Virginia Botanicals Kratom Review: Are They Any Good?

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Let’s be real, virtually every vendor in the space claims to have the best kratom powder at the best possible prices. It doesn’t take an experienced economist to realize that this is little more than a business tactic.

Virginia Botanicals is one such vendor, a kratom seller whose website boasts of its premium botanicals at honest prices. Here at Kratom Crazy, we understand that most consumers don’t have the time or inclination to do a deep dive on every kratom vendor on the market.

In an effort to take some of the headache out of this process, we’ve thoroughly vetted Virginia Botanicals so that you don’t have to. The following review will tell you where they stack up to their competitors in terms of quality, affordability and ease of shipping.

Let’s take a closer look!


As the name would suggest, Virginia Botanicals is a Virginia-based vendor offering everything from kratom powders and extracts to organic whole bean coffee and a range of natural alternatives to traditional Western prescriptions.

Established in 2017, VA Botanicals (for short) has only just begun to earn a consumer reputation. However, they recently mounted a social media presence and are racking up the Likes.


This vendor sells everything from unwashed poppy seeds and Pink Lotus to 30% Kava Extract and exotic kratom strains. With more than 55 kratom products, Virginia Botanicals is leading the pack in terms of variety.

Among their many curious kratom powders is their Chocolate Kratom and Dead End Red Blend. The latter is a one-of-a-kind blend of premium red vein kratom strains including, but not limited to, Red Borneo and Red Sumatra.

Other popular powders include Yellow Elephant, Super Green Maeng Da, Super White MD, Red Horned Leaf and the enhanced “Extra Plus” Kratom. Proprietary blends and split kilos are their bread and butter, making them one of the most unique and sought-after new vendors to hit the scene.

With Virginia Botanicals’ split kilos, customers can pick any two strains they want, so it’s really like a build your own burger sort of situation. Which is nice.


This is where VA Botanicals really differentiate themselves from other vendors. Their 1-ounce pouches of kratom powder start at just $4 which is well below the online kratom standard. And the surprises don’t stop there because this vendor clearly knows their target audience.

Instead of wasting our time with a whole slew of different mini options, VA Botanicals’ options are streamlined for the seasoned kratom user. Instead of having to buy a little bit here and there, this vendor’s online store is tailor-made for those who like to buy bulk kratom powder.

From one ounce of powder, purchasing options jump to a ½ kilo for $45.00. It’s not the most incredible price ever, but again, it’s well under the average charged by many online kratom companies. Clearly these are wholesale prices on quality product.

The third option is to order a kratom kilo which is extremely desirable for many consumers who like to stock up ahead of time. A kilo runs you just $70 before shipping which is more than reasonable in the current marketplace.


This vendor doesn’t fool around by pandering to consumers with a plethora of different shipping options. Instead you pay a flat rate of $7.50 for one ounce of kratom powder. Tracking information is made available and you can contact the vendor at any time to inquire about your package.

Those who fill out their contact form generally receive a reply in under 15-24 hours, depending upon whether or not it is a business day (Mon-Fri).


A VA Botanicals discount code should be available through the usual channels. Look around at sites like I Love Kratom and see if you can snag one. Make sure it’s a verified coupon code before entering it at checkout.


As a fairly new vendor to the space, VA Botanicals hasn’t had the time to generate a lot of buzz, but those who have tried them know what’s up. One enthusiastic user posted about their experience on Reddit, writing, “Everything came in as ordered. Nice discreet packaging, everything came vacuum sealed with a nice hand written thank you. Everything looks and smells great, fine grind. Testing 4g of the super white maeng da right now. Went down smooth with very little bitterness or unpleasantness. I am very satisfied thus far.”

In response to this, another user says, “Ive been ordering from these guys for a year now and I love em.

I’m hooked on their gold Bali. I’ve tried others too and they’re all bomb. This is the cheapest I’ve yet to find for Kratom an I love the quality. If anyones wondering, I would order if I were you!”


Since I know that a lot of casual kratom users are prone to ordering proprietary blends, I figured I’d give one a try from this vendor. I purchased an ounce of their Polar Express, a blend of various white vein kratom strains.

Not only was I blown away by the price and potency but I was shocked at how fast I went through the full ounce. Normally, an ounce will last me two weeks on average, but I enjoyed this one so much that the package was empty within eight days.

My first impression was also my last impression—their white blend requires far less than your typical dosage. I burned only 3 grams when I first received my order and felt the impact almost at once. It was a smooth, galvanizing experience that both stimulated and tempered me.

I wouldn’t say it was exactly relaxing in the sense that most night-time strains are (no sedation, no lethargy), but I did feel calm as well as energized. If you’re anything like me then you probably dread that moment where you have to muster the will to get your ass to the gym.

What Polar Express did for me was give me that calm sense of cheerful resignation that I sometimes get when I’ve had a strong cup of coffee prior to a workout. Instead of dragging my feet to the gym and moping about it, I approach it with a sense of ease and purpose. That’s what 3 grams of Polar Express instilled in me—a clean energy boost and a motivated sense of resolve.


As one of the few legitimately affordable sources for quality kratom, this vendor is one that should make everyone’s top 10 list of kratom vendors in 2019. They’re cheap without sacrificing purity and they’re pleasant to deal with every step of the way. If you’re into multi-strain blends that actually pay off, have at it. Happy Kbombing, kids! ; )

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