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Kratom vendors are notorious for their not-so-humble brags, whether it’s a company crowning itself the Kratom King or newcomers using flashy names to sell run-of-the-mill kratom strains. There seems to be no end to the shrewd methods they will use to market their kratom products.

In the case of Krave Kratom, they claim to offer the highest quality kratom on the market which is a pretty bold claim, but hyperbole aside, how do they stack up against competitors in the space? And is their kratom powder really legit?

Let’s take a closer look.


Established in 2016, this vendor operates under the umbrella of Ashlynn Marketing Group, Inc., a California-based firm. Krave Kratom is an online and wholesale kratom vendor selling kratom powders and kratom capsules. Like other vendors, they offer a variety of kratom strains at wholesale prices.

They purport to use the very best kratom leaves to ensure quality of product, but they do not disclose any information that could corroborate this claim. There is no information about whether or not their kratom powders have been tested by third party labs for heavy metals or other contaminants.

Primarily a smoke shop or head shop brand, Krave Kratom nevertheless operates an online store that is open to the general public.


This vendor regularly stocks kratom powder, kratom capsules and kratom concentrate. Their kratom powders include mainstays such as Bali and and Maeng Da. Compared to many of the top kratom vendors on the market, Krave Kratom has a relative dearth of versatile options.

For those looking to buy bulk kratom powder, you’re SOL with Krave Kratom because the most they sell is 250 grams. If you were unaware, there are 1000 grams in one kilo of kratom leaf.

This vendor’s kratom capsules are prepared using gelatin caps which is yet another drawback if you’re accustomed to buying vegan or vegetarian capsules. That being said, there are more options with their kratom capsules than there are in the powder department.

Krave Kratom also makes kratom shots and kratom tinctures, although there is insufficient evidence to suggest that these bottles contain true kratom extract as the vendor does not detail the process by which they are extracted and bottled.


This vendor’s prices may seem to be really good at first blush. After all, most online vendors offer only 28 grams of kratom for around $15-20 where Krave Kratom offers 60 grams for $24.99. However, this doesn’t equate to a deep discount when one considers the mark-up charged by many smoke shops.


About the only thing to recommend these guys is their free shipping via USPS. They may not be the best when it comes to diversity of product line or detailed info, but they excel in the areas of expedited shipping and customer support.

Customers and smoke shop proprietors can contact them via email, phone or contact form.


Potential customers can visit their Facebook profile for special deals and a 10% off Krave Kratom coupon code can be found at sites like Coupon Follow and Coupon Sock.



Public opinion of this vendor has been largely negative with even neutral parties speaking of the ineffectiveness of their kratom. One user writes, β€œKrave is a decent headshop brand, way better than most headshop kratom in my experience. But Kratom from the vendors here [on the subReddit] is 1000% better! I notice gel caps always take alot of effects away for me so when I buy krave capsules…”

Of course, such opinions can vary as they did in one post about how to recognize pure kratom. The person posting says, β€œThe first Kratom I ever bought was 45$ bottles of head shop maeng da Krave capsules, came with 75 in them. I had some of the best nights of my life on this product, blissful comfort and yet a remarkable, pure energy.”


From what I’ve seen, I cannot, in good faith, recommend this kratom vendor. They do not provide the things seasoned kratom enthusiasts look for in a trusted online kratom source.

However, we welcome your thoughts about Krave Kratom. If you or someone you know has had a different experience with this vendor, hit us up in the comments and let us know what you think.

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