The Kratom Syndicate: Are They Legit?

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If you’re a movie buff like me, the name The Kratom Syndicate probably conjures a shadowy underworld criminal organization. Apparently this is intentional as their logo features the silhouettes of old school gangsters.

That’s hardly the kind of imagery you would think a legit vendor would want associated with their operation, but most of you know that you can’t go by what’s on the surface when it comes to kratom.

There are many of trusted kratom vendors with goofy or misleading names. Just the other day I reviewed the Kratom King, a company whose name is nothing if not bombastic. And while I wouldn’t say that they turned out to be the kings of anything other than shrewd marketing, they also proved out to be one of the better kratom vendors I’d sampled in awhile.

With all of this in mind, I’ve decided to take a closer look at The Kratom Syndicate. Are they a vendor with a name that sounds like it’s straight outta the funny papers? Sure. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not a viable option for general kratom consumers.


The Kratom Syndicate (or TSK, for short) is a fairly new vendor specializing in premium kratom powder and herbal extracts. They pride themselves on fast shipping, excellent prices and superior customer service.

Their online store is professional without being flashy and advertises their unique set of customer-friendly features which we’ll talk about later.


The Kratom Syndicate has everything the discerning kratom user looks for in an online kratom store. They have crushed leaf, kratom extracts, super-enhanced kratom powders and kratom kilos for those who want to buy kratom in bulk.

Far from your average kratom vendor, TKS offers store credit, deep discounts and regular updates on all orders. Measuring scoops are also available for the sake of precision when preparing dosage.

Their product line includes Super Maeng Da, the somewhat exotic Green Sulawesi, JongKong, Kapuas, Malay, Super Indo and more. Their special strains, such as Panther and the proprietary Holy Cow Blend are bestsellers.

All of their kratom powders are available in capsule form for your convenience, and their kratom extracts include 100x kratom extract.


This vendor sells two ounces of kratom for only $16 which is pretty damn good when you consider that most vendors offer a single ounce for anywhere from $10 to $20. Their kratom kilos sell for $139 which isn’t the best deal on the market, but it’s still relatively low compared to many of their competitors in the space.


A 10% off Kratom Syndicate coupon code can be found on many verified coupon sites, and the vendor regularly informs their customers of money-saving opportunities.


The Kratom Syndicate has landed on many people’s top 5 kratom vendors lists and discussion about their products has been widespread. Although some have pointed to their prices as being too high, others have attested to the exceptional quality of their kratom powders.

One user who ordered an ounce of their Bali reported an overall solid experience, writing, “The shipping was fast and packaging was discrete and professional. The Bali itself was decent and had the nice mild, mellow come up feeling I associate with good Bali. The strength was not particularly overwhelming….fairly average, but no complaints here. All in all I would probably buy from this vendor but hopefully an enhanced strain.”

In another post that was meant to knock this vendor, a person responded with nothing but positive feedback, saying, “I personally love tks,imo they have very good kratom and even better customer service. My favorite is the yellow brick road. Yea they are more expensive than the other vendors but I have never been disappointed by anything I have got from them.”


For the purpose of this review, I purchased some of their Green Sulawesi and White Elephant. The latter worked like gangbusters, inducing the kind of intense relaxation I have come to expect from an evening strain. It proved to be far too potent for day-time use, so I’d caution users against purchasing this one if they plan to hit the gym or attend a work seminar.

Although the initial pick up induced a definite clean energy boost, the come down was far too sedating to recommend it as anything other than a vampire strain.

The Green Sulawesi, on the other hand, was rather nauseating and came on like a mid-level Borneo strain. I gotta be honest, this one gave me a bad case of the Herschey squirts despite the fact that I didn’t take it on an empty stomach.


This vendor offers free shipping on all orders over $50, which isn’t too shabby considering that most users prefer to buy in bulk. The added bonus for consumers is their utilization of Aftership, a service that allows you to get up-to-the-minute information about your order from checkout to your door.

You complete your order and bada bing! You get an alert that fills you in on when your order is shipping and when it’s en route.

Customer support is made simple—you can use the chatbox on their site to communicate with a live representative or drop them a line at


This is another area in which this vendor excels; they accept cryptocurrencies as well as COD or e-check. Their preferred payment methods are Bitcoin or Zelle. This is good news for the internet-savvy consumer who values the security and discretion that comes with using privacy coins.


All things considered, I would highly recommend this vendor as a source for strong kratom powder at a sensible price that won’t break the bank. Happy Kbombing, boys and girls! ; )

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