Remarkable Herbs Kratom Review: How Remarkable Are They?

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This isn’t the first time that I’ve called a kratom vendor out for having a bold name and it likely won’t be the last. When companies use hyperbole to sell a product, it can mean a number of different things. 1) They believe they are actually superior to everyone else. 2) They want you to believe they are superior to everyone else…even if they know they’re not. Or 3) They think that fortune favors those who walk tall and carry a big stick.

Unlike similarly colorful brands such as The Kratom King or Kratom Masters, the name Remarkable Herbs works because it is an inherently subjective term. What one person considers remarkable someone else might consider “meh, okay, but nothing to write home about.”

This places Remarkable Herbs at an advantage since they don’t have to stand by their product in the same way someone called Superior Kratom or Quality Kratom would have to. If a customer or customers complains about their product being weaker than expected, they could always fire back with, “Well, I’m sorry you feel that way, but personally, I think it’s pretty remarkable.”

What’s in a name anyway, am I right?

So fancy logos and branding aside, where does this vendor stand amid the legions of legit and not-quite-legit kratom vendors in the current marketplace?

Let’s see, shall we?


When reviewing a vendor, we like to cover all bases so that our readers will have a comprehensive understanding of who and what they are dealing with. To this end, I’ve compiled everything you need to know about Remarkable Herbs Kratom from their product line and pricing to their consumer reputation.

I feel like it’s also important to consider the individual needs of each consumer, so I’ve packed this review full of useful info about their testing policies (or lack thereof), sourcing, et al.

Have a look!


Remarkable Herbs is an online store for a host of unique botanicals, including a variety of kratom strains. Established in 2012, the company didn’t develop a presence online until around 2017.

As a purveyor of everything from Piper Methysticum to mushrooms, they have differentiated themselves from other kratom vendors by virtue of the sheer diversity of their shamanic herbs. In this way, they fulfill the promise of their namesake.


There are lots of herbs to choose from here, whether you’re in the market for some Amanita Muscaria or Yellow Ayuhuasca Vine. In terms of kratom, they have everything from Bali and Thai to Vietnam and Indo Kratom.


As a wholesale kratom brand, customers must contact the vendor directly to discuss pricing. 3 oz bags of Remarkable Herbs Kratom generally retail for $23.99 with 8 oz bags available for between $45 and $50.

Unfortunately for those looking to order directly from their website, their Contact Form is currently disabled. However, their handy Store Finder page makes it easy to locate a shop near you that stocks their brand.

Alternately, this company’s kratom powders can be purchased online via wholesalers, such as Ruby Red Wholesale or The latter offers a deal where you can buy 3 eight-ounce bags and get a fourth one for free.


This vendor sources their kratom from farmers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea. Each kratom powder is offered in three-ounce resealable bags. Each batch of their kratom powder is 100% organic.


Their customer service is non-existent which doesn’t bode well for the online consumer, but as I said before, their brand is available at a number of locations across America.

Shipping information is also unavailable, although smoke shops should be able to provide detailed information about when they anticipate receipt of new inventory from this company.


Surprisingly the kratom community has been widely enthusiastic about this kratom vendor. One user on Reddit wrote, “…if you ever run out and your smoke shop has Remarkable herbs id recommend it! It compared to some vendors stuff on here even better i was surprised, let me kno if any of you have tried that brand and your experience with it.”

Another user said, “I tried my local tobacco shops kratom brand which was called Remarkable Herbs. I was very happy with it and I’d like to get more…”

Response has been overwhelmingly in their favor, even down to reviews on competitors’ blogs. This makes it clear that they are, in fact, rather remarkable.


Sampling some Remarkable Herbs Kratom for yourself seems to be a no-brainer. With a vast array of kratom strains to choose from at a variety of conveniently located smoke shops, this is one smoke shop brand worth checking out. Happy Kbombing, boys and girls! ; )

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