I placed an order for some of their White Borneo Micro Powder. I was curious to try this one out because their other micro powders start at $29, but this one was only $25.

Operating on the theory that less money would equal lower quality, I was fully prepared to hate this particular kratom strain. In retrospect, I should have remembered the age-old adage less is more.

After burning 5.5 grams of their White Borneo, I was feeling alert, attentive and totally energized. At the same time, I felt sufficiently relaxed and able to ease into work without rushing. I’m a pretty high strung guy on the reg, but White Borneo chilled me out and got the job done. I took it again the following afternoon and was able to surpass several deadlines I was dreading.

Borneo is a notoriously soporific strain, but I didn’t feel lethargic at all. On the contrary, I felt warm, light and 100% motivated. All things considered, this may be one of my top 5 kratom experiences of the last year and definitely one I’ll be ordering again in the new year ahead.


So there you have it! While Moon Kratom isn’t the most trusted source for quality kratom powder, their products are lab-tested, reasonably priced and of definite value if you’re a fan of white vein kratom.

As with all vendors, our readers should do their due diligence before purchasing from them. Always do your own research and consider what kratom strains are suited to your personal needs. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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