Kratom Source USA Review: Strains, Price & Quality

January 22, 2019 Kratom Research, Kratom Reviews, Kratom Strains, Kratom Vendors

All too often when reviewing a kratom vendor, I tend to get overenthusiastic about my own experience with their kratom strains and I end up rambling for the better part of three pages about their many virtues and weaknesses.

In the interest of brevity, I’ve kept today’s kratom vendor review concise so that you, the consumer, will be armed with the essential information you need to know about them and their product.

We’ll be reviewing this vendor based on variety of strains, quality of kratom powder and price point. In this way we hope to streamline your reading experience and help you to evaluate their place in the current market.

Let’s roll!


Kratom Source USA stocks 100 percent all-natural kratom powder that is backed by a quality and satisfaction guarantee. At present they offer 12 different kratom strains. They are as follows:


This vendor’s prices are standard across the board with each of their kratom powders starting at a rather generous $20 for 100 grams of powder. Perhaps most interesting is their wholesale pricing. For those who want to buy bulk kratom powder, Kratom Source USA sells a whopping 5 kilos for just $425.00. This puts their one kilo at $90 which is substantially less than what smoke shops and other wholesale outlets charge (I’ve seen kratom kilos retailing for as much as $545 per kilogram).


Absolutely. I’ve seen trusted vendors offer far less information in the past and I always blanch at the total lack of responsibility on their parts. Not the case with Kratom Source USA who make it their business to provide detailed info about where their kratom strains are sourced from and how much you can trust the quality control process.

Their wildcrafted Green Vein Borneo is harvested from wild trees by seasoned farmers native to the region, so you know you’re getting a product backed by time-honored tradition and a long-time commitment to purity.


Unlike other vendors who offer sporadic kratom promo codes and the odd seasonal discounts, Kratom Source USA provides a link to a page that shows customers how they can save 20% off everything in their online store.

Additional giveaways are also doled out from time to time and verified Kratom Source USA coupon code can usually be found by running a Google search.


As the proverbial news kids on the block (Kratom Source USA was only launched in November of 2016, at which point they were providing curious consumers with a 30% off promo code), this vendor hasn’t had much time to generate buzz among the kratom community.

Although public comment has yet to reach zealot level, those who have responded to wary posts inquiring about them have made it clear that they are a fine vendor to buy from. One user wrote, “Ordered from them a few times…No problems in the past.”

Another user said, “I’ve used them a few times and I think they are great with a great product. I ‘had’ to give Gaia a try when their [Kratom Source USA’s] cc system went down, which so far seems to have been a good idea on my part, but if they have their cc billing sorted out my next order will definitely be through them.”

Much of the perceived “sketchiness” surrounding this vendor seems to stem from this brief period in which their credit card processing account was disengaged and they were unable to take orders. This is something they have since resolved.


This vendor has yet to really penetrate the community consciousness with their products, but in terms of upstarts, this is certainly one worth checking out. Their deals are industry standard if not better in select measurements, and they are bringing a versatile product line to the marketplace. Give ’em a go and let us know what you think. Happy Kbombing, boys and girls.

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