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With hundreds of kratom vendors (and counting) in the current marketplace, it stands to reason that sorting out the good from the bad can be a bit of a fool’s errand. Anyone who’s visited a smoke shop in recent years can attest to the fact that there are several companies that mimic their competitors’ packaging, logos and kratom strains.

Just yesterday we talked about the similarity in name between the potentially hazardous kratom product Viva Zen and the recently introduced ZEN Liquid Kratom Extract. These kinds of similarities are nothing new, but they can be quite aggravating for those who are trying to determine which kratom company is the real McCoy and which is a lame knock-off.

Today we’ll compare and OrganicKratom.Us, two competitors on the kratom market with deceptively indistinguishable names. We’ll talk about their history, their products, their pricing and their reputation among consumers.


Organic Kratom USA is a wholesale kratom vendor with a slick, easy-to-navigate online store and a diverse array of kratom strains and proprietary blends. Although they have only been around since 2017, they have already garnered moderate acclaim from the kratom community for their Spectrum Gels and versatile kratom powders.

Their kratom powders include Golden Bloom (their subtle blend of red and yellow vein kratom), Red Chocolate, Tropical Krabi Thai, White Lightning and the much-coveted Green Horned Leaf. Organic

Kratom USA has made it their business to provide customers with a rich range of variations on traditional kratom leaf, carefully selecting leaves with the right alkaloid content for users’ very specific needs. For instance, their Red Original Fibro powder is prepared with Fibromyalgia sufferers in mind, offering hours of potential analgesia and relief from joint inflammation.

Their prices are fairly exceptional given the sheer number of rare and hard-to-cultivate kratom strains on display in their online store. As an example, their relatively peerless White Sumatra is available for $11 per 50 grams. That’s at least twice the amount of kratom powder most consumers get from the average online vendor.

As a fairly new company, Organic Kratom USA hasn’t developed the rabid online following of the top kratom vendors in the space, but it’s my prediction that we’ll be seeing a lot more about these cats in the not-so-distant future. With awesome pricing on a plethora of unique strains, they are leading the charge for more versatility in the realm of botanicals.


OrganicKratom.Us cropped up around the same time as Organic Kratom USA, even going so far as to imitate their logo. Right off the bat, they attempt to legitimize themselves by making bold claims about their competitors.

Their homepage suggests that commercial kratom growers pump their powders full of fillers and chemicals to simulate the effects of jungle-grown kratom. While this allegation is not completely baseless (several smoke shop kratom brands have been guilty of using synthetic additives to increase potency), it is a sweeping statement that is hardly true of most trusted kratom sources.

This vendor says that they simply grow, dry and powder their kratom, thus eliminating the potential of mold or adulteration from occurring, but this seems pretty bogus when one considers the fact that they do not bother to disclose their source(s) for kratom leaf.

As we’ve said time and time again on this blog, the most trusted kratom vendors always tell their customers where and how they source their kratom so that you know it’s quality product and not bunk. does none of this, instead focusing their energies on making broad declarations that denounce other brands.

This vendor is also guilty of another shrewd business tactic, the so-called deep discount. As their homepage reads, “To prove that our’s is the best, we’ll not only ship it to you for free, but we’ll give you 50% off your first Kratom purchase just for you to try it!”

This is supposed to lead customers to believe that they so believe in the quality of their kratom powder that they are willing to take a pay cut if it means betting that you’ll be back for more. In reality, all this proves is that they are looking to reel in unsuspecting consumers.

Let’s be real, if your product is of true value why would you want to give it away for free? Those who know they have something special charge accordingly.

Granted, it is not uncommon for kratom vendors to offer free samples to whet consumers’ collective appetite, but taking half off your total order just to get you in the door is a desperate move that doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the seasoned kratom enthusiast.

Whereas Organic Kratom USA sells a great abundance of different kratom strains and blends (in addition to their CBD oil), this vendor only sells six—Bali, Bentuangie, Borneo, Maeng Da, Malaysian and Thai, respectively.

That is not to say that these kratom strains are no good, but they aren’t anything new. Their powders start at $12.49 for 30 grams with 1 kilo of kratom capsules selling for a staggeringly high $250.00. These are wholesaler prices, the kind you would expect to face when visiting a smoke shop in a remote part of the country where kratom is not otherwise available.

So what are people saying about this vendor?

Nothing. There is no chatter on forums about this vendor or their products. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that is a sort of dummy site that points to another distributor. When you click on one of their kratom strains, you are directed to product pages on the website of Buffalo Distro Group, a company that claims to represent 75 of the leading industry brands.

Buffalo Distro Group has a pitifully small number of Likes on social media and no BBB certification. In fact, there is no identifiable compliance certification on their website nor is there much literature present on their site.


As you can see, Organic Kratom USA is the real winner here, easily beating out in every department from product line and pricing to quality and legitimacy. Give ’em a try today and share your experience in the comments below. Happy Kbombing, kids! : )

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