Kraoma Kratom Vendor Review: The Good, The Bad & The Fugly

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It is not at all uncommon for a kratom vendor and their products to be polarizing. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single vendor who scores a 4-star rating across the board. Many of the top kratom vendors fail to check all the boxes when it comes to quality, affordability, customer satisfaction, and fast/discreet service.

Still, you can usually tell which weigh the pendulum swings by the sheer volume of good or bad posts about them. Users on a number of forums (Reddit, I Love Kratom, etc.) post about kratom vendors on a regular basis and, usually, the overwhelming number of posts are either largely positive or largely negative.

Therefore, it is strange to discover a vendor, especially a well-known one at that, who receives an equal measure of enthusiasm and disappointment. Such is the case with Kraoma Kratom, a brand you have no doubt heard of and, possibly, ordered from more than once.

If you haven’t then I trust I’ve piqued your curiosity in the same way that these positive and negative user reviews have piqued my own. In order to better understand what all the fuss is about, we’ve done a deep dive on this vendor and their products.

Today we’ll be looking at Kraoma Kratom, their full product line, business model, price point and customer service staff along with their rather precarious reputation in the marketplace. Cell phones off, people. And don’t spill your popcorn!


Kraoma is a Nevada-based kratom vendor specializing in bulk kratom powder (or discount bundles, if you will). They pride themselves on a commitment to long-term sustainability, carefully quality inspection and third party lab testing.

All of their kratom is checked for impurities and guaranteed to be free from chemicals or other forms of adulteration. They regularly restock their powders, thus eliminating the possibility of in-storage compromise.


This vendor carries red, green, white and yellow vein kratom strains including, but not limited to, Green Maeng Da, Red Kalimantan and White Horned Leaf. Among their top sellers are Red Sumatra, Red Brunei and Yellow Bali.

People come to kratom for a variety of different reasons and this vendor keeps that in mind. Kraoma’s kratom powders are each given individual names which represent their purported effects. These include Comfort Kraoma (Red Bali), Tranquil Kraoma (Yellow Bali) and Busy Kraoma (Green Maeng Da).

These names help customers to determine whether they are purchasing a strain that’s more energizing, and stimulating or more relaxing and sedating. It’s a convenient way to decide between day-time and night-time kratom teas.


Prices vary from $14.99 to $19.99 per 60 grams of kratom powder. It all depends on which kratom strain you are looking for and how difficult it is for the vendor to source it. Kraoma also offers kratom kilos for those who wish to buy in bulk. Their kilos start at $129.00 which isn’t the most affordable but certainly isn’t the most expensive either.


In addition to offering free samples with each order, this vendor serves up points and rewards to return customers as well as frequent discount codes. A coupon can be found here good for 20% off your total at checkout.


Orders come with same day shipping which is free of charge and comes with a guarantee. Shipments are made using USPS First Class Mail, but Priority and Priority Express are also available for customers’ convenience. Orders over $75 are automatically upgraded from First Class to Priority.

Their contact form is quick and easy to fill out, and customer service staff respond promptly to all inquiries. Users can generally expect an answer in under 24 hours with some receiving a response in under an hour.


This vendor is the ideal choice for those who value privacy and security. Not only do they accept major credit cards but they also allow you to pay using cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Ether, Bitcoin, Dash and Monero. Other methods include E-check or Zelle.


As one especially vibrant character had to say, “If you haven’t tried KRAOMA, your missing out.” This same user also writes, “You pay 50$ for a quarter kilo but still to this day it’s the freshest and most potent kratom i’ve ever had. Today i felt a little frisky so i decided to order some of their red and yellow bali since i haven’t ordered from them in so long.

“But i gotta say their red and yellow bali is hands down the most euphoric and opiate like kratom i’ve ever burned. They are kind of expensive but it’s nice treat once in a while to order some of their consistently quality stuff.”


This is where things get a little hinky. A number of users who sampled their product line back in 2016 spoke of ineffective kratom powder. One user said, “I recently tried 60g of white maeng da from kraoma as well as a 10g sample of white horn they gave me for free. I really didn’t get any effect from either of the strains even with large doses. Everything else about them was great like free and fast shipping, good prices and a nice website. I sent them a message about a week ago telling them about the lack of effects but haven’t gotten a response yet.”

Elsewhere, a forum member admonished the kratom community about ordering from Kraoma with a credit card. In her post, she talks about how her credit card was charged twice and Kraoma blamed the incident on the credit card processor.

“They said the credit card machine was down, but how could it be down if my card was charged twice? They won’t send my product and I will receive my money in 3 to 5 business d ays. My rent is due, they took over 60 dollars from me. This is a warning because they really screwed us over.”

Whether this issue was ever resolved is unclear, but it does raise some red flags. It isn’t outside the realm of possibility for a kratom company to change hands as it reaches a certain level of success. If new owners come on, it may not be evident right away.

This illustrates the need for more transparency from vendors and more due diligence on the part of the consumer. If you’re looking to order from a vendor, be sure to find out what past customers have to say about them.


In my rather limited experience with them, Kraora has demonstrated themselves to be a reputable vendor with a decent product. Their prices are neither super-affordable or cost-prohibitive. This is a good mid-level option for those who want to sample some exciting new strains from an established name.

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