The Best Kratom Strains to Choose in 2019

January 17, 2019 Kratom Alkaloids, Kratom Research, Kratom Reviews, Kratom Strains

It seems like every day a new online kratom vendor pops up offering a slew of new kratom strains. In many cases, these are just shrewd marketing tactics used by companies who want to repurpose a traditional kratom strain and increase sales by slapping a fun name on the packaging.

If you want to avoid these kinds of subtle scams, be sure to check out this handy guide to the best kratom strains of 2019. Each of the following is a bona fide herbal delight. We’ll look at red, green, white and yellow vein kratom strains so that you’ll have a well-rounded idea of what’s out there.

Let’s get cooking!


No, we’re not talking about the Hannibal Lecter saga, although one could easily imagine the cannibal gourmand savoring a rich cup of Red Dragon Kratom tea. Red Dragon is an intense red vein kratom strain that is known to induce powerful euphoria and remarkably small dosages.

Red Dragon is part of the Horned Kratom leaf family, a rare form of kratom plant noted for its serrated leaves. A brownish-yellow in hue, Red Dragon kratom leaf is also exceptional in the area of analgesia. Those seeking relief from chronic lower back pain may very well benefit from Red Dragon, although it is not intended for medicinal use.


Another popular member of the red vein kratom family, Red Bentuangie shares Red Dragon’s potent analgesic effects, but it distinguishes itself from its counterpart by offering significant sedating properties. This is due, at least in part, to the high concentrations of 7-hydroxymitragynine found within its leaves.

Red Bentuangie comes on slowly and has a longer duration than many other red vein kratom strains. It is also worth noting that users have said they experience less incident of kratom hangover aftering burning Bentuangie, making it a go-to strain for night-time use.


Harvested from mature plants in the remote forests of Indonesia, Green Hulu Kapuas is a well-balanced strain that is renowned for its ability to increase sociability, reduce stress, manage depression and improve libido. Users report feeling confident, energized and motivated.

Hulu Kapuas’ unique alkaloid profile accounts for its efficacy in this wide spectrum of purported effects. Like Bentuangie and Red Dragon, it is also believed to be helpful in the area of analgesia.


A lot of people turn to kratom after they have tired of taking large, hard-to-swallow supplements or proprietary blends. If you’re one of those people who no longer wants to “stack” a bunch of giant vitamins and essential oils, you may do well to check out Malay Kratom.

Malay is widely considered the most nootropic kratom strain. If you’re asking yourself, “What is nootropic?” then let me remind you of the Bradley Cooper movie Limitless. In the film, Cooper’s character is a down-on-his-luck palooka who takes an experimental drug that unlocks his mind’s full potential, effectively rendering him an intuitive and eloquent genius.

After the movie came out, so-called “nootropics” or “nutraceuticals” started selling like hot cakes. Suddenly, people were flocking to the Internet to stock up on cognitive enhancement supplements. These are the nootropics we’re talking about, but you don’t have to take a horse pill to achieve such brain optimization.

Malay and similar kratom strains are said to sharpen focus, vanquish “brain fog,” improve memory and increase one’s attention. In addition to its alleged cerebral benefits, Malay is also well-regarded for its long-lasting euphoria and clean energy boost. Burn this one today if you wanna find out why Kats Botanicals calls it “mother nature’s gift to us.”


Anyone with a cursory knowledge of kratom knows that Maeng Da is known as the most powerful pure kratom powder, but the white vein form of Maeng Da is especially potent. Ideal for those coping with chronic pain or fatigue, White Maeng Da offers hours of analgesia and stimulation.

As with Malay, White MD kratom contains alkaloids which attach to receptors and kick-starts neuronal activity which results in improved focus and clarity. In this way, it is most certainly a nootropic kratom strain. However, it is also effective in terms of limiting social inhibitions and instilling a sense of well-being.


As the name would suggest, this kratom strain hails from the wilds of Vietnam where it has been grown for hundreds of years by experienced farmers on large plantations. Yellow Vietnam is a tawny golden color, hence the name, and it is particularly aromatic.

Yellow Vietnam is known to soothe the stomach, improve mood, optimize mental energy and provide relaxation. Whereas other kratom strains are notorious for their bitter taste, Yellow Vietnam is relatively flavorless.


Perhaps the most impressive strain when it comes to anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects, Gold Bali has become a best-seller in recent years thanks to its efficacy in the areas of anxiety, depression, stress and sleep disorders.

Those who burn Gold Bali swear by its many attributes which also include appetite suppression, relief from stomach upset and management of pain and fatigue.


Whether you’re looking to alleviate joint inflammation or optimize your exercise regimen, these kratom strains should be able to give you the assist you need. For more kratom strains and their disparate effects visit our blog and dive right in. Happy Kbombing, kids! ; )

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