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The Windy City is one of the fastest growing markets for kratom products. From its world famous improv scene to its many talented artists, Chicago is a place where alternative lifestyles thrive and Chicagoans are curious about botanicals.

In recent years, a number of tobacco shops, kava bars and paraphernalia stores have cropped up across the great state of Illinois, but only some of them are worth mentioning here. Today I’ve handpicked the very best Chicago kratom vendors in 2019.

As you’ll soon see, we’ve evaluated them based on price, product variety and customer service as well as other factors which make them more alluring than their competitors. Have a look.


This high end smoke shop is one of the top shops in the nation with tons of handmade products including homemade soap, botanicals, glass and more. Although most kratom products are fairly expensive in Chicago, I’ve found that Diffused Galleria offers some of the best around.

They regularly stock a range of different brands, such as O.P.M.S., Choice and Coastal Kratom. At the moment, they are exclusively stocking green vein kratom powders and capsules. With 30 grams for $25 and special deals on kilos of kratom powder, you’re getting a price you won’t get anywhere else in the city.


A close contender for the number one spot, Smokey’s Smokes is one of the oldest tobacco shops in the tri-state area and one of the most reliable sources for variety. Their chill and jovial staff are also knowledgeable AF and can walk you through their full line of kratom brands which includes Kratom Pharmacy, Blue Magic, Bumblebee, Kratom Taffy and Royal Kratom.

30 grams of kratom powder sells for $14.99 with discounts on bulk kratom powder or kratom capsules. You are unlikely to find a cooler store with a cooler group of people behind the counter.


Located in Edgewater, these cats know their stuff and it’s obvious as soon as you walk through the door. They’ve got all the vaping accessories, digital scales and other ephemera a kratom enthusiast could want.

Their brands include the ever-popular Kratom One which sells for $15 per 35 kratom capsules. Not too shabby!


CBD Kratom is one of the most well-known kratom vendors in the state, but their lack of name brands gets my antennas up. I generally don’t like to do business with shops that don’t offer kratom from online vendors whose names I recognize.

That being said, CBD Kratom are upfront about the fact that they source their kratom powder from private farmers in Indonesia. This bodes well for those who are in the market for Red or Green Indo. Unfortunately, their prices are a bit higher than most. I was totally aghast when I asked them about purchasing a kilo and they said that they charge over $500 for bulk kratom.

Located on N Clarke Street in the heart of Chicago, Secrets isn’t a secret anymore. Not since they started stocking premium Bali kratom powder at a competitive price point. Customers have been abuzz about their great prices and exceptional variety of botanicals and CBD oil.

So there you have it, the very top kratom vendors in Chicago. This is not to say that there aren’t other options just a stone’s throw away. Other examples include Global Smoke & Vape over in Hermosa, Vape312 in Lakeview and Smoke Station in Logan Square.


The future of kratom in Chicago is unclear at this time. For the moment, it remains unregulated, but this may change in light of the recently introduced House Bill 4106 which would seek to amend Illinois’ Kratom Control Act.

This piece of legislation, which was proposed by state Rep. Katie Stuart, D-Edwardsville, would expand the current law prohibiting kratom sales to minors so that it would include adult consumers.

So far legislation of this ilk has not been passed and efforts to educate lawmakers about the science of kratom is ongoing. With that in mind, Chicagoans should understand that there is no time like the presence to get their hands on this Ayurvedic herb.


Although it is an undeniable fact that the smoke shops on this list have an array of exciting kratom products to offer locals, it is always advisable to consider an online purchase first and foremost. Sure, buying locally can be convenient and easy, but a little patience is almost always rewarded.

What the top kratom vendors online have that smoke shops don’t is detailed information about their products and a commitment to lab testing their kratom powder to ensure that it is uncontaminated and potent.

The very best online kratom stores provide tracking info, satisfaction guarantees and certificates from third party laboratories. Many of them also offer a series of expedited shipping options for you to choose from.

Here is a short list of our favorite online kratom vendors in 2019:

  • PurKratom
  • Gaia Ethnobotanical
  • Coastline Kratom
  • Kats Botanicals
  • Kraken Kratom

These vendors have been thoroughly researched and reviewed, and each of them deliver everything customers should expect out of a trusted kratom company.


If you live in the Chicago area, there is no end to the possibilities when it comes to finding top shelf kratom brands. Happy Kbombing, boys and girls! ; )

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