Natural Chemistry Kratom: An Extreme Example of What NOT to Do As a Kratom Vendor

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The name Natural Chemistry might sound like some Weird Science style sex comedy from the Eighties which is apt because there’s definitely something a bit funny about this old UK kratom vendor. Today we’ll take a look at just who these cats were, what they were selling and why those in the United Kingdom should be wary of such vendors.


Natural Chemistry was a UK-based kratom vendor that sold Borneo, Green Malay, Red Vein and Thai kratom strains. They were well-regarded for their fast and free shipping as well as their convenient payment options which included major credit cards, direct deposit and Bitcoin.

The fun stopped just four years after they’d made a name for themselves. In January of 2016, customers were informed via their homepage, the now-defunct, that they were closing over the weekend to expand operations.

The following week, customers checked back only to find a new notification saying that expansion was taking longer than they had anticipated. The company offered customers a coupon good for a discount on orders placed while the online store was closed.

An experienced kratom user would have probably smelled the proverbial fish from a many meters off, but some people are more trusting than others and several longtime Natural Chemistry customers took the bait.

One user posted on Reddit in late February, saying that the vendor has been closed ever since they placed their order in January. Responders were quick to suggest that they were exit scamming which, indeed, it appears that they were.

Elsewhere, a user says he or she emailed Natural Chemistry four time since failing to receive their order and never heard back. Other users speculated that the impending UK ban on kratom was what motivated the company to stiff their customers and think they could get away with it. While this cannot be proven, it isn’t very hard to believe.

Of course, this isn’t the only thing that made Natural Chemistry Kratom a shady operation. They were dubious long before their departure from the marketplace. Four years ago, customers were talking about how they were reselling Bikhuk kratom as their own.

Bikhuk is a US-based kratom vendor that specializes in wholesale kratom powder. While they are openly transparent about their dealings with resellers, the same was not true of Natural Chemistry. This is one of those things that pops up all too often with the shadier kratom websites.


There are five factors which should be considered before purchasing from a new kratom vendor. They are as follows:

  • Transparency—Is this vendor open and honest about where their product is sourced from and whether or not it’s been tested by a third party laboratory for purity and unadulteration?
  • Guarantee—Does this vendor offer a satisfaction guarantee or will you fail to get your money refunded if something is wrong with your order?
  • Payment Options—Does this vendor accept major credit cards or crypto?
  • Discretion—Will my order reach me safely, securely and discreetly or is my mail man gonna know I ordered kratom?
  • Quality Reputation—What are customers saying about this vendor and do they think their kratom is good?

While it can be argued that affordability is an important factor as well, the truth is you get what you pay for. Nine times out of ten, you’re gonna get a better product for a higher price. That’s because many of the most effective kratom strains cost a lot to properly harvest and source.


The United Kingdom is an interesting place when it comes to premium kratom powder. In much the way that certain American cities have policies that “grandfather” tenants into previously existing rent prices, the UK law states that kratom is legal if you already had it in your possession prior to March of 2016.

Under the Psychoactive Substances Act, kratom is technically banned, but simple possession is still legal. Just don’t walk around with volumes of the stuff on you as this may be grounds for possession with intent to sell the case.


With all of this apparent dodginess on the part of this vendor, it’s enough to make the seasoned kratom enthusiast say, “Phuket!” So if you’re in the market for premium Thang, the best thing to do is an order from a trusted online kratom vendor.

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